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iPhone 4S Set To Be In China By Christmas

For some countries, the release of the iPhone 4S has been a bit slower than other locations. This is mainly due to trade issues with the specific country and certain requirements that must first be fulfilled. One country that will now be getting the iPhone 4S is China. The Chinese mobile phone company, China Unicom, has been given the clear to start selling the devices. Some speculate that the sales will begin as soon as Christmas.

In order to be authorized to sell the iPhone 4S in China, China Unicom had to obtain a network access permit from the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. This permit was secured earlier last week. The permit is good for three years. The company spokesperson said they would like sales by begin as early as Christmas but could start after the New Year. The company estimates that the 16 GB version of the iPhone 4S will cost consumers 4,999 yuan off contract. In terms of British currency this price would be roughly around £500.

iPhone 4S

When company representatives were questioned about sale of the iPhone 4S, a spokesperson commented that all of the other preparations had been completed. They were simply waiting on a permit. The spokesperson also stated that once the permit was secure, the company wanted to start offering the iPhone 4S for sale.

Many are expectant as to how the iPhone 4S will sell in China. Hong Kong began selling the devices in November. In less than 10 minutes, preorders for the iPhone 4S sold out here. Overall, China is the second highest consumer of Apple products. After all, the nation is the world’s most populous country. During the 3rd quarter, Apple took in £4.5 billion in revenue from mainland China. This was a 270% increase which is showing the increased demand for the products.

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