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HistoryEraser Android App For Your Smartphone [Free]

The day I bought my HTC Desire, I stuffed it with cool apps & started using it pretty heavily as any other smartphone. And I found it little time consuming to delete history on my android phone one bye one for calls, some apps & browser. Here is the small review of the app that does this work flawlessly.

Anyone would need to erase history for various reasons : for privacy, just keep your phone clean, save some cache & make phone faster. Whatever the reason I found this one stop solution named HistoryEraser Android App. It lets you erase data with one click & interestingly this app is completely Free to download & use.

History Eraser Android App Free Review

Features of HistoryEraser Android App

  • Easy-to-use app that erases history with only one click
  • Erases history on all android smartphones
  • Selection for deleting different types of histories.
  • Erase option available for  browsing history, call history, cleaning up contacts, etc.
  • Supported Languages :  English/French/Japanese

Not just the call & browser histories, HistoryEraser also let you erase  eGoogle search history, maps history or Youtube search history. You can throw it in trash with just a single click.

Following is the selection of the app history you wish to wipe out completely:

History Eraser Android App

Download & Install HistoryEraser Android App

Note: EraseHistory Can’t erase Map/Navi layers directly without the phone is being rooted.