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Paintrala Android App Review – Great Social Network For Painters!

Though social networks are getting way better on Smartphone these days, there are very few apps dedicated for artists. To overcome this problem, I am going to review one revolutionary app for creative users named Paintrala!

Paintrala Android App Review

The app serves both of the purposes of being an outstanding image editor/painter and a powerful social network service as well. This serves very productive purpose for those who likes to draw/paint and learn with collaborative environment using Paintrala.

If you have seen Instagram on iOS or Android before, you will immediately relate Paintrala with it. But the basic image editing with image filters is just the beginning, as this app includes a basic pen that you can use with your Samsung phones. The painting feature is only available to Samsung android device owners but basic editing and social sharing features are available on other smartphones as well.

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Once you get the hands on available tools like, pen filters & color picket, sky is the limit for your imagination. Just after you wrap-up your paintings you can instantly share it on Paintrala social network. While installing the ap quickly signs you up for this SNS and you are good to go. Your friends can like and share image or even comment on it instantly. Being a closed social network, this becomes a dedicated app for artists and enthusiasts who are willing to learn with professionals, and remains one of its kind.

If you are still unclear about the capabilities of this app, here is the demo video that explains it all –

The interface is very sleek and designed to be adaptable for new users very quickly. The pen functions are flawless and so as for the Paintrala’s social network. This app is currently available for Free on Google Play Store, which makes it a must-have in any creative person’s app collection.

Cost: Free (For Limited Time)

Ratings: 5/5

Paintrala Android App Review