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EchoHacks Speech Trainer App Review For Android & iOS

When it comes to productivity apps – subcategories like ‘note taking, calendar, photography, stocks & money’ have become really regular and boring as there are so many options to do the same thing. Today, I am going to review one more serious productivity app that can help you in speech training o even accent raining called – Echo Hacks Speech Trainer.

The app is currently available on both of the leading smartphone platforms – Android & iOS supporting wide range of devices in multiple languages like English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean & Spanish.

EchoHacks iOS/Android App ReviewGenerally when we want to create speech echo, the process is quite lengthy and tedious and need a help of lot of tools together. EchoHacks simplifies all for you and with merely a single touch, echo is generated for you on your Android or iPhone.

The concept behind speech training comes with consistent echo generation, When you speak, the repeats back with you with per-specified time delay by the user. And with this echoed voice you can try matching your pronunciations with the trainer or your teacher.

EchoHacks iOS/Android App Review

The accent can be improved overall with constant practice of few words. You can in fact set a long delay and try listening to your full sentences, which can eventually assist you in improve public speaking as well as sentence formations. When it comes to foreign individual traveling to English countries like USA & UK, they are always scared of their very unusual accents. EchoHacks Speech Trainer gives you one stop solution for practicing the accent reduction which can be done very quickly with your device.

EchoHacks iOS/Android App Review

The overall user interface is pretty simple, After starting the app, you need to connect your heaphones and app starts generating echoes automatically. You can set the output delay in seconds and is the only important configuration available in the app.

You can tun the app in background if you want to continue your training while watching videos/presentations on your iOS or Android devices, which is pretty helpful for speech training. Additionally you can use two devices like laptop or netbook combined with the iPhone only thing is you need two headsets for this process. This is really an advanced feature and following video by developer will help you to understand why would you use two gadgets for speech training.

More to this, there are several videos are available on Official website of EchoHacks & Youtube Channel for free!

Overall the app is amazing productivity tool for any smartphone consumer looking to reduce accent, improve public speaking and pronunciation in general. I will highly recommend this app for speech training and it is well very worth its cost.

Compatible with  – Android, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3g /4g) and iPad.Requires iOS 4.3+

Cost – $ 1.99

Rating – 5/5

Download EchoHacks Speech Trainer For Android

Download EchoHacks Speech Trainer For iPhone/iPad