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Mobile to Mobile Balance Transfer – Vodafone India Prepaid Trick

This is a good news for the Vodafone Prepaid Mobile Customers in India that within just following quick method, you can request your balance transfer.

Here is a simple trick for the balance transfer between two Vodafone prepaid mobile users. This is a very good service for the Vodafone prepaid who are in urgent need of balance, particularly if you are unable to find any recharge around.

Vodafone Mobile to Mobile Balance Transfer

The method is quite simple, you just have to dial the code mentioned below with the number of the person whom you want to transfer the balance to.

*131*30*<mobile number>#

The above code shows the balance transfer of 30 Rs. If you want to transfer any other sum then just change the 20 in the above code and insert you specified amount.

Also, You can request any of your Vodafone prepaid buddy to transfer you some balance if you are in urgent need.

Just dial the below code, where you have to insert the phone number of the Vodafone user you requesting the balance form.

*132*30*<mobile number>#

The above code shows that you are requesting 30 Rs of balance from your Vodafone buddy. You can customize this ’30’ value as per your required amount of prepaid balance.

Note :

1) It only works with Vodafone Prepaid SIM Cards.

2) This mobile to mobile balance transfer service charges 1 Rs for the user who is transferring the balance.

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2 Responses

  1. to use you need to be using voda prepaid for 6 months or more, also max amount per transaction is Rs.30