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Intelligent Investing: 6 Tech Sectors to Watch in 2018

Every investor wants to enjoy a fantastic ROI. Yet, there are some industries that are stronger than others, which will ensure you receive a healthy return on your investment. If you want to maximize your income this year and beyond, here are the six tech sectors certainly worth a watch in 2018.

1. Aerospace & Defense

Investors looking to make a big profit might be tempted to sink their money into Apple or Facebook, but aerospace and defense could help you yield a great return on your investment. For example, Boeing has experienced a predictable revenue stream thanks to government contracts, even when the economy took a turn for the worst or the stock market crashed. Also, with increased passenger demand, there are set to be more airlines orders with Boeing, which could equal a greater profit for an investment. Find out more about the Boeing stock price.

2. Big Data

Another investment option worth a watch is big data, which is set to be huge within the coming years. While it has yet to deliver on its promise when it comes to a return on investment, it has superb potential. So, while it is not a stable an investment as Boeing, you would be wise to keep your eye on its activity in the market.

3. Frontier Technology

Frontier technology is the umbrella term for a range of forward-thinking technologies, which could be an investor’s dream. For example, it can range from artificial intelligence (AI) to self-driving vehicles. It is called frontier technology as the products are still in the blossoming stages, as they will unlikely provide a return on investment until they reach the mass public.

4. Lithium

Lithium probably wouldn’t be your first investment choice, as you might not connect how it influences technology. Yet you might realize its investment potential when you discover the role it will play in rechargeable batteries and electric vehicles. If the technologies take off, lithium demand and consumption will rise exponentially, so it could be an intelligent investment opportunity.

5. Bitcoin

There was much debate over the reliability of bitcoin for many years, but it gained the attention of both investors and the public when its price gains started to rise at the end of 2017. The cryptocurrency is worth keeping a close eye on, as it’s expected to continue to rise in 2018, and it is now accepted by select retailers as currency. Yet it continues to be a highly volatile investment, and it is also a prime target for cybercriminals, so think carefully before you invest a considerable amount of money into the cryptocurrency.

6. Surgical Robots

Precision is everything when it comes to surgery, which is why surgical robots could be a lucrative opportunity. The surgical robots will not perform surgeries alone, but will be controlled by a qualified surgeon to improve precision. 2018 is likely to result in advancements in the sector, so it might be time to start looking at the surgical robotics market to boost your annual profits.