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Advances in AI and Machine Learning Turning Heads

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are said to play key roles in the future of technology.

Experts say the new decade will be defined by this data. Organizations and developers must embrace and become a part of the change in order to succeed.

According to ItProPortal, the real challenges lie in understanding human behavior. This requires understanding how AI and machine learning can pick up unknown insight on their customers, competitors, suppliers, and display behaviour that affect performance.

We’re looking at the trends and sectors impacted by AI and machine learning in 2020.

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The healthcare sector will see a new level of patient care and innovation in 2020 with the help of artificial intelligence. AI can collect patient data and offer diagnosis and possible treatments with accuracy. This technology has the ability to recognize medical issues faster than human perception.

AI and Machine Learning

There are apps at the forefront of this growth, assisting healthcare professionals by providing cost-saving techniques, forward thinking data storage options, and quality assurance. Medical professionals benefit from apps like, a virtual nursing assistant that can monitor a patient’s medical history, keep track of appointments, and anticipate treatment plans.

Mobile users can also benefit from AI technology when it comes to their health. Google Fit is just one of the options available. This interactive platform uses sensors to track user activity and data is blended from a range of activities like walking, running, and cycling. Users can set fitness goals based on their heart-rate, sleeping patterns, and daily physical activity.

If you’re looking to design the next big app in the healthcare space, Google Fit is a great example of interactivity and machine learning working in top form. When you work with a world-class Android app developer, make sure they understand the field, and are ready to help you make an app that fits with your precise vision.


Artificial intelligence has the potential to change the way new generations consume their education.  Classrooms will have the potential to personalize student learning, while offering opportunities to students needing to miss class for appointments or due to illness.

For students struggling with mathematics, Photomath offers an AI mobile experience. Using a camera calculator, students can use the camera on their device to identify math problems, and the app will offer step-by-step solutions on the screen. With a built-in scientific calculator, and over 30 languages available, Photomath is just one of the ways students can utilize AI to excel in education.


AI learning has been growing in many fields, but in retail, we’re really seeing the technology take off. Experts such as those at Techwell tell us that there are nearly endless benefits to AI development in retail and that these algorithms can track users’ shopping behaviors, they can display relevant ads based on their searches, and they can enhance security features with facial and vocal recognition.

Businesses looking to have a hand in the innovation of AI and machine learning should begin to look for developers with both experience as well as an eagerness to tackle this growing trend. These innovations come with complexities that a developer and its client should be aware of, placing personalized user experience as its top priority.