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Wrike Review: Project Management Software for More Efficient Collaboration

Project management is more than just getting things done. If the collaboration between your team members is not efficient and flawless, even good projects can go horribly wrong. To tackle how tools can solve these collaborative issues within traditional project teams, I would like to share my experience using project management software called Wrike.

Wrike Review: Project Management / Collaboration Tool

Wrike was designed with a total comprehension of the issues facing small to large businesses, including how to make their workflows efficient without investing a whole lot of time into the optimization process. It’s particularly salient if you are a small team or business since every extra minute costs a lot, and you have to keep things under a strict timeline and budget.’


Wrike addresses this by making it very easy to get up and running. No detailed manuals to memorize, no week-long training sessions. The simple-to-use browser-based interface is designed intuitively, and there is close to no learning curve for an experience project manager. But if you are completely new in this field, or need to understand the advanced features of Wrike, you can access the tips and tutorials via the ‘Getting Started’ folder on the left column.


As you can see in the screenshot, I added a few tasks under my dashboard. Once I click on My Work, it will show me a dashboard that lists whatever tasks I am assigned. The left column helps you sort things by folder. In my case, I created parent folders for content development, marketing team, and editorial team. Even from the top level of the folder structure, I can add tasks for each folder, and assign them to respective team members.



Each respective team member will see his work, based on whatever he is assigned by a project manager. Within every task, he can see the subtasks, each with more granularity in details. And then there are features such as the timer, task dependencies, a Gantt chart / interactive timeline for tasks and multiple ways to attach files to your work. You do not have to ask for status updates separately, or email your colleagues about any missed deadlines, it all happens within Wrike.

The Activity Stream is another great feature of this project management tool, where the all the latest updates to tasks are shared with team members.


The Notification Center on the top right corner collects all the comments where your name has been mentioned by your team, while the task “inbox” icon right next to it collects all of the new tasks assigned to you. So, no matter how busy you get during the day, every task is accounted for and every mention is trackable, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

I have used several well-known project management tools before, but I liked Wrike because it can be used on any platform. You can use it on any operating system via the browser of your choice, though Wrike’s Chrome extension makes it super simple to create tasks from any webpage you browse. Such as in the following screenshot where I discovered a new site that lists tools for my blog’s SEO marketing. I’m can create a task and share it with my Marketing Team without even leaving the website.


Wrike also has an amazing Android app that is equally powerful as that of its web counterpart. You get instant updates on your device, and are notified when you have pending tasks for the day. If you’re on an iPhone, there is also an iOS app available in iTunes.

Apart from all these features, Wrike apps makes it easy to integrate your existing apps or tools (storage, accounting, invoicing etc.) with Wrike, making your project management even more efficient.

Overall, I highly recommend this tool especially for small teams to medium-sized businesses looking to cut down the time spent on different work management tools, and make the team collaborate more efficiently. Wrike is free to try for up to 5 team users, and requires a sign-up using a corporate email address you can also explore their plans and pricing as your project management needs changes over time.

Interested in Wrike? – Try The Free Subscription Here!

Video Demo

Check out this Wrike video demo so you can understand how powerful this project management tool is!

Do write to me in comments section below or tweet to me @amolwagh, if you have any questions or suggestions about this productivity tool for businesses or teams.

4 Responses

  1. Wrike, Proofhub, Trello are my favourite project management tools. Never miss a deadline again stay organized with these awesome tools

    1. Yup, I have been using trello, and recently I started working on Proofhub Too. I will be sharing its review on shortly.

  2. A great alternative to Wrike is Bitrix24. It’s free and it’s like Wrike + Dropbox + Skype + Basecamp etc.