5 Ways to Manage an Effective Business Team

Success in business has a lot to do with the efficiency of the company’s team players. As has been observed, hiring the right people for the job is not enough, but constantly making them give their very best is the real deal. In this piece, we briefly look at some tips that really help.

1. Nurture Abilities and Talent

Every individual you recruit into your team has some special abilities or talents hidden somewhere in them. It is your duty as the manager to help this individual discover or rediscover these abilities and use them for the growth of the company. This goes to say that the team member has to be motivated well enough as to achieve individual efficiency – which is just one step away from collective productivity. Obviously, you are like a soccer team captain who leads from within; not a staunch military officer. There are lot of team building ideas here, you can refer for nurturing abilities and talent of your team.

2. Compliment Lavishly and Openly

In his classic How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie makes us understand that the best way to lead people is to influence them without trying to be bossy. One such way is to shower genuine compliment on a task well done no matter how little the task was. If a team member must be criticized for anything at all, it must be after a genuine elaborate compliment of a job well done – past or present.

3. Empower People to Make Decisions.

You might actually be limiting productivity and efficiency in your team if you are directly involved in every decision taken in your company. Nothing gives an employee more confidence than the trust of his boss. Once a team member is given the freedom to take certain decisions, a new wave of creativity comes alive. This enthusiasm only betters the company.


4. Stay Updated at All Times

This is a two-way thing. Every true leader must invest in self education. Constantly search for ways to improve your administrative game, and becoming a better leader. On the other hand, all team members must also do the same. This can be achieved by reading the right books, listening to the right audios, attending seminars or even taking courses. If there is enough cash to spare, you could sponsor a brief training of all team members. There are also a couple of free courses on leadership and teams, available online at Coursera; and affordable paid ones available on Udemy too.

team bonding

5. Sell them the Dream

For most leaders, this is yet another difficult task. In all honesty, it is not easy to do this but if you can make your team members believe in the dream of your company – the mission, vision and philosophies – you have yourself a band of loyal friends and dedicated employees who see themselves as comrades, not servants.



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