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Secure Transfer of Sensitive Information: Software that Saves Your Bottom Line

If you know that your business file sharing process lacks the sophistication required to ensure the security of data, then it’s high time you invested in security systems that work. One mistake many organizations make is assuming their file transfer processes are solid and not prone to vulnerabilities. Safety does not end with the establishment of the transfer process. You need to ensure that your file transfer protocol is regularly updated. View it as work in progress and always anticipate emerging security threats. Improving your file transfer solution is the best action to take as this will create the measures required to keep your information safe. You can combine FTP with your file transfer protocol to get a proactive foundation for preventing any threat before it occurs. If you are wondering how secure transfer of files can help your business, here’s what you should know:

Data is Growing In Value

One of the essential reasons why your business needs to utilize secure file transfer software when devising solutions for its safe file transfer is that the value of data has improved significantly in recent times. Obviously, data is crucial to the success of a business. The rise of business intelligence (BI), big data analytics, among other related IT services has enhanced the trend for file transfer. Today, companies can gain insight and value from different kinds of data. Moreover, there is so much data available at this time and age than any time in history. What this implies is that businesses possess large volumes of valuable data compared to the data they had in the past. Therefore, it is imperative that this data is protected the same way businesses protect their assets. Data has become a major target for cybercriminals among other malicious entities, further emphasizing the need for a secure system of file transfer.

Transit Vulnerabilities

The fact that data in motion is more vulnerable than stored data further emphasizes the need for secure file transfer. Information that is stored can be put behind the organization’s firewall and protected by servers and networks within the organization. While this is advantageous to some extent, when intra-company sharing of data is required, even this kind of information is unsafe if secure systems of transfer are not implemented. With the right software in place, the transferred data can be as secure as stored data.


Another crucial reason why your business should invest in security solutions for file transfer is that this option is much better and helps your organization to save money in the long run. In any risks facing organizations, prevention is always preferable as opposed to solving security breaches. As many organizations have discovered, vulnerabilities and data breaches can cost a company hundreds of thousands, depending on the kind of information stolen or the breach executed. Companies which have experienced breaches have incurred losses as a result of payments made as compensation or fines for failing to protect their clients’ sensitive data.

Secure transfer of data is not a reason for companies to stop protecting their information. However, it is a means for businesses to minimize risks and increase productivity.