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Intel core i7 is claimed as one of the fastest processor on the planet. And its features supports the truth, isn’t it.

From last three years we have seen Intel growing from its Pentium 4 processors to Core i7 processors.

Intel core i7 have many features like multi tasking ,hyper threading, its Nehalem architecture and its many features that shown the growth of technology in the semiconductors industry.

We can find many reviews on Internet some supporting and some hating core i7.

Here I have collected one review which is a video review of  Core i7 by the courtesy of

I am covering whole Core i7 series   website , so I thought showing a video review by experts could be beneficial for all of you.

Because video review can give you fair idea about core i7 and its new architecture. Processors is all about hardware & just a technical theoretical review is not a great idea.. So this video can support us in teach you the changes in core i7 processors than traditional processing technology.

In this series we are covering various processors like core i7 extreme, core i7 965, AMD Athlon X2, Phenom II, Dual core, Pentium and Intel Centrino Duo.

So I guess introducing such great videos could be helpful to you too. SO I have added this this video.

Hope You will enjoy this video.

Please tell us what more you would like to know. Your ideas, suggestions and criticism is appreciated & it will help us to improve greatly.

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