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XECH iSoothe Hits Record Sales Due to Increased Screen Time Amid Pandemic

XECH, India’s fastest growing startup and a leading technology innovation brand recently launched the 2021 edition of their iSoothe Eye Massager. iSoothe comes with 5 different massage modes that use a combination of warm heat compression; intelligent air pressure, rhythmic vibration & point massage technology to help relieve stress and fatigue. It also comes with an intelligently programmed 15-minute massage script that targets specific pressure points around the eyes to beat the exhaustion from constant screen time amid WFH.
The past quarter has seen a phenomenal rise in the sales of the eye massager at XECH owing to its unique features and usability in the current times.
“India is one of the leading emerging consumer markets and we are seeing a need for products that address sleep deprivation & stress majorly due to the eye strain arising from increased exposure to digital screens. XECH is a known innovator when it comes to designing products which helps enhance the lives of the everyday consumers. iSoothe has thus been designed specifically to massage & relax the muscles around the eyes to promote a healthy lifestyle. We are glad that iSoothe has received so much love from consumers across the country”, Shares Mr. Pranay Punjabi, Founder & Director, XECH.
XECH iSoothe Eye Massager comes with an in-built speaker and Bluetooth connectivity to allow users to play ambient music to enhance the massage therapy sessions allowing one to relax & sleep better. At the heart of the eye massager is an intelligent microchip that automatically controls and optimizes the intensity of massager. This innovative eye massager comes with multiple unique features like –

  • Five Massage Modes to choose from: Automatic, Fresh, Smart, Lenses and Sleep Mode
  • In-built Music
  • Bluetooth Music
  • Powerful Rechargeable Battery
  • Snug Fit around the eye
  • 180-degree foldable design

XECH iSoothe has proven to be extremely efficient to help provide relief against: Eye strain due to excessive screen time, Tired Eyes, Dry Eyes, Headaches, Sleep issues etc. and even Sinusitis for some. The iSoothe eye massager box includes the eye massager machine, a USB charging cable, a comprehensive user manual, product authenticator & a warranty card.
The XECH iSoothe Eye Massager is available across India on leading E-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, TataCliq and at select retail chains like Croma, Reliance Digital and at