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ONGO Framework-empowering Enterprises and SMEs through Affordable Digital Transformation

Business Wire India

  • Artificial Intelligence Based Application development framework Generate Apps needed in less than 60 Min.
  • Restructuring enterprise mobility with comprehensive rapid mobile app development framework
  • ONGO Framework Offers Dynamic Mobile and web Based Apps to Enterprises and SMEs
  • AI based Mobile first, Low-code or No-code development framework
    • An app can be developed in a time that is as short as 15 minutes with minimum or Zero development effort.
    • Greatly benefit businesses by reducing “Go to market Time”

ONGO Framework (, a Hyderabad based start-up company, rapidly enables different organisations to build, integrate and deploy mobile (native iOS and native android apps) and web based applications that can be hosted on cloud, private cloud or any other infrastructure. CMS, Workflow, Loyalty and Campaign Managements are key features of the platform.
It’s low code or no code model eliminates the development effort required in developing an app and hence, reduces the Go to market time for the organization that greatly help them in reaching out to customers digitally.
Businesses over the world are touting large-scale digital transformation as a foundation to make business scalable, agile and future-ready. Digitization refers to generating digital assets like mobile apps, web pages, search enabled content, business process management, social presence etc to maximizing experience delivered to three critical players—employees, partners and customers.
Passing on the benefit of reduced time of development and cost to businesses, ONGO has enabled in digitizing over 65+ enterprises, 475+ SMEs, 25+ Start-ups in the first one year of commercial go-live, Says Rama Kuppa, Founder & CEO – ONGO Framework.
Today, ONGO generates and publishes average of two-digit applications every day with the help of their six channel partners.
Over the years, ONGO Framework is on the go and has achieved many noteworthy milestones. ONGO has been awarded with several accolades like “Hottest enterprise start-up 2016”, Most promising growth stage start up, Top 15 winners of IBM smart camp 2015 and Best Enterprise Mobility Framework award at Middle East Asia Leadership Summit.”
Showing the multi-folded growth in last two years with respective to team size and also customers, ONGO is aiming to expand their footprint globally.
Speaking at the conference, Rama Kuppa, added, “With the massive amounts of data that ONGO generate today w.r.t cognitive behaviour of customers on different businesses and respective businesses category, ONGO is maturing its category based knowledge, and an intelligent way to use it in generating more appropriate digital applications, processes, marketplace and personalisation/insights.”
On the occasion, Mitesh Majithia, Director Strategy and Growth, ONGO Framework mentioned their focus towards “Tech-incubation” for startups, where ONGO would look at providing technology required for teams which have the Sales, marketing and SME experience. This will lead to a perfect symbiotic relationship leading to faster and optimum go to market strategy.
ONGO Framework has developed a smart framework where SME’s (the backbone of an economy) can develop and deploy apps within 15 minutes. ONGO framework offers a holistic solution where the Enterprise can integrate different functionality into their app that is very much necessary to offer their customer a seamless experience.

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