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Knowledge Lens Launches Universal Data Diode to Bring 100 Percent IT-OT Security While Delivering Industry 4.0 Solutions

  • A Make in India product, iLens Data Diode provides secured unidirectional data flow between OT and IT Networks, thus providing 100% protection from cyber threats and ransomware attacks for Industry 4.0 implementations.
  • iLens Data Diode is now deployed in production across Manufacturing Plants, Power Plants, Refineries, Textile and Chemical industries.

Bengaluru-based Industrial IoT technology trendsetter, Knowledge Lens today announced the launch of the 4th Generation of the iLens Data Diode. The iLens Data Diode provides 100% isolation between the Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) and enables unidirectional data flow. With the Data Diode, now Industry 4.0 deployments do not have to worry about IT-OT Security and can be assured of 100% protection. This now enables the possibility of connecting humans and machines along with enterprise systems to accelerate actionable insights, especially in the case of remote monitoring and conditional monitoring use cases.
The product is currently in use across some of the leading Indian Manufacturing Plants, Power Plants, Refineries, and Chemical industries.
iLens Data Diode
Industrial IoT is the modern growth engine powering machines, systems, networks and plants today. This opens doors to an enormous universe of data, which offers numerous options for manufacturers, operators, and end users. Industrial processes today can be remotely monitored and controlled. But exposing the OT (Operational Technology) with IT (Information Technology) brings in the key element of IT-OT Security.

To steer this innovation and development, reliable and secure mechanisms are needed to protect data, & systems. For secure connection of smart devices to a cloud solution, protected interfaces and communication channels are crucial. Only when Plant Operational safety and IT security are guaranteed throughout the entire production cycle, industries will be able to make full use of their digital capability.

The iLens Data Diode provides 24/7 real-time status information of assets and is capable of monitoring DCS (Distributed Control System), PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems remotely, for up to two months of offline data retention.
Application Areas of the iLens Data Diode:

  • Secured Data & Report Transfer
  • Remote Plant/ Site Monitoring
  • Mobile Dashboards & SMS Alerts for Critical Parameters
  • ERP Integration of Plant Data
  • Connected Worker solution
  • Machine Monitoring & Asset Efficiency

Sudheesh Narayanan, Founder & CEO of Knowledge Lens said, “Security is one of the foundations for implementing Industry 4.0 Solutions. We have been working with our customers to provide 100% secured Unified Manufacturing Intelligence by combining the power of humans, machines and Enterprise Systems.”
“At Knowledge Lens, our priority has always been to digitally empower enterprises and simplify their transition to Industry 4.0 while ensuring 100% protection of necessary infrastructures from any cyber security threats. The iLens Data Diode is architected to help industrial, asset-intensive environments monitor and secure networks/infrastructures. We are excited to support industries in India and across the globe and help accelerate their Industry 4.0 journey while ensuring 100% IT-OT Security.”
iLens is an integrated secured Manufacturing Intelligence platform that provides actionable insights in real time by combining the contextualized data from Connected Workers, Machines and Enterprise systems. The solution is currently powering automation, manufacturing, energy and utility companies across the globe. It is a comprehensive solution for Integrating Connected Worker, Connected Machines and Enterprise Systems for addressing key business scenarios like Plant Maintenance, Monitoring and Control, Energy Management, Industrial Asset Management and Manufacturing Execution.