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10 Best Cheap WordPress Hosting Providers for 2023

Discover the gateway to a cost-effective online presence with the Best Cheap WordPress Hosting Providers. Elevate your website without breaking the bank!

Our world has become more connected thanks to hosting. It is a way for people who require a website to promote their goods and services to a much bigger and more international target audience. Because of its popularity, there are a wide variety of platforms, programs, and packages that one can use to launch a website and an online business. The least expensive hosting option is shared hosting, which enables you to collaborate with other websites to share a server and its resources.

The dedicated server hosting option, in which you would rent a server for your personal usage, has a tendency to be the most expensive. You are the only user of this server, and you have access to all of its resources. Finding the ideal WordPress host is challenging enough on its own, let alone one that is reputable and reasonably priced.

In light of this, we made the decision to run our own testing to determine the top affordable WordPress hosting companies currently available. You shouldn’t always get what you pay for when it comes to hosting, despite the fact that many of the web providers on our list have high ratings. This demonstrates that it is undoubtedly possible to strike a balance between affordable prices and high-quality performance.

Best Cheap WordPress Hosting Providers in 2023

We’ll examine each web host’s support capabilities, performance ratings, user reviews, specific plans, and of course the price in this post before determining which one wins out. Basically, we evaluate a few distinct low-cost WordPress hosting services based on a number of factors. In this manner, you will only receive the information you require.

Since WordPress is the most widely used CMS platform, there is no shortage of hosting companies offering a selection of the finest WordPress hosting services. With WordPress hosting, a lot is provided, including security certifications, backup for WordPress, and other crucial plugins. Therefore, we’ll examine the top WordPress hosting in India in this piece. Particularly, the best 10 cheap WordPress hosting, budget WordPress hosting.


Bluehost is one of the few hosting companies officially recommended by This makes it one of the more convenient solutions in the market. Bluehost provides you with a nice custom panel to manage your hosting setup, plus all the features you might need to build and launch your WordPress site. Bluehost is also one of the most popular hosts out there – getting hundreds of votes in our hosting survey. Despite the low price, you also get a free domain name with your plan and access to free site builders and 1-click WordPress installs.

Best Cheap WordPress Hosting Providers

Bluehost is one of the few hosting companies officially recommended by This makes it one of the more convenient solutions best cheap WordPress hosting, budget WordPress hosting the market. Bluehost provides you with a nice custom panel to manage your hosting setup, plus all the features you might need to build and launch your WordPress site. Bluehost is also one of the most popular hosts out there getting hundreds of votes in our hosting survey.


  • Basic ($2.75): Supports one website, includes 50GB of disc space, and includes one free domain name. It is unusual for plans at this pricing range.
  • Additional ($5.45 a month): Limitless websites, unrestricted website space, unrestricted email accounts, and unlimited email storage are all permitted.
  • Choice Plus ($5.45 per month): This package adds domain privacy and automatic site backups to everything you receive with Plus. This is a better choice because it costs the same as Choice at the moment.

Bluehost’s Web Hosting is Suitable For…

Users who seek hosting options that are simple to use and have a solid reputation on the market may consider Bluehost. Additionally, you receive a free domain name in addition to a $2.75/month host cheapest WordPress hosting .

What customers are saying: has only ever recommended Bluehost as a hosting provider.

Users gave Bluehost a rating of 7.93 out of 10.

A whopping 23.7% of Bluehost’s clients are brand-new to web hosting.


  • Cheap is the first phrase.
  • However, keep in mind that the rates of renewal are high.
  • Fine uptime
  • My uptime testing with Bluehost has generally proven acceptable. However, they don’t provide a SLA (Service Level Agreement) that ensures a minimum uptime, unlike other providers.
  • Limitless bandwidth
  • Bluehost will not place a traffic cap on your website(s).


  • Regular upsells
  • Their system is jam-packed with ongoing upsell attempts, which is irritating.
  • There could be more speed
  • Bluehost’s speed in our tests wasn’t quite at the top of the list; it has to be increased.
  • You can only host your website in the US, unlike other services. If your viewers are located elsewhere, they can experience a (very) slow website.
  • Poor alternatives
  • The entry-level plans lack a reliable backup strategy.
  • introductory plan restrictions
  • The number of websites, databases, and email accounts you can create is severely constrained by the less expensive plan.


For as long as they have been in business, Hostinger has been renowned for their competitive pricing best cheap WordPress hosting, budget WordPress hosting. However! With this offer, they are going above and beyond what is reasonable. I’ll just say it.


  • Their least expensive hosting package costs $1.99 per month!
  • Even though this is just for the first month and you’ll have to pay $7.99 per month cheapest wordpress hosting plan after that, it’s still a terrific method to get a host that you may use for a straightforward website project.

You can host one website on that cheapest setup, and you also get one email address to go along with it. Additionally, there is 100GB of bandwidth, which should be adequate. The only drawback is that you aren’t given a free SSL certificate, which is unfortunate. 


  • Excellent Onboarding 
  • Excellent Onboarding 
  • Price Competition
  • Many Data Centers are among Hostinger’s advantages.


  • Limited disc space 
  • Reputation for the company
  • Limited customer service 


  • Single ($1.99 per month): Excellent if this is your first website.
  • Premium ($2.59 per month): Excellent if you intend to establish several websites but don’t anticipate that any of them will attract a lot of visitors gives you a domain name for free for the first year as well.
  • Business: Excellent for typical website tasks ($4.99 per month) cheapest WordPress hosting  provides daily backups, a free SSL, and a free domain for the first year.

Hostinger is Suitable For…

This one is straightforward: if you want to work with the least expensive web hosting platform accessible, use Hostinger. Although the capabilities available at that pricing are hardly ground-breaking, this host does the job.


DreamHost, a pioneer in the web hosting sector, was first established back in 1996. DreamHost is best cheap WordPress hosting, budget WordPress hosting is just a reliable company with reasonable costs, positive reviews, and a respectable track record.


  • WordPress Starter ($2.59 per month): Provides daily backups, unlimited traffic, and support for a single website.
  • WordPress Unlimited ($3.95): Supports an infinite number of websites, an infinite amount of traffic, and daily backups.

DreamHost is Ideal For…

In terms of WordPress-specific features, DreamHost isn’t very spectacular, but it “simply works,” which is all most users really care about. Additionally, Dream Host has a long history, so you can have faith in the dependability of their hosting.


  • Easy to use panel
  • Flexibility in setting up our domains and webpages
  • It’s inexpensive
  • The customer service is extremely attentive and supportive.


  • They could have deployed solutions more effectively for less experienced consumers.
  • More external service integration to automate some chores
  • More accurate approaches to monitor hosting performance
  • There should be an easier way to understand user administration.


Even though Namecheap no longer has monthly costs under $1, they are still a remarkably cheap server that provides inexpensive monthly WordPress hosting.

They let you pick a data center that is situated in the US or the UK. You can run up to three sites and receive limitless bandwidth and up to 20GB of SSD-accelerated storage space (all on the cheapest plan).


  • Stellar ($1.58 per month): Provides up to three websites with the ability to run and 20GB SSD-accelerated disc space.
  • Unmetered SSD-accelerated storage, bandwidth, and websites with Stellar Plus ($2.98 per month).
  • Stellar Business offers unmetered bandwidth, unlimited websites, and 50 GB of SSD-only disc space for $4.98 per month cheapest WordPress hosting 

It’s important to note that Namecheap’s above pricing are for monthly payments, whereas many other inexpensive WordPress hosting demand you to pay for a full year in advance to receive those low prices.

Namecheap is still amazingly reasonable at just $1.58 per month cheapest WordPress hosting with monthly payments or $24.88 for a full year, even though it isn’t quite as cheap as it once was. Having said that, Namecheap falls a little short in terms of WordPress-specific features.


  • Reasonable domain prices
  • An excellent premium DNS service.


  • Fantastic chat assistance.
  • Quickly propagating DNS.
  • Take away the premium DNS service fees.
  • Enhance and make the CDN service accessible to non-Namecheap users.
  • Places for hosting services will be doubled. The most urgent location demand is in India.


It’s easy to understand why SiteGround is constantly rated as one of the top WordPress hosts available. Free site transfers are included in their WordPress plans, Git support is available on higher tiers, and their SuperCacher tool is available for faster loading times.


  • Startup ($2.99 per month): Perfect for small enterprises and startups who only need to host one website.
  • GrowBig ($4.99/month) is ideal for companies with numerous WordPress websites.
  • GoGeek ($7.99 per month) is a good option for big businesses with lots of traffic.

Why you should use SiteGround

When it comes to comprehensive WordPress functionality, affordable pricing, and respectable speeds, SiteGround excels. It would be the best cheap WordPress hosting, budget WordPress hosting Service. This makes it an excellent all-around option for any kind of WordPress user, particularly if you value your blogs operating without errors while yet using affordable WordPress hosting.


  • Your website will load 4x faster with SiteGround!
  • Worldwide quick server response times!
  • Uninterrupted uptime since 2014
  • Customer service at SiteGround, a managed WordPress host, is effective (24/7 phone support is accessible!).
  • FREE daily backup (shared for 30 days and cloud for 7 days)
  • Custom dashboard that is easy to use – Site Tools!
  • 4 continents and 6 datacenters
  • SiteGround’s launch price with a 73% discount


  • Resources are limited
  • Increased cost of renewal


One of the most well-known names in hosting is GoDaddy. Their WordPress plans successfully mix a low entry-level cost with a free domain name and regular backups. You also get one-click staging sites with the exception of the lowest tier.


  • Basic ($3.68 per month): Supports up to 25,000 monthly visits and one website.
  • Deluxe ($9.99 per month): Supports up to 100,000 monthly visits for a single website.
  • Ultimate ($12.99 per month): Supports up to 400,000 monthly visits and two websites.

when to think about utilizing GoDaddy

If you merely have one or two websites, GoDaddy is a good choice. One-click staging sites and other more managed WordPress hosting options are some of the most affordable methods to access them.


  • Storing domain names storing domain emails
  • Basic services for web hosting


  • The domain DNS services’ user interface is dated and inefficient.
  • Hosting domain email services uses an outdated and cumbersome UI.
  • Cost of purchasing or renewing a domain is relatively high.

InMotion Hosting 

InMotion provides affordable WordPress hosting plans with a wide range of cutting-edge features like support for WP-CLI and no-cost website transfers.


  • Launch ($2.29 per month) is ideal for small setups and supports up to two websites.
  • Power ($4.99 per month) is a great option for small website portfolios and supports up to six websites.
  • Pro ($12.99 per month): Supports unlimited websites and includes extensive support options. Power users should definitely consider it.

When to think about utilizing InMotion

Although InMotion’s loading times aren’t the fastest in the industry, they do offer a great support staff and a tonne of cutting-edge WordPress features. This makes it a fantastic option for individuals who think performance is lacking.


  • No cap on bandwidth
  • Simple to use
  • Good assistance


  • No cost backups
  • Missing some sophisticated functions; potential for faster uptime


While iPage doesn’t have as many WordPress options as its rivals, they do provide other useful features including a specialized control panel and popular pre-installed plugins. Overall, they are still appealing when it comes to low-cost WordPress hosting.


  • WP Starter ($1.99 per month): Offers unlimited space and bandwidth, making it the best option for small websites.
  • WP Essential ($6.95 per month) is better suited for enterprises because it has improved security and performance features.

How and when to use iPage?

Many consumers just want something that works out of the box without too much hassle; they don’t require a lot of customization in their WordPress plans. Although high user loads are a worry, iPage is perfect for these types of consumers due to its modest features.


  • Reduced Sale Prices
  • Unlimited Sites to Host
  • Unlimited Capacity
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases, Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free Security Suite with a User-Friendly Graphical Control Panel
  • There are two website builders.
  • Free local, toll-free Free Telephone (U.S. only)


  • Hosting several domains is more difficult than it used to be.
  • Website Webalizer Stats are not presented separately for each website.
  • Periodic Upselling During Log


Despite having affordable costs, HostGator hasn’t exactly had the finest reputation among WordPress hosts. With their WordPress cloud hosting options, which provide free auto-backups and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates, they appear to have lately reversed course.


  • Hatchling ($2.75 per month) is ideal for small blogs because it supports a single site with respectable traffic.
  • Baby ($3.50 per month): Provides unlimited hosting for moderately popular websites. It’s a wonderful choice for little-known e-commerce and service websites.
  • Business ($5.25 a month, not a typo): Supports unlimited sites and is a good choice for large organizations and well-established businesses with demanding needs.

when to think about utilizing HostGator

For WordPress websites, HostGator offers an alluring combination of affordable costs and fast performance. in addition, their assistance.


  • Sufficient storage
  • Term flexibility
  • Different programming languages
  • Limitless bandwidth


  • Enigmatic costs and prices
  • Regular upsells
  • There could be more speed
  • Lacking cutting-edge features
  • Unreliable assistance

A2 Hosting 

Popular independent WordPress host A2 Hosting provides a nice mix of cost and performance. Even on their most affordable hosting packages, A2 Hosting offers pay-monthly hosting, which is a special benefit. Additionally, you can order WordPress already installed and a free SSL certificate that has been set up.


  • Lite ($1.99 per month): Provides unrestricted storage and data transfer for a single website. a wonderful choice for simple websites.
  • Swift ($4.90 per month): Swift hosts an unlimited number of websites and has twice as many resources, which results in quicker page loads. For small shops or websites with moderate traffic, it’s a suitable choice.

Unlimited sites supported; includes A2 Hosting’s Turbo capability for significantly quicker page loads. Turbo ($9.31 per month). a cost-effective choice for performance-conscious users.

When to go for A2 Hosting?

In general, A2 Hosting is well-liked in the WordPress community and provides an excellent ratio of performance to cost. A2 Hosting is a wise choice if you want to pay monthly hosting because they are one of the few companies that do it.


  • Consistent speed
  • Advanced capabilities
  • Uptime
  • Servers’ places
  • Unmetered bandwidth and storage


  • Backups on demand are billed individually.
  • Unclear checkout
  • Simultaneous HTTP connections

How we evaluated and chose the most affordable WordPress hosting companies?

In order to identify genuinely affordable WordPress hosting providers who don’t skimp on features and quality, we ran a number of tests and conducted a thorough investigation. Here are all the standards we looked at to compile this list:


You should be able to easily install WordPress with just one click, and WordPress-optimized services should also include cache, staging, free site migration, and other helpful features. Professional email accounts, free SSL certificates, and limitless bandwidth are also good additions.

Affordable Costs

Only the hosting companies that offer affordable monthly plans while maintaining high-quality services were considered.

Fantastic Performance

Even if the host provides the most cost-effective feature package, it is worthless without outstanding performance.

We carefully assessed several services to guarantee that any host we provide has excellent average response times and at least 99.99% uptime.

Pleasant User Interface

Each hosting service that we included as a recommendation had its interfaces verified. We made sure that even for total newbies, it would be simple, intuitive, and easy to crack.

24/7 Client Assistance

Time is of the importance while operating a website. You ought to be able to get immediate assistance if something goes wrong. Because of this, all of your chosen hosts provide 24/7 customer service via live chat, email, phone calls, or other means.

WordPress Hosting FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I get WordPress hosting for Free?

Yes. Some providers offer free WordPress hosting if you remain within limits. For instance, 000webhost, powered by Hostinger, allows you to host 1 WordPress site for free. However, we do not recommend free WordPress hosting for the following reasons:
If you’re on a tight budget, get cheap shared hosting, then install WordPress. WordPress installation is free of charge.

How much does it cost to make a WordPress website?

It depends on your selected hosting service and the domain name registration cost. Several hosts will offer free domain name registration if you buy a hosting service for a year. Shared hosting is cheap and can cost as low as $2.99 for an annual subscription.

How can I get cheap WordPress hosting with a free domain?

The easiest way to get cheap WordPress hosting with a free domain is to prepay for an annual subscription. Hosting providers, including Bluehost and Hostinger, will offer you a free custom domain for one year if you prepay for a one-year hosting plan.

Why are WordPress hosting plans more expensive?

WordPress hosting plans are more expensive because they come with preinstalled WordPress software. Also, the hosting service offers you managed WordPress, which means the provider takes care of updates and site security. 
You also get priority customer service if something goes wrong with your site. A WordPress hosting account has features tailored to WordPress sites.

Which is the best cheap hosting for a high-traffic WordPress site?

Bluehost is among the best cheap hosting providers for a high-traffic WordPress site. 
The host offers web hosting for as low as $2.95. Even when your site is on a shared server, Bluehost scales your server resources to manage high emergency traffic. Bluehost is best if you are looking for the most excellent value for the lowest price.


The performance statistics are likewise excellent and ought to be sufficient to launch your first website. Other hosts might have lower monthly fees, but to get the greatest deal,  you’ll need to pay for several years in advance. Because you may pay its reasonable $1.99 price on a monthly basis, Hostinger is the cheapest entry point when it comes to inexpensive WordPress hosting. Regarding quality-price ratio, we also like Bluehost, SiteGround, and A2 Hosting. Almost every time someone has asked,  we have been suggesting them. Nevertheless, each of the low-cost WordPress hosting alternatives we’ve covered today has its own distinct advantages, making them all strong rivals.

We trust this guide on the “Best Cheap WordPress Hosting Providers” has been a valuable resource for your cost-effective web hosting needs. Thanks for reading!