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10 Best Cloud Storage in India Comparison – 2024

In the digital age, “Best Cloud Storage in India” ensures accessibility and security for your valuable data – from multimedia files to work documents.

Explore the top providers for seamless file storage and sharing. Elevate your data management with a trusted cloud storage plan.

These days, it appears that we are living in the digital era. Our data should be accessible online, just like anything else, for each of our data, including video, audio, work files, and pictures. Cloud computing makes file sharing, archiving, and storage possible. It provides enhanced protection against web-based dangers and easier access to important data. You must purchase a plan from a cloud storage provider to use cloud storage for your projects or corporate requirements.

Given the variety of services, picking India’s best cloud storage provider might be difficult. You should seek a cloud storage package to accommodate any particular needs, including team productivity, collaboration tools, or Microsoft Office connectors.

Best Cloud Storage in India

Additionally, cloud storage offers your online data protection, effectiveness, and accessibility across various gadgets. It also makes sure that your data is protected and backed up. The ideal option to keep your data in the cloud, accessed from any device, is through cloud storage services. Choosing one cloud storage provider might be challenging because so many of them exist.

To save you time, I performed the research and created a list of the best cloud storage in India for 2024. Every cloud storage option on the list has already been utilized. I’ll recommend each storage based on my usage and provide a pros-cons chart for convenient reference.

Things to Take Into Consideration When Choosing a Cloud Storage Provider

While renowned cloud storage providers like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon Web Services are available, smaller enterprises frequently entice customers with aggressive discounts, tailored pricing options, and unique features.

To provide you with a comprehensive list of the best cloud storage in India choices accessible right now, we will analyze the services offered by a few different businesses.

We took into account important elements like the following while selecting the best cloud storage companies:

  • Reputation: We only choose cloud storage companies with outstanding reviews and ratings to guarantee our suggestions are of the highest calibre.
  • Features: Each cloud storage company offers a wide range of options for both personal and professional use. For instance, a company owner may search for a cloud storage solution with high-level online collaboration facilities.
  • Pricing: Given that different cloud storage plans have varied costs, consider whether spending more money on extra services is worthwhile.
  • User-friendliness – For simpler file sharing and navigation, pick a cloud storage service with a straightforward user interface and accessibility across devices.

Look at our hand-selected suggestions for the 10 best cloud storage providers.

pCloud: Best Cloud Storage 2024

Pros of pCloud

  • Sync Functions -One of the finest benefits of pCloud is its syncing capabilities. It has Block-Level Sync and Selective Sync features.
  • Fast Time: With European servers, pCloud can give Indian consumers fast speeds.
  • Shared File Options: You may change the permissions for uploads, give shared links a password and an expiration date, view link statistics, and much more!
  • Reasonable Prices: pCloud offers a higher lifetime value than other cloud storage choices.
  • Zero-Knowledge Cryptography-Get Zero-Knowledge encryption. One of the few cloud storage options is pCloud, which allows users to select which files should be zero-knowledge encrypted.
  • Data Center Choice- The data centre of your choice is yours. The majority of users choose to travel to Europe.

Cons of pCloud

  • Added Extras-You must pay extra to access its further features, such as pCloud Crypto and Extended File History. 
  • Editing is not necessary-There are no built-in facilities for modifying files in pCloud. Your documents may only be previewed here by users. Slow Support Although it is not the quickest available, it is still decent.
  • Encryption with zero knowledge-Optional Zero-Knowledge Encryption is recommended. One of the few cloud storage services, pCloud, allows users to specify which files should be zero-knowledge encrypted.
  • Data Center Picking-The data center of your choice is available. Most people choose to travel to Europe. For me, pCloud now offers India’s best all-around cloud storage. With the recent switch to an EU server, they have struck the appropriate note. Better speeds and privacy result from this. In addition, they provide excellent sharing choices that include a lifetime plan. I’ll heartily endorse them. Additionally, I have a unique $5 pCloud deal for you, with which you can acquire Premium 500 GB for 90 days.

My main cloud storage is the 2 TB Lifetime offer from pCloud, which I purchased. The data centre of your choice is yours. The majority of users choose to travel to Europe.

Sync: The Best Secure Cloud Storage

Zero-Knowledge Cryptography It uses zero-knowledge encryption to safeguard all your files, ensuring that only you have access to the information.

Pros of Sync

  • Modern File Sharing-Even your shared files are secured by Sync using zero-knowledge encryption. Your shared links can have passwords and expiration dates configured. Users of Sync can also upload files without registering!
  • Folder Sync-The Sync Folder instantly syncs every file you upload to all of your devices.
  • Vault Tab Separate-No one of your devices syncs the files you post to the Vault Tab.
  • Good Privacy Practices-They do not voluntarily gather superfluous data from their users, and their terms of service are fully specified and disclosed.
  • Office 365 -Integration If you already have an Office365 subscription, you may combine it with Sync and edit documents directly from the cloud storage.
  • Rewinding Accounts and Versioning-With Sync, you may go back 180 days and restore your files to their earlier versions and your complete account!
  • Support 2FA-To guarantee safer logins, Sync supports two-factor authentication.

Cons of Sync

  • Sync Restrictions-Only the files that are in the “Sync Folder” can be synced.
  • Slow Motion -Besides having Canadian servers, Sync is a zero-knowledge platform. Poor speeds result from the combination of these two problems for consumers in India.
  • Poor User Experience-The UI might use some design and user-friendliness changes because it is so simplistic.  
  • Five Eyes countries have jurisdiction-Canada may be compelled to share your personal information with other intelligence agencies without your permission since it is a member of the Five Eyes Alliance.
  • Popular Canadian cloud storage– It provides Sync is renowned for its cutting-edge security procedures. It is the only cloud storage service with an intriguing combination of security and Office 365 integration, and it offers 2 TB of storage capacity for $96/year!
  • Therefore, Sync would be the most cost-effective choice if you’re seeking a cloud storage platform focused on privacy, which has great file-sharing features and can effectively edit office documents! 

IceDrive: The Best Budget Cloud Storage

Pros of IceDrive

  • Incredible Speeds-Icedrive’s European servers enable blazing-fast uploads and downloads of data.
  • Superior user interface: With a top-notch design and simplicity of use across all platforms, including laptop, desktop, and mobile, Icedrive delivers one of the greatest and most contemporary user experiences. Also, drag-and-drop upload is supported, making it incredibly easy to submit several files simultaneously!
  • Reasonable Prices -For just $149, Icedrive, a cost-effective cloud storage service, will provide you lifelong access to 1TB of cloud storage!
  • Encryption with zero knowledge-Icedrive offers zero-knowledge encryption and is GDPR compliant.
  • Optimistic Road Map-Their plan appears to be quite upbeat. I’m excited for the next changes that will be made!
  • Fair File Sharing-With Icedrive, you can give your shared URLs, passwords and expiration dates. They can certainly make further enhancements to their sharing capabilities.

Cons of IceDrive

  • Fresh Service-Many of the features of Icedrive, which premiered in January 2020, are still being worked on. Additional time will be needed to make a name for itself in the cloud storage sector.
  • No 2FA-It has not yet adopted 2FA, which is crucial for your account’s security. I’m hoping they’ll unveil it soon!
  • Limited sync capabilities-You cannot pick which specific folders to sync with Icedrive because it does not have the Selective Sync feature. By default, every folder is synchronized. Icedrive is a brand-new, reasonably priced cloud storage service focused on security. Its $ 159 lifetime subscription for 1TB of cloud storage is really reasonable! Icedrive is a great choice if you’re a novice seeking a cheap cloud storage solution with fast speeds and improved privacy!

Mega:- The Best in Free Cloud Storage

Pros of Mega

  • Fast Speeds -Mega provides quick upload and download speeds to help you save time.
  • Suitable Sync Features-The Selective Sync function allows you to only sync a limited number of folders with the cloud. 
  • Zero-Knowledge Cryptography-Mega is cloud storage that prioritizes privacy. Your data is encrypted using zero-knowledge encryption, ensuring you can access it.
  • 20 GB of free room-One in the most significant spaces on the market is offered by Mega. It offers 20 GB of free storage, which may be extended by earning accomplishments.
  • Supported by 2FA -Being a secure service, Mega supports two-factor authentication to confirm your identity and protect you from online attacks.
  • Outstanding File Sharing-Sharing files is a breeze with Mega! You may give your links, passwords, and expiration dates. Users may even post files without first registering! 
  • Good Interface-Mega’s user interface used to be rather disorganized; however, recently, improvements have been made. They now have a dark mode as well.

Cons of Mega

  • The bandwidth constraint-It sets a bandwidth restriction. They track your IP address’s data transit.
  • Locations of servers-It has servers in the Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, France, and Germany. Sadly, you cannot pick the location of the server.
  • Asian investors-They sold a significant portion of Mega’s shares to Chinese investors a few years ago. From a security standpoint, any relationships with the Chinese don’t appear positive.
  • Extremely Strict Conditions-When it is reported to them, all copyrighted material will be taken down.
  • Mega even publishes annual transparency reports that include information on the number of takedown requests, material removals, user removals, etc.
  • Mega is a well-known New Zealand company that offers cloud storage. Mega appears to be a compelling choice for newcomers and people, providing 20 GB of free storage space. 
  • When it comes to free cloud storage, Mega is the finest. Although they provide 20 GB of space with zero knowledge encryption, the bandwidth is constrained.
  • For $118 a year, you can obtain 2 TB of cloud storage! It seems like a fair price to me.
  • Mega Cloud Storage is a terrific choice to take into consideration if you want cloud storage with fast speeds and great file-sharing and syncing capabilities.
  • However, given their contentious background, I would let you make the ultimate purchase decision!

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Tresorit – Expensive But Secure

Pros of Tresorit

  • Zero-Knowledge Cryptography-Tresorit employs zero-knowledge encryption to completely protect your data from internet threats and prying eyes.
  • Very cool Privacy Policy-Their privacy statement is quite clear and well-written. 
  • Testing for External Security-In 2017, their security procedures were examined and certified by an outside security team.
  • Incredible File Sharing-You can give your shared links a password and an expiration date with Tresorit. What else? Without registering, you may invite users to upload and establish download restrictions!
  • Excellent Sync Function-You may use Selective Sync in Tresorit to only sync particular folders with your cloud storage.
  • Amicable UI-For all devices, the user interface is simple and welcoming.
  • servers from Europe-Servers for Tresorit are located in the EU.
  • HIPAA and the GDPR are compliant-Regarding the information that Tresorit gathers from its users, it is transparent. A copy of your data stored on their servers can also be requested. 
  • Support 2FA-Every time you log in, Tresorit offers secure Two-Factor Authentication to verify your identity.

Cons of Tresorit

  • Exorbitant Prices-For 2.5 TB of cloud storage capacity, Tresorit costs an exorbitant $288 per year.
  • Slower download speeds: The download rates are rather sluggish. I had to wait 30 minutes for a file to download!
  • Not Edited-On the web interface of Tresorit, your papers cannot be edited. Tresorit is one of the most costly cloud storage options but also one of the most secure! 2.5 TB of cloud storage is yours for a whopping $288 per year! 
  • In all honesty, it offers the highest level of security among cloud storage options. Tresorit is the ideal choice for you if the security of your sensitive data is a key concern for your company or law office.

iCloud – For Apple Users

Pros of iCloud

  • Message Support
  • If you have questions, you can arrange calls to their US staff. I have spoken with their staff several times and found them helpful and informed.
  • Decent privacy policies 
  • iCloud has a more favourable privacy policy than Google Drive or Dropbox.

Cons of iCloud

  • Horrific upload rates-The slowest upload rates I’ve ever experienced were with iCloud. I uploaded a file on it in an absurd 47 minutes! 
  • The sync is decent but limited. It works well for synchronizing photographs on Apple devices. But neither Selective Sync nor Block sync is available.
  • Supporting Apple Devices, mostly ICloud was created to be compatible with the overall Apple environment.
  • Zero Knowledge Encryption is not used– Zero-knowledge encryption is absent from iCloud.
  • Not Edited– On iCloud, there are no document editing options available.
  • iCloud Controversy-Following the 2014 iCloud celebrity picture hack, the company enhanced its security and introduced 2FA. Apple devices frequently use iCloud Storage. It costs $122 per year for 2 TB of space, which is extremely expensive. Although I enjoy using Apple products and services, I have never advised anyone to use iCloud.
  • So, regardless of its slow upload rates, iCloud is an option if you want to remain in the Apple ecosystem and use cloud storage for images.

OneDrive – For Office Users

Pros of OneDrive

  • Office Support for MS
  • You may work with Office programs on up to 5 devices with OneDrive’s 1 TB of cloud storage and a 1-year Office 365 subscription.
  • Outstanding Editing Features
  • The ideal option for online document, word, presentation, or spreadsheet editing is OneDrive. 

Cons of OneDrive

  • Weak download speeds
  • Although OneDrive has reasonable upload speeds, its download rates are quite sluggish.
  • Poor support
  • Their customer service responds to inquiries quite slowly. 
  • Microsoft offers the well-known cloud storage service OneDrive. For $4200 a year, it gives you 1 TB of cloud storage!
  • Therefore, OneDrive can be the ideal choice if you require a cloud service with a free 1-year subscription to Office-365 for editing documents on the move!

Dropbox – For Collaboration

Pros of Dropbox

  • Outstanding Sync Feature-Dropbox offers sophisticated options for file synchronization, such as Selective Sync, Smart Sync, and even Block Sync.
  • Fast Tempos-Dropbox’s quick loading times are facilitated by its sophisticated synchronization features.
  • Feature for Smooth Playback-With Dropbox, you get to watch quality video playback. 
  • Suitable Integrations-It has integrations with Office 365, Google Docs, and G Suite, among other services.

Cons of Dropbox

  • A lack of zero-knowledge encryption-Your Dropbox files is not, regrettably, Zero Knowledge Encrypted. Your data’s privacy is somewhat compromised as a result.
  • Uncertain Security -In the past, Dropbox has had security breaches when 68 million credentials were taken and discovered 2-3 years later.
  • Pricier Plan-Dropbox’s price is on the upper end, at $9,000 a year for 2 TB of cloud storage! In 2007, Dropbox became the first company to offer cloud storage, and it continues to be well-liked today. 
  • For $9,000 a year, you can have a Dropbox Plus account with a whopping 2 TB of cloud storage! Therefore, Dropbox is the finest cloud storage with fast speeds if you often work with Office365, GSuite, etc. and need to interact with your coworkers!

Google Drive – For Team Collaboration

Pros of Google Drive

  • Incredible Speeds-You can upload and download things very quickly using Google Drive, thanks to its incredible speeds!
  • Favourable for Collaboration-You may work together on Google Docs, Excel sheets, and other documents with your team members. You may also read older versions, go back to them, and leave your teammates with insightful remarks.
  • Playback of videos smoothly-Because Google Drive uses the infrastructure of YouTube, it has some of the greatest video playback capabilities. 
  • Excellent Sync Features-You’ll discover a super-quick sync feature, ensuring that any changes you make to your file take effect right away.
  • Excellent Search Algorithm -It also finds the results of your search query from inside the papers, which is a really time-saving function.

Cons of Google Drive

  • Unsure Privacy -Google’s Privacy Statement is not perfect! They gather a lot of user information.  
  • Tough Measures for Copyrighted Content-The drive is being continuously scanned by Google bots. Therefore, if you post any copyrighted content, it will be removed immediately. 
  • Zero Knowledge Encryption is not used-Your data is vulnerable to internet assaults since it is not secured using zero-knowledge encryption.
  • Modest Sharing-You cannot establish passwords or specify expiration dates when sharing links using Google Drive. Additionally, it disallows the creation of upload links.
  • It also finds the results of your search query from inside the papers, which is a time-saving function. One of the most widely used cloud storage platforms nowadays is Google Drive. For $88 a year, you get 2TB of cloud storage. 

Because Google Drive is not well regarded for having the finest Privacy Policy, in my opinion, it is not the best option for security and privacy. But when it comes to teamwork, it is invincible!

And if you still desire a professional email, you may choose Google Workspace, which also offers storage.

Therefore, Google Drive is the one for you if you want quick upload and download times as well as robust team collaboration tools!

Koofr Cloud: One storage for all

Pros of Koofr Cloud:

  • Free Storage Option: Koofr offers a free plan with a limited amount of storage, allowing users to try out the service before committing to a paid subscription.
  • Affordable Plans: Koofr’s paid plans are generally reasonably priced, making it a cost-effective option for those seeking more storage and additional features.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Koofr is available on multiple platforms, including web browsers, desktop applications, and mobile devices, allowing easy access to your files from anywhere.
  • File Synchronization: Koofr provides file synchronization, meaning changes made to files on one device are automatically updated across all connected devices.
  • Data Security: Koofr implements encryption to protect user data, and files are transmitted securely over HTTPS.
  • Integration with Other Cloud Services: Koofr offers integration with other cloud storage providers like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, allowing you to manage multiple accounts in one place.

Cons of Koofr Cloud:

  • Limited Free Storage: The free plan has limited storage, so users with significant storage needs may have to opt for a paid plan.
  • Limited Advanced Features: While Koofr provides essential cloud storage and synchronization features, it might lack some advanced functionalities offered by more extensive cloud platforms.
  • Customer Support: Some users have reported that Koofr’s customer support could be improved in terms of response times and issue resolution.
  • Upload and Download Speeds: Depending on your location and internet connection, you may experience varying upload and download speeds, which could impact your user experience.
  • No End-to-End Encryption: As of my last update, Koofr did not offer end-to-end encryption, which means that the company could potentially access your data.
  • Limited Collaboration Features: While you can share files, Koofr might not be as well-suited for collaborative work as specialized collaboration tools like Google Workspace.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)- Best Cloud Storage in India

Q1. What is the finest corporate cloud storage service?

pCloud, AWS IDrive, and other cloud storage services are regarded as the finest cloud storage options for businesses in 2023. Companies, on the other hand, prefer Microsoft’s OnDrive and Nextcloud.

Q2. How do you see the future of cloud storage?

Because we are all heading in the direction of technological improvement with the advent of artificial intelligence, the future of cloud storage is bright for both businesses and people

Q3 How can I get access to cloud storage?

You may use your web browser to access all cloud storage services. However, some cloud providers also provide desktop and mobile apps for added convenience.

Q4 Is Google Drive a cloud service?

Yes, Google Drive is a famous cloud storage service that allows you to save and modify files online! 
It includes sophisticated PC and smartphone apps, as well as a very efficient online version, allowing you to access your data from anywhere and at any time!

Q5 Which are the Best Free Cloud Storage Services?

Popular cloud companies give away free cloud storage ranging from 2 to 15 GB. Some excellent free choices include:
Sync – 15 GB storage space
Google Drive has a storage capacity of 15 GB.
pCloud – 10 GB storage space
Icedrive has a storage capacity of 10 GB.
Is there a file size restriction for files stored or transferred using Cloud Storage?
Everything is dependent on the cloud storage provider. For example, Icedrive’s free plan has 3 GB of daily bandwidth!

Q6 How is information kept in the cloud?

A cloud is just a collection of servers housed in massive structures known as data centers. These servers hold files that we upload to the cloud. You may get to these files at any moment by using the Internet. 

We trust you’ve found the ideal solution for your data needs with “Best Cloud Storage in India.” Thanks for reading, and here’s to seamless data management!