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Top Tips For Making Your Business Stand Out Abroad

Once your business has succeeded in its local area and spread nationwide, or as far as you believe you can take it within your own country, it might be time to consider moving it abroad.

Standing out abroad can come with a mini head start – you will be, for example, an Indian company operating in the UK – but it also takes a lot of hard work and preparation. These top tips will help you look into a hopefully prosperous overseas future.

Be prepared to translate

Whatever language you currently operate in, prepare to translate. Although English is the most widely spoken and written language in the world, it should not be relied on. Your website should be readied with a translate option – often portrayed by small flags in the top corner of the screen – and you should consider hiring translators and interpreters for face-to-face operations.

With so many conferences taking place over video calls, freelance interpreters can be hired to mediate negotiations, agreements, or disputes that might take place in the period before you launching in a new country.

Hire staff in other countries

Staff should, as soon as possible, be hired from your target country. As suggested, this means you will likely have employees who are native speakers of a different language, which is a huge asset to the business and will aid smooth integration.

As owner or CEO of a business, never assume you know best about the way businesses operate in different countries. You should hire consultants and advisors who you can trust to know about the new country that you are operating in. This will avoid mistakes or misunderstanding the cultural differences between businesses in different nations.

Spread the word

Before moving abroad, get your home in order first. A huge part of this is ensuring you have a website that looks good, has excellent SEO, and is functioning properly. Using professionals will bring you benefits such as those listed at and prepare you for business expansion. You should also plan a social media strategy – which can be aided by expert advice, too – and consider setting up separate social media channels for the separate countries you will be operating in. All of this, from your website to your SEO strategy, will help in spreading the word about your business.

Make contacts

This could have been how you found success in your home country, so networking is unlikely to be something new to you as a business owner. Make contacts quickly in new countries and work collaboratively to get a helping hand. You will be an intriguing new contact for many people in the nation you have branched out to, which will make you an attractive option for partnerships and investment.

Do your research

Finally, yet most obviously, do your research before making any foreign investments or moving business over any borders. The expansion should be carefully calculated and discussed with relevant team members, and contacts should be established in the target country before any further actions are taken. As with any aspect of business, proper preparation is essential.