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Building Your Personal Brand: A Guide

Any business person, entrepreneur or aspiring academic won’t just succeed through the power of their ideas – though these are of course important. They also need to construct a personal brand that proceeds them in the workplace, their network, and the wider industry, something that shows their worth and garners respect. Building a personal brand isn’t quite the same process as building a business’ brand, as you’ll discover from the tips laid out below. Build your personal brand in order to succeed in your given field and build the contact base you need to make the most of your skills, talents, and knowledge.

Social Media

Businesspeople shouldn’t underestimate the power of social media to define others’ ideas of who they are and what they stand for. Of course, when it comes to the professional sphere, LinkedIn is hands-down the go-to social media platform, helping people network in the digital realm. But your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds can also be useful in shaping a public perception of your values. Ensure that you’ve not shared any incriminating or embarrassing photos on these platforms in order to avoid public scrutiny and the potential negative consequences of sharing your life with the wider world.

Working With Experts

Another side to your personal brand requires careful curation and may only be achievable through the help of specialists in the field of brand marketing and network marketing. If you’re looking to market yourself to a wider and more interesting audience – to show that you’re a talented and exciting individual – you may benefit from the services of network marketing experts. These specialists know how to use your network and those present at conferences, seminars, and other public meetings in order to exponentially expand your personal brand and bring you a wider and larger follower base. Marketing yourself through your network is a key way to expand your personal brand in 2020 and beyond.

Website and Contact Details

Your personal brand is curated by what people can see and know about you and the interactions that they’re able to enjoy with you. As such, it’s important to build yourself a separate website, which not only demonstrates you’re serious about your brand as an individual but that you’re looking to form partnerships and relationships beyond your current employment. This hunger for outsiders or those in your wider network to contact you may reap interesting and profitable results in the long-run, helping you nurture a personal brand that reaches into the far corners of the internet. Remember to use your name in the website’s URL, and to include an in-depth bio that displays many of your experiences to date, so that individuals know who you are.

Value Interaction

Finally, a personal brand isn’t all digital. Many of the people you know will judge you based on the times they’ve interacted with you on a face-to-face basis. Your social skills here are pivotal – and something to work on if you feel you’re too stiff and professional, or off-hand and casual, to make the right kind of connections. Practice by attending industry meetings and socializing with a wide variety of stakeholders, managers, and workers in order to build your confidence and charisma when around new people. Each and every new person may be a new friend, a new colleague, or a new opportunity to help you further grow your brand.

These tips form a guide to building your personal brand that’ll help you decide upon a strategy to suit your own objectives. Remember that a personal brand is all about energy, color, and trustworthiness – and the respect of your peers. In essence, then, you’re building your brand every day, through every action and interaction you make.