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Best Laptops for PhD Students [2024]

Best Laptops for PhD Students: Securing a successful trip through your doctorate and research studies will require more than simply unrelenting focus and determination. It needs a trusted friend to traverse the academic terrain, where a dependable laptop comes into play.

Each day of your PhD journey brings new problems and tasks, emphasizing the importance of a laptop in your educational armoury. Your laptop will become an extension of your mind, a tool for streamlining your efforts, and the center of your academic pursuits.

best laptops for phd students

As a Ph.D. student, you’ll constantly dance with data, sifting through sources and attempting to distil complex information into cohesive conclusions. This high-stakes choreography necessitates a laptop that can efficiently multitask, helping you to save energy and time.
To help you on this critical journey, we’ve methodically compiled a list of the 12 Best Laptops for PhD Students in 2024. Each entry has been rigorously tested, guaranteeing that these laptops not only meet but exceed the stringent criteria of your academic path.

We recognize that your laptop is more than just a tool; it is a reliable partner on your journey to academic success. So, you can confidently begin this digital voyage with a laptop from our carefully picked assortment. It’s time to step up your research, streamline your responsibilities, and boost your education. Welcome to the future of academic achievement, one keystroke at a time.

Best Laptops for PhD Students in 2024

Searching for the ideal laptop in a market crowded with a bewildering array of devices can be difficult. This challenge becomes even more difficult if you are unfamiliar with the maze of laptop hardware components. Don’t worry; this article will guide you through this confusing landscape.
Our objective is clear: to provide you with knowledge rather than just a laptop. We understand that making an informed decision is critical, so we’re not simply providing you with a list of laptops; we’re going into the technical specifics of each device. Our goal is to give you a thorough picture of their performance potential.

So, without further ado, let’s go on this trip to find the laptop that matches your specific demands and goals. You’ll find many possibilities within these digital pages, each with its own set of processors and features. A universe of options is waiting to be discovered, and your dream laptop is only a click away. Let’s go in and unpack the laptop landscape together.

Lenovo Thinkpad E15

Lenovo’s E series ThinkPad is a remarkable accomplishment in the laptop market, embodying both convenience and performance. What makes it even more surprising is its affordability, demonstrating that brilliance does not have to come at a high price. In a world where quality is sometimes sacrificed for cost savings, the ThinkPad E series strikes an elegant balance between build quality and technological prowess.


  • Display: 15.6-inch FHD 1920×1080 IPS.
  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 5-5625U (6 cores, 4.3 GHz) Graphics Card: Integrated AMD Radeon Graphics
  • RAM and Storage: 16 GB, 512 GB SSD.
  • Operating System: Windows 11.
  • Battery Time: Up to 13 Hours

Its design blends beauty and functionality with a sleek, streamlined appearance and gently rounded corners that add refinement. The laptop’s base unit is made of durable plastic, while the display lid is made of exquisite metal. This combination of materials increases endurance and adds a touch of premium looks.

You may see a thicker bottom display border when opening the laptop’s screen. However, this is a little trade-off for the visual delight you’ll get from the full HD display, which is a rarity at this price. The integrated webcam also includes a simple privacy shutter, alleviating privacy concerns about your online activities.

Despite its slim design, the ThinkPad E series does not scrimp on connectivity possibilities, ensuring you have everything you need at your fingertips. The trackpad, which features physical click buttons, provides a tactile advantage frequently favoured for precision operations.

Regarding cooling, this laptop is designed to vent hot air from the back and has subtle speaker cutouts. The Lenovo ThinkPad E series stands out as a value model in a world of options, perfectly combining elegance, substance, and cost. It’s a laptop that demonstrates that you can have it all without compromising, making it an appealing option for the modern user.

Apple MacBook Air


  • RAM: 8 GB.
  • Storage: 256GB SSD.
  • Weight: 1.29 kg.
  • Battery life is up to 18 hours.
  • Operating system: MacOS

Apple’s MacBook Air changed what was possible regarding laptop portability, and the popularity of these ultra-thin, powerful machines has prompted Apple’s competitors to produce compact powerhouses in various Configurations throughout the last decade.

However, Apple’s original remains extremely difficult to beat. The cold metal finish is stunning, more so than any of the laptops we tested here, and everything from the keyboard to the giant trackpad feels enviably high quality. Small details count when it comes to a system you’ll be using daily, and the MacBook Air is a pleasure to operate. Apple’s Mac OS isn’t for everyone; it’s useless for gamers, but tech-savvy kids will pick it up quickly, mainly if they’ve previously used iPhones and iPads.

Battery life is also highly outstanding, peaking at roughly 14 hours: this was once an area in which Apple had little competition in this form factor, but over time, Apple’s competitors have gradually caught up. Naturally, there aren’t many connectors here, with only two USB-C Thunderbolt ports and a headphone jack, but audio and video performance is superb.

HP Spectre X360

Introducing the HP X360, a two-in-one convertible laptop that redefines durability and style. This laptop’s aluminum chassis radiates durability and is built to last. Our testing device had a sleek dark blue finish, but you’ll be delighted to hear that HP provides a range of color schemes to suit your own preferences.


  • Display: 16″ 3K+ 3072 x 1920, touch IPS.
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-1135G7 (4 cores, 4.2 GHz) 
  • Graphics Card: Intel Iris Xe Graphics
  • RAM and storage: 16GB, 512GB SSD.
  • Operating System: Windows 11.
  • Battery time: up to 10 hours.

The subtle yet remarkable beveled corners on the back truly distinguish this smartphone, adding elegance to the design. Nestled in these corners are an audio combo jack and a USB-C connection, which add to the laptop’s versatility.

But here’s where the HP X360 stands out even more: its battery is securely fastened in place using screws, as opposed to the often annoying and inconvenient glued-in batteries found in many similar laptops. This intelligent design makes maintenance and upgrading more accessible and hassle-free.

When it comes to build quality, you won’t find any reason to complain. Because of its metal frame, this convertible laptop exemplifies exceptional craftsmanship. The display lid and base unit remain stiff even when subjected to light pressure. A bit of flex is entirely acceptable and anticipated.

The hinges keep the display firmly in place and are sturdy and elegant. Surprisingly, you can easily open this laptop with one hand, demonstrating its user-friendly design. For PhD students looking for a convertible laptop that flawlessly mixes design and function, the HP X360 is a compelling solution. Its sturdy structure, thoughtful features, and stylish appearance make it an excellent partner for your academic journey.

Microsoft Surface

Laptop aesthetics can be subjective, but the Microsoft Surface Pro is beautiful. It easily wins among the most visually appealing notebooks on the market. However, its appeal extends beyond appearances; it provides a unique adaptability that is particularly advantageous to PhD students.


  • Display: 13.5″ PixelSense 2496 x 1664 touchscreen.
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 Series
  • Graphic Card: Intel HD Graphics 620
  • RAM and Storage: 8 GB, 256 GB SSD.
  • Operating System: Windows 10.
  • Battery Life: Up to 11 Hours

The Surface Pro’s main feature is its detachable keyboard, which quickly transforms it into a Windows tablet. This touch-enabled arrangement benefits scholar by allowing for seamless note-taking with a stylus. It’s an academic dream come true, though it should be noted that the pen is not included in our review unit and must be purchased separately.

The Surface Pro’s metallic design emanates a luxury vibe and is meticulously crafted. Even the detachable keyboard is covered in comfortable, high-quality materials. While the keyboard keys are large and spacious, some may believe they lack tactile enjoyment in standard laptops or convertible keyboards.

What distinguishes the Surface Pro is its outstanding battery life, which is unusual among Windows laptops. This durability is packaged into a gadget that cleverly houses the display’s hardware components, a battery, and connectors. As a result, connectivity possibilities are relatively limited. However, this can readily solved by adding a docking station.

Regarding laptops, the Microsoft Surface Pro exemplifies both form and function. Its remarkable beauty is only equalled by its usefulness, making it an excellent partner for the rigours of PhD studies. Whether drawn to its design or flexible functioning, this laptop will create an indelible impression on your academic path.

ASUS ZenBook

The Asus Zenbook is a work of metallic art, with a chassis, display lid, and base unit all precisely crafted from metal. This attention to high-quality materials gives it a sophisticated air and elevates its aesthetic appeal far above that of its competitors.


  • Display: 14″ FHD 1920 x 1080 NanoEdge.
  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 9-5900HX, 8 cores, 4.10 GHz 
  • Graphics Card: AMD Radeon Vega 7.
  • RAM and Storage: 16 GB, 1 TB SSD.
  • Operating System: Windows 11.
  • Battery time: up to 10 hours.

While the compact design may have excluded a numeric pad from the keyboard, Asus engineers have cleverly overcome this problem. This device’s trackpad serves a dual purpose, converting effortlessly into a numeric pad with a single button click. It’s a novel yet beneficial concept, particularly for Ph.D. students who frequently need to crunch data.

When opened, the display lid, which is beautifully curved at the bottom, elevates the laptop somewhat. This ingenious design improves ventilation to the internal components and gives an ergonomically advantageous typing angle, ensuring your comfort during extended work sessions.

The island-style keyboard and a backlight allow you to operate comfortably in various lighting settings. Regarding remaining connected, the Zenbook has a good selection of connectivity ports to accommodate all your necessary devices and keep your work flowing.

Beyond its visual appeal, the Asus Zenbook provides exceptional performance. It’s a device that flawlessly blends beauty and substance, making it a compelling option for anyone looking for elegance and productivity in a laptop. Within its price range, it exemplifies what a fashionable and powerful laptop should be.


Here’s our carefully chosen list of the Best Laptops for Ph.D. In 2024, students will be replete with detailed reviews and rigorous testing results. We understand that a Ph.D. student’s ability to multitask is essential. It is the foundation of your academic success, and the processor is at the heart of this capability. That’s why we’ve handpicked laptops with cutting-edge multi-core processors, providing lightning-fast performance, especially while juggling various jobs alongside your research.

Another essential factor to consider is portability, which recognizes the requirement for a laptop that fits effortlessly into your academic lifestyle. Weighing you down is not an option. Thus, these laptops are meant to be feather-light and fit comfortably in your bag, allowing you to concentrate on your studies rather than your backache. Uninterrupted workflow is critical, and battery life takes center stage. Our picked laptops have more than enough battery life to get you through your studies without skipping a beat.

Durability is an investment, particularly given the expense of today’s computers. We’ve considered this, and our list includes laptops built to last, providing a lifespan that matches your academic journey. We have considered these critical aspects in our decision, guaranteeing that each laptop is the best partner for your PhD studies.

However, if you’re still navigating the maze of possibilities and require additional assistance, we’ve got you covered with our comprehensive laptop purchasing guide. It’s your road map to making an informed decision that correctly corresponds with your academic goals. Welcome to a world where your laptop is your dependable ally in pursuing knowledge.