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Top 4 Wellness Trends in Indian Consumers

The Indian consumer has evolved over the last few years and has become more health conscious. They are now more aware of their health and wellness needs and are willing to spend on it.

Lets explore the top 4 wellness and personal care trends in India 2022…

1. Increased Focus on Mindfulness

The trend of mindful living is not just a trend. It is a lifestyle that focuses on the idea of being aware of the present moment and living in the moment.

Mindful living has been gaining popularity over the past few years and it might be because people are becoming more aware of their health and wellbeing.

I personally listen to this Podcast and would like to recommend anyone seeking to understand mindfullness – The Way Out is In… by Plum Village.

2. More Wellness Classes and Events which Help People to Exercise with Friends

In the past few years, wellness events and fitness events have become increasingly popular. They are designed to help people exercise with their friends, which is a great way to make it more fun and sustainable.

A survey conducted by ASSOCHAM Social Development Foundation in 2018 shows that 35% youth in Indian corporate sector prefers Yoga to other fitness trends.

Some interesting examples of these wellness events are yoga classes and 5K runs. Yoga classes are great because they allow people to exercise and stretch at their own pace while connecting with others who share their interests and goals

3. More Self-care Products to Keep Us Calm and Stress-Free

The CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing technology has taken off in the last decade and is now being used to treat diseases like HIV, cancer, and sickle cell anemia.

The CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing technology has taken off in the last decade and is now being used to treat diseases like HIV, cancer, and sickle cell anemia. Gene editing can be done with the use of a specific enzyme called Cas9. This enzyme cuts out a part of the DNA sequence that needs to be changed. The DNA sequence will then be repaired using other molecules such as an RNA molecule that will tell the cell how to repair it.

The CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing technology has taken off in the last decade and is now being used to treat diseases like HIV,

Self-care has become a major part of our lives and we are always looking for ways to take care of ourselves. The products that were mentioned in the article can help us stay calm and stress-free.

1. Essential Oils

Essential oils offers a natural way to stay calm and relaxed. It has many calming properties, including anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, and anti-inflammatory properties. It can be used for many purposes such as aromatherapy, massage oil, or bath oil.

2. Personal Lubricants

Intimate hygiene and intimate lubricants are trending among the couples. It helps them explore new experiences, and the western trend of natural lubricants is also helping them use skin-friendly products.

One of the rising brand touted as the best lubricant gel in India, which is also made in India, is Avoda Natural Intimates.

3. Men’s hygiene

Products under men’s intimate hygiene are taking over the D2C segment, as many brands such as The Man Company and Man Matters are growing rapidly addressing various issues among men with products in hygiene, hair care and even supplements.

4. New Personalized Medicine to Treat Specific Diseases

In the past, treatments for diseases have been generalized and not specific to individual patients. But now, with personalized medicine and treatments, we are able to treat people as individuals with their own specific needs.

The future of medicine is a personalized one. It’s based on our DNA and our lifestyle choices.


Wellness is the new luxury, and people are becoming more conscientious of their health. With people opting for healthier lifestyles, the demand for natural products that can promote wellness has increased. The Indian market is flooded with wellness products and services. The wellness industry is a thriving industry and is expected to grow at a rate of 20-25% over the next few years. The growth in Indian wellness market is driven by rising awareness about the importance of health,

Image CreditPhoto by Kampus Production