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Best Elementor Woocommerce Themes For 2023

Discover the top WooCommerce themes for your e-commerce project, designed for speed, aesthetics, and conversions

To support your next e-commerce project, are you looking for the best WooCommerce theme? We’ve compiled the top themes in this article to assist you in building a WooCommerce store that loads quickly, looks stunning, and maximizes conversions. Even better, the majority of these themes have a free version available on, and they all integrate flawlessly with Elementor. 

WooCommerce and Elementor are two of the most popular and essential WordPress plugins. If you want to build an eCommerce website with WordPress, WooCommerce is the way to go. With Elementor added to the mix, you can create a stunning online store with extensive customization.

So, in this article, we will present the top WooCommerce themes using Elementor. But first, let’s take a quick look at why we need them.


Features of good themes

An ideal WooCommerce theme must load quickly. For all WordPress websites, but particularly for WooCommerce retailers, page loading speed is paramount. Website loading speeds can directly impact your store’s conversion rate and your customer engagement as well as  SEO rankings. The other is versatility.

The demo content for your theme should be adaptable to fit your store. To make it simple for you to personalize every small detail of your store, most of these themes come with comprehensive Customizer settings and/or Elementor integrations. Speedy checkouts, Trust badges, streamlined shopping, off-canvas filters, commodity quick view, and customizable sales tags are essential components of a good theme. Here are some that we recommend:

1. Elementor Hello + Theme Builder

Use the Elementor Hello theme along with the Elementor WooCommerce Builder if you want the most adaptable, lightweight way to construct your WooCommerce store. A very light base is offered by Elementor Hello. Then, you can construct your shop and product pages using the specific WooCommerce widgets and templating tools in Elementor Theme Builder.

You have complete flexibility over how your store’s shop and product pages look, thanks to widgets specifically designed for displaying information about particular products, such as prices and add-to-cart buttons. CSS needs to be kept in mind with this strategy to layout your cart and checkout pages. You can still use Elementor WooCommerce Builder in conjunction with any alternative lightweight themes if it is a deal-breaker.

2. GeneratePress

The famous minimalist versatile theme GeneratePress supports WooCommerce. You can customize anything from the drop-down shopping cart to a distraction-free checkout mode using GeneratePress’s extensive WooCommerce settings in the WordPress Customizer, in addition to many basic options. Other useful WooCommerce features offered by GeneratePress include WooCommerce breadcrumbs, a customized upsell/related products column, and a display add-to-cart panel on scroll.

There are also pre-built demo sites founded on Elementor. However, only one of them is an e-commerce site, and it uses the block editor. offers the GeneratePress theme’s base version, but access to the WooCommerce settings requires GP Premium. The cost of the GP Premium elementor theme is $49.95.

3. Neve

Neve is an Elementor-powered, quickly-loading multipurpose theme with complete WooCommerce compatibility. While Neve’s free version on fully supports WooCommerce, Neve Pro offers the most thorough WooCommerce integration. Neve Pro adds a WooCommerce Booster module that costs $39 and gives you a ton of more customization options for your store, products, and cart/checkout pages. Neve also comes with several importable demo sites compatible with it, many of which are Elementor-powered. 

4. Jupiter X

A stunning versatile WordPress theme, Jupiter X, features over 270 pre-built templates driven by Elementor and Jupiter X’s intricate customization options. Although it isn’t quite as lightweight as a plugin like Astra or OceanWP, it should still be quick enough for an e-commerce business, and it makes up for that with some beautiful demo sites.

With the most options of any theme on this list, you receive more than 40 e-commerce example sites. You receive a ton of e-commerce-specific capabilities in the WordPress Customizer to further govern your store. Jupiter X is only available with a paid membership; the theme and demo sites cost $59.

5. Woostify

Woostify is a minimal WooCommerce theme that is entirely devoted to online shopping. It resembles Astra and OceanWP in its strategy somewhat. However, unlike those themes that also support non-eCommerce sites, it solely supports e-commerce. As a result, Woostify has several ecommerce-specific features, such as an add-to-cart button, built-in product modification sliders, autocomplete product search, a product quick view, and a buy now button.

Woostify also offers a variety of pre-built demo sites for various categories in addition to all those capabilities. The fact that most of these demo sites were created using Elementor is excellent because it makes it simple for you to change them. On, the Woostify core version can be downloaded without charge. Woostify Pro elementor theme costs $39 per month.

6. Shoptimizer

Shoptimizer is entirely concentrated on WooCommerce. One of the standout features, aside from having a small environmental impact, is its emphasis on conversion rate optimization. It uses a variety of data-backed sales-boosting strategies. An add-to-cart button where you may add information about shipping and return policies, a sticky bar with product details and an add-to-cart button, and an autosuggest product search are all features designed for distraction-free checkout. Since Elementor was used to create all of the demo content, you can easily alter anything using drag-and-drop. There is only a premium version of Shoptimizer. It has a stated price of $99, but the Shoptimizer elementor theme is frequently on sale for around $59. 

7. Airi

The WordPress theme Airi is a compact dynamic theme compatible with Elementor and WooCommerce built-in. At the same time, it doesn’t have almost as many WooCommerce-specific features compared to the other themes, how it does offer an excellent importable WooCommerce demo site that uses Elementor and is compatible with it. Airi is a perfect choice if you’re looking for something compact and minimalist that you can expand using Elementor. 

The only challenge is deciding which theme is best for your WooCommerce store because they are all excellent building blocks. Combine the Elementor Hello theme and Elementor WooCommerce Builder to develop your business using Elementor’s exclusive widgets if you want to create your layout from the start. Alternatively, each of the different themes can set you up with precompiled demo sites and useful features if you prefer a solution that is prepared right out of the box. Additionally, they all function flawlessly with Elementor, and several even use it to create sample content.