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Why is Comprehensive Bike Insurance more Beneficial?

Choosing the best two wheeler insurance plan for your bike is equally important as buying a bike with your hard-earned money. When you buy two wheeler insurance, you will know there are two types of insurance plans available for your bike. One is the comprehensive insurance plan and the other is third-party insurance.

The third-party insurance plan comes at a lower premium rate and covers accidents, damage and deaths to the third-party due to an accident, etc. However, it does not cover any damages to you or your bike. The comprehensive insurance plan covers all losses such as deaths and injuries caused by the third party under any unfavourable circumstances. Not only that. It also covers the physical injury and injury to the third party involved in any accidents.

Let us look at the benefits offered by the comprehensive insurance coverage plan and then compare the additional benefits offered by the comprehensive insurance coverage.

Coverage to the vehicle in case of an accident

You never knows when you will encounter an accident with your two-wheeler. Accidents bring damages to your vehicle. The comprehensive insurance covers the rider for any damage to the bike.

Physical injury to the rider

The insurance plan not only covers the loss to the vehicle, but it also protects the rider with the financial assistance for the physical injury. It also compensates the riders in case of death related to accidents.

Medical coverage for the non-functioning limb

Most of the accidents from the two-wheeler involve limb injury. The medication and hospitalization charges are very high in India. The insurance plan brings relief in terms of financial assistance for limb surgery.

Financial help to the rider and third party

Third-party bike insurance covers all the damages to the third-party and their vehicle. Comprehensive insurance assists the insurer with all the financials for the damages related to the accident.

Theft and vandalism coverage

Anyone can be a victim of theft and vandalism. No one would want to lose their beloved vehicle.  If you are the victim and have comprehensive insurance coverage, you do not have to lose your mind as the plan will cover the loss and ensure your peace of mind.

Natural disaster recovery

Unlike the third-party insurance plans, a comprehensive insurance policy covers all the damages related to the natural calamity including flood, earthquake, storm, etc. If you have switched from a third-party insurance plan to a comprehensive coverage plan, it will act in favour of the damage recovery related to the natural disaster.

Keeping the benefits of comprehensive insurance plan in mind, if you have opted for a third party insurance plan and want to switch, you need to buy a new plan as you cannot just transfer it. You have to cancel the existing one and buy a new plan for your two-wheeler.  Another way to get the benefits is to renew bike insurance and choose a comprehensive policy. Remember to renew the plan within 90 days of the expiry. Comprehensive insurance plan offers all kinds of benefits at an affordable price and two-wheeler insurance renewal online is simple and can be done in a few steps.

Importance of Buying Bike Insurance

According to the government of India, it is important and mandatory for everyone to have an insurance plan for their two-wheeler in place. To choose the right plan for your vehicle, compare the plans and buy two wheeler insurance online. An easy way to buy any insurance plan is to compare the insurance policy online by just browsing through the website and choose the best policy for your bike according to the detailed description given for each insurance plan. While choosing the insurance you can get the quote for your bike instantly and select the plan online by paying the premium. If you already have one for your bike, do not forget to renew bike insurance on time before the allotted period is due. Also, to have a convenient purchase, go to the website, select two wheeler insurance renewal online option, and follow the instruction.

Two wheeler insurance plans keep one safe by offering financial help for all the damages to your own vehicle and to the damages to the third party. Choose a plan wisely, so that you can take all the benefits offered. There are a thousand websites available online. Take help from available resources if needed but make sure you take the right decision at the end and renew bike insurance on time.

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