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DomumGym Launches a New Exciting App

Olympia, WA, October 24,2023-DomumGym, a fitness and health virtual market place announces that it is finally launching a new amazing and exciting app on Oct. 30th. It includes innovative and cutting-edge services that appeal to young women who are looking for fitness and nutrition motivation in the comfort of their homes. 

The new app is a one-stop shop and female-centric focusing on young women from all around the globe who are foraging for a physical exercise /mental health-synergic app. This app has been carefully designed and crafted to meet the needs and preferences of the relevant clientele. Wellness professionals (personal trainers, mental health counselors and nutritionists) can use it to connect with clients more so than ever before considering how it boasts on small intimate class-sizes for personal trainers and counseling sessions for nutritionists and counselors. 

“After nine months of hard work, our DomumGym app is finally live! It is shocking what the work of dozens of people around the world, dedicated to the common cause of fitness and mental health, can do. We can’t wait to share this with the world! Especially the millions of young women who are looking to physically and mentally become the very best version of themselves!” said Luc-Rikardo Fils, DomumGym’s CEO. 

DomumGym was founded in 2021 to provide both fundamental and cardinal fitness and mental health services for young women who are anxious to go to the gym. It is primarily led by people of color and is located globally. New site is taking in new users via signup at New user and trainer meet and greet is on Friday, Oct. 27th, online at 10am US Pacific time and 1pm US Eastern time. 

For more information about DomumGym and its virtual fitness and wellness marketplace, please visit our website at