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All New Way of Trading Stuff Online With!

Very recently we witnessed the e-commerce revolution in the country, and a large segment of consumers are now buying online. Soon after that followed the online classified sites, where you can buy or sell your used stuff to earn some money. But if you are looking for something even more profitable, now you can trade stuff in India with

The good old barter system is back, and with the power of internet it has got more usable, stronger and reliable.

This is a very simplified and new way of exchanging new and old stuff, which is preferable in your nearby location. You simply list the old item you want to get rid of, and start looking for stuff offered by other traders. If you find something useful, simply send him the exchange request through Nearby exchanges are most recommended, as you can meet with the traders and inspect items before you trade them. Additionally you can also make a combo of your stuff to make it more valuable, or request combos from other users as well.

This is a great way of exchanging items that promotes recycle and reuse and does not involve any money at all. There are many types of products this system is useful for, from selling old books to exchange

Rather than selling your old products at the junk prices, or even getting very low discount on local exchange offers I believe’s trading system is more beneficial compared to selling. You can find great exchange offers on mobile, sell camera accessories or find the used furniture for sale that might save your money significantly.

By adopting this new way of finding useful products and selling the ones you do not need anymore, you are also helping reduce the electronics waste and nurture the eco-friendly environment.

Do let us know your views about this all new way of trading, and would you prefer trading vs. selling, in comments section below. Follow me on twitter at – @amolwagh or Join us on Facebook for more such articles.