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15 Best Vampire Anime To Watch in 2024

Vampire anime is a prominent theme in any mainstream media platform. Vampire anime have a devoted fan base, whether they feature in a film, novel, or television series. As a result, the manga business could no longer put off creating some good content, and it did so. This selection of vampire anime will give you enough goosebumps to keep you thrilled! The term “spirit of the dead” alludes to a heart that appears from a body that has not been properly buried as early as in Sumerian and Babylonian mythology.

The anime industry is not immune to vampire mania, with fans having a plethora of anime about vampires to pick from. Werewolves, witches, and zombies are just a handful of the legendary monsters associated with the fun Halloween season. Even though renowned slasher villains such as Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers have shared the spotlight in recent decades, no Halloween is complete or terrifying enough without a visit from the fanged undead with a taste for human blood: vampires.

Many individuals have been attracted by the concept of vampires and have appreciated stories about them in their own lives. For millennia, people have been haunted by vampire stories. From folklore tales to Bram Stoker’s Dracula, to blockbusters like Lost Boys, Buffy, and Interview with the Vampire, the bloodsucker is one of pop culture’s most beloved monsters. 

While the powers, weaknesses, and origin myth/stories of vampires vary by the creator, what spectators notice in all of these list entries is stunning animation, great narratives, and fascinating characters. All of this explains why the subgenre continues to captivate producers and fans alike.  Few creatures capture viewers’ imaginations like vampire anime, which has led to the blood-sucking monsters becoming the topic of innumerable series and movies.

A current trend in the anime business is to develop vampire anime series with the same dark themes that fans of the genre appreciate. Anime is a form of animation that originated in Japan. This animation style is distinguished by brilliant colors, a particular visual style, and an emphasis on “moe,” or character cuteness. Yet, anime isn’t necessarily a light-hearted cartoon. Here is the list of the 15 Best Vampire Anime To Watch in 2024.

The ULTIMATE Action Detective showUndead Murder Farce 2023

Release Date: July 6, 2023.
Yugo Aosaki is the creator of Studio Lapin Track, which has 13 episodes.

Labelling Undead Murder Farce as a vampire anime is a stretch, given that only one character fits the description. Despite being a tertiary antagonist who appears in only a few episodes, Carmilla is mysterious and compelling enough to warrant a recommendation. More importantly, the programme is an all-around wonderful monster mash with amusing twists on traditional archetypes, including literary luminaries such as Sherlock Holmes.

The plot revolves around an unconventional team that travels the world investigating strange incidents while also pursuing their objectives. Aya Rindo, the group’s greatest detective, is an eternal being reduced to only a head; fortunately, her mind is still sharper than a chef’s knife.

Undead Murder Farce combines Gothic imagery, fascinating murder mysteries, and charismatic characters to produce a consistently enjoyable anime. While not a comedy, the programme has a good and dark sense of humour that comes naturally from its cast’s huge personalities, which also extends to the villains. Carmilla mostly serves as a focal point for the main group’s powerful maid, and, like every other character in the novel, she is larger-than-life.

Blood-C (2011) immerses a high school girl in a false reality

Saya Kisaragi appears to be a normal girl who is both clumsy and friendly. She lives with her father, the shrine’s leader, and learns the “art of the sword” from him. She must use a sword left by her missing mother to confront the Furukimono (“Ancient Ones,” or “Elder Bairns” in the English dub), the monsters that threaten her idyllic hamlet. However, as she battles them, she discovers more about herself and her true mission. 

Best Vampire Anime

While being part of Production I.G’s Blood franchise, this anime has no tie to the earlier Blood+. It’s far darker than the 2005 series. Furthermore, the show’s twist throws protagonist Saya Kisaragi’s life into disarray. Saya reminds me of Buffy. She is a high school student by day. By night, she battles Elder Bairns, beasts who feast on human blood. As these monsters begin to assault them during the day, Saya knows something is wrong with her surroundings. She is an Elder Bairn living in a fictitious reality (spoiler alert).

Shiki (2010) Draws From True Vampire Horror

Shiki isn’t a lighthearted animation about good-hearted vampires attempting to live human lives. Based on Fuyumi Ono’s horror novel, it goes above and beyond the subgenre’s expectations. It investigates survival in a world where good and evil are indistinguishable. It all starts with Megumi Shimizu’s death in a little Japanese hamlet.

This triggers a pandemic, transforming ordinary people into vampires known as the Shiki. While this occurs, a doctor in the hamlet decides to forgo his humanity to figure out how to put an end to the terror. He joins forces with an anti-social adolescent to prevent Armageddon.

Toshio joins forces with Natsuno Yuuki, an apathetic and aloof adolescent, and Kaori and Akira Tanaka, two of Megumi’s friends, to solve the terrible secret surrounding the deaths in Sotoba. The investigation leads them to an eerie mystery concerning the new family in the Kanemasa estate as a result of their joint efforts.

Bakemonogatari (2009) Is About the Survivor Of A Vampire Attack

Koyomi Araragi is a rare case: he survives a vampire attack without becoming a member of the undead. He does, however, maintain certain skills, such as superhuman healing and superior vision. So he chooses to use his superhuman abilities to heal others who are suffering from supernatural ailments. He accomplishes this with the assistance of Meme Oshino, a man in his building who first assisted him during the vampire attack.

For some reason, the young women he works with as a third-year high school student are the majority of those affected by these abnormal concerns.

Rosario To Vampire (2008) Is A Bloody Boarding School Comedy

Adolescent Tsukune Aono realizes in Rosario to Vampire that having terrible grades makes it difficult to get into a good high school. His only hope is Youkai Academy, a seemingly regular institute on the surface. It is, nevertheless, teeming with all manner of creatures in human form. This includes the title’s primary character, Rosario.

She may appear normal, yet she is a vampire. However, Tsukune perseveres and ensures that the academy’s faculty is unaware of his human nature. If they find out, they will execute him by the school’s rules.

Blood Lad (2013) Wants To Find Magic To Restore Human Life

In the Legion of Superheroes, Blood Lad is not a teen hero. Instead, he is Staz Charlie, a strong vampire that controls a portion of Demon World. Nonetheless, he has no desire to consume any blood. On the contrary, Blood Lad’s protagonist prefers to spend his time reading comics and playing video games. Enter Fuyumi Yanagi, a girl who unintentionally enters the Demon Realm portal.

She and Staz had an instant attraction. However, an attack on his land kills her and turns her into a ghost. Staz and Fuyumi go across Demon World with the help of a magician and a half-wolfman in search of the magic that can restore the girl’s humanity.

Strike The Blood’s (2013) Uneasy Alliance Is At The Anime’s Core

Strike the Blood is based on a series of light novels. Yet, it contains enough violent content to be outlawed in China. This does not imply that it is always blood and core. Strike the Blood, on the other hand, is a coming-of-age novel tinged with the otherworldly. After a disastrous incident in Itogami Island’s Demon District, student Kojou Akatsuki gets vampire powers.

It is eventually revealed that he is the Fourth Primogenitor, a legendary entity. To deter Kojou from taking over the world, a hidden society sends an apprentice sword-shaman to maintain watch and, if necessary, kill him. Despite their dislike for each other, Kojou and the apprentice join forces to confront Itogami Island’s various animals.

Servamp (2016) Is About A Lazy Vampire & Human Friend

Vampires in anime come in different shapes and sizes. Some people are determined to rule the world in which they live. Some would rather do nothing than sit about. In Servamp, this is the case. Mahiru Shirota, a high school student, picks up a stray cat on his way home and calls it Kuro. One day, instead of the cat, he discovers a young man sitting on his couch. When Mahiru unintentionally exposes the boy to sunlight, he reverts to Kuro. Thus begins a trip between the astounded boy and the slacker vampire.

Noblesse: Awakening (2016) Has A Vampire Becoming A High School Student

This half-hour OVA is based on Son Jeho’s Noblesse, a South Korean web manhwa (digital comic). Long ago, the “nobles,” an ancient species of immortal supernatural human-like creatures revered as sovereigns and gods, flourished. Among the nobles was the “Noblesse,” a dominant individual shrouded in mystery known as Cadis Etrama di Raizel, or “Rai.” Rai awakens in South Korea after an 820-year slumber to find his beloved and dedicated servant, Frankenstein, who he discovers as the current director of Ye Ran High School. Rai enrols as a student to better grasp modern life.

Black Blood Brothers (2006) Is A Story About the Last Vampires

This series is based on Khei Azano’s light novels. It tells the story of the two Mochizuki brothers, Jirou and Kotaro. They are Old Blood, the last and sole heirs of a powerful vampire line. Jirou was the Holy War hero, the guy who defeated the Kowloon Children on his own (powerful vampires). When the couple realises that some of the Kowloon Children have survived and that they wish to reach the “Special Zone” (a wealthy metropolis protected by a hidden barricade), they decide to rejoin the conflict. Things become even more difficult when Kotaro is kidnapped by the Kowloon. Jirou then goes to whatever length to save his sibling.

The series premiered in 2005 in Okinawa, Japan, as an original anime inspired by the film Blood: The Last Vampire. Saya Otonashi, the protagonist, is a typical schoolgirl who lives happily with her adoptive family. She has no recollection of her history or her birth family. Despite this, her life is irrevocably changed after being attacked by a Chiropteran, a bat-like beast that thrives by consuming human blood. Saya realizes she is the only one who can defeat them because her blood is poison to them. She and her friends decide to rid the Earth of Chiropterans and learn about her origins.

Seraph Of The End (2015) Has A Boy Seeking Vengeance For Past Events

This 24-episode animation is based on Takaya Kagami’s namesake manga series. Yichir, a 16-year-old boy, has committed his life to killing vampires to seek retribution for events that occurred four years before. In 2012, a fabricated illness depleted the world’s population above 13, allowing vampires to emerge from the earth’s depths and enslave humanity. Only a handful acquire “protection” by offering blood to the vampires. Yichir (aged 12), in an attempt to flee the orphanage where he lived with his pals, narrowly escapes with his life and witnesses the death of his friends in front of his eyes.

Castlevania (2017-2021) Is Based On The Classic Vampire Video Game Series

This fantastic and spectacular Netflix original filled with gore and violence is based on Konami’s game of the same name. When Dracula’s human wife is burned at the stake for alleged witchcraft, he unleashes demons on Romania to get his retribution. Trevor Belmont, a disgraced and excommunicated monster hunter, joins forces with Sypha Belnades, a strong mage and Speaker, and Adrian Tepes/Alucard, Dracula’s dhampir son who opposes his techniques. The odds appear to be stacked against the three heroes as Dracula develops his army of formidable vampire warriors. Who will emerge victorious in the ultimate battle between vampires and humans?

Tokyo Ghoul (2014-2018) Characters Drink Blood & Eat Human Flesh

Although this is not a vampire anime, it is reasonable to argue that Ghouls are essentially vampires who suck blood and eat human flesh. Ken Kaneki is a teen who, unbeknownst to him, has been chosen to satisfy a female ghoul’s desire. They go out, but her organs are transplanted to him following her disclosure and a tragic accident that kills her and puts him on the verge of death. This converts him into a one-eyed ghoul-human hybrid, which is extremely rare. He must learn to blend into ghoul society while keeping his new talents and nature hidden from humans.

Vampire Knight (2008) Is Targeted Toward Young Women

Many filmmakers look to this Vampire Knight for inspiration. We have both pure-blooded and rogue-blooded vampires here. Yuki, the main character, a young girl, is attacked by vampires but saved by a pure vampire. Unfortunately, she notices the difference sooner. One pure-blooded vampire in particular wins her heart and she guards him in vampire knight. Yet, when confronted with an unexpected choice, she finds herself in a precarious position. She is on the verge of death as she strives to safeguard the great vampire while also caring for a human who does not understand the vampire knight.

Vampire knight
has a
26-episode anime adaptation based on a shjo manga. In other words, it is aimed at young ladies. Matsuri Hino wrote the story, which follows protagonist Yuki Cross. She is a Guardian against vampires, a Cross Academy student, and the daughter of the academy’s Headmaster, Kaien Cross. Yuki is a human who has been specially trained to hunt vampires. She is also involved in a love triangle with two vampires.

They include Yuki’s adopted brother and vampire hunter Zero Kiryu, who grew up as a human but was converted by an undead bite, and Kaname Kuran, a pureblood original vampire who saved Yuki when she was a child. Yuki Cross attends Cross School, a private school for both humans and vampires in Vampire Knight. Yuki, as the school’s guardian, guards her crush and former rescuer, the Pureblood vampire Kaname Kuran, while attempting to reason with her childhood friend, Zero Kiryu, who harbours a strong loathing for their classmates. Usually, vampire anime centers on disputes between humans and vampires, whereas Vampire Knight examines how humans and vampires can cohabit. 

Dance In The Vampire Bund (2010) Tries To Establish Harmony

Of course, everyone has different ideas about what is and isn’t attractive. Therefore, we decided to compile a list of our favourite (and hottest) anime vampire men. We put vampires through their paces. This 12-episode animation is based on Nozomu Tamaki’s manga. Mina epeş, Princess-Ruler of all vampires, has created The Bund, a man-made island off the coast of Tokyo. The Japanese government developed it for vampires to dwell quietly while their existence is hidden from humans. Mina emphasizes her desire for peaceful, even mutual coexistence when a talk show reveals their presence. Yet, prejudiced humans and extreme vampires obstruct race reconciliation. Mina must safeguard The Bund from adversaries while also fighting for justice and peace.

Hellsing Ultimate (2006-2012) Is About A Female Member Of The Family

This 10-episode OVA adaptation is the second anime adaptation of Kouta Hirano’s Hellsing manga. It is a continuation of the previous 13-episode run, which aired between 2001 and 2002. Finally, Hellsing Ultimate was intended to be a more faithful adaptation than its predecessor (even though the first anime was excellent, too). The plot revolves around the Royal Order of Protestant Knights, which was created by Abraham Van Hellsing and is currently led by his descendant Sir Integra Hellsing, a fearless woman and vampire hunter. As they fight supernatural adversaries attempting to take over England, she is joined by Alucard, a mysterious and enormously powerful ancient vampire, and his sidekick, freshly turned vampire Seras Victoria.


There are plenty of excellent vampire stories in anime. Some of our greatest vampire episodes and movies are anime, ranging from Monster High Schools to Unwilling Vampire Heroes, historical horror to more blatantly Dracula-influenced perspectives. Thus, for your viewing enjoyment, we’ve compiled a list of the best vampire anime of all time. Prepare to revisit some classics, discover some new favourites, and possibly even experience some blood-soaked nostalgia!