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Best Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds Under $150 (TWS)

Looking for the “Best Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds Under $150”? You’re in the right place for top-notch battery life, ANC, and sound quality.

TWS earphones under Rs 2000 or a slightly more expensive choice would work fine for folks who aren’t into notes and beats. However, if you are an audiophile, it will be difficult to feel at ease using these products.

Many well-known brands have entered the market for high-end TWS earbuds, offering technologies like Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), Ambient sound sensors, dynamic drivers, and more to name, in an effort to bridge the gap between TWS devices and audiophiles. It should be noted that companies like Google, Apple, and Samsung have significantly impacted the flagship TWS category with their top-of-the-line products.

We have chosen the top TWS earbuds that cost less than Rs 5,000 for our list. These include items from numerous well-known audio manufacturers, including Sony, Beats, and Skullcandy. Additionally, there are bestselling items from smartphone manufacturers like OnePlus, Samsung, and Oppo.

These earpieces are in direct competition with Apple’s products since they are regarded as premium goods. So, if you’re looking for an alternative pair of Air Pods that won’t break the bank, you’ve come to the correct spot.

Check out our list of the best active noise-canceling earphones to determine which pair suits you and your budget from a variety of pricing points. Speaking of which, make sure to visit the if you want your money to go even further

Best Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds Under $150

1. Oppo Enco X

SPECIFICATIONS    Design: In-ear Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.2

Drivers: 11mm dynamic driver + 6mm balanced membrane driver

Controls: Touch, Slide ANC: Yes Battery  3 hours   (ANC)

Charging Type-C,  Wireless , Mic -Yes


  • Effective ANC
  • Sound quality
  • Sense of touch
  • Good for calls


  • No support for iOS apps
  • Average battery life
Best Active Noise Cancelling TWS Earphone

The Oppo Enco X from the company famed for its smartphones is a remarkable audio product. The ANC is quite effective, and the audio is of the highest calibre. We have no problem recommending the Oppo Enco X. Oppo has partnered with one of the top brands in the industry, Dynaudio, to provide a superior audio experience. The earbuds are appropriate for everyone, even die-hard audiophiles.

The active noise cancellation works well, and the sound quality is outstanding. It’s a good idea that Oppo included two noise suppression levels. There are many controls accessible, but customising options aren’t completely open-ended.

Users of Oppo and Android devices have certain customising choices, however iPhone users do not. Particularly while listening to music with ANC and volume at 100%, the battery life is around average. Although wireless charging is available, neither rapid charging nor it is supported. Overall, it is difficult not to suggest the Oppo Enco X given the pricing and audio quality. The Oppo Enco X are currently offered for Rs 8,990, down from its original launch price of Rs 9,990.

2. Sony WF-XB700 – $119

 SPECIFICATIONS   Design: In-ear  Connectivity -Bluetooth 5 ANC -Yes

Drivers-12mm dynamic drivers Mic -Yes

Controls–  Touch Battery -18 hours

Charging: Yes, Type-C


  • Battery life
  • Bass


  • Tight fit
  • No in-ear detection
Sony WF-XB700 -ANC Earbuds

The most recent company to declare its TWS in India is Sony. Since the WF-XB700 is a member of the Extra Bass line, you can anticipate powerful bass. It uses Bluetooth 5.0 and 12mm drivers and has a 12mm driver unit. Punchy, thumping, and deep bass are what you can expect from this set of earbuds.

You can listen for 9 hours on the battery alone, and an additional 9 hours with the case. Through a Type-C connector, you may charge the case. You are protected from sweat and water splashes thanks to their IPX4 rating. Each bud features buttons that may be used to change the volume and play, pause, or skip tracks. A voice recorder and a microphone assistant are also included.

3. Lypertek Pureplay Z3 – $89

SPECIFICATIONS  Acoustic design  20Hz to 20kHz closed  dynamic

Frequency response six-millimeter graphene Drivers6mm Graphene Driver

Battery life: 10 hours buds + 70 hours case


  • Balanced audio
  • Excellent battery life
  • Unbelievably low pricing


  • No ANC
BEST ANC TWS EARBUDS - Lypertek Pureplay Z3

 One of the greatest sounding TWS around Rs. 10,000 is the Lypertek PurePlay Z3, also known as the Lypertek Tevi. It is one of the uncommon gadgets that received a 5-star rating from TechRadar and was named the site’s product of the year.

It includes a 6mm graphene driver that can compete with and surpass any TWS on this list. It boasts what many people would describe as audiophile-caliber sound quality.

With an astounding 70 hours of battery life with the case and 10 hours with the Buds, the Lypertek PurePlay Z3 is a beast in terms of battery life. In this segment or one above, no other TWS provides this service.

4. OnePlus Buds Pro – $149

SPECIFICATIONS   Bluetooth – 5.2ANC is available.

Controls-Squeeze and pinch Battery-6 hours (ANC off)/4.5 hours  (ANC)

Charging Type-C, Wireless


  • Effective ANC
  • Great sound quality
  • A long battery life
  • Wireless charging, and an IP55 certification


  • No volume control
  • Some features are exclusive to OnePlus phones
  • Unappealing cover design
Oneplus Buds Pro -Active Noise Cancellations

The most costly audio item from OnePlus is the OnePlus Buds Pro. The OnePlus Buds Pro’s exceptional audio quality for the price, long battery life, and excellent active noise cancellation help to justify this price tag.

It includes audio that has a stronger emphasis on high and low frequencies. The ANC on the OnePlus Buds Pro is among the strongest in its class, with noise reduction of up to 45dB. Additionally, it has three different ANC settings: smart, maximum ANC, and noise cancellation.

With the case on and ANC on, the OnePlus Buds Pro’s battery life can reach 20 hours. Both rapid charging—which the firm claims can provide 10 hours of listening in only 10 minutes—and Qi wireless charging are supported.

5. Nothing Ear 2 – $149

SPECIFICATIONS     Design: In-ear  Connectivity –Bluetooth 5.2

Drivers: 11.6mm Dynamic Driver Connectivity

ANC -Yes   Touch controls    Battery -34 hours Mic -Yes

Charging:  Type-C


  • Excellent comfort
  • Adept touch controls
  • Water-resistant


  • Quiet, tinny sound
  • Inadequate noise canceling
  • Disconnection issues

The Nothing Ear (1) have average sound quality and average noise cancellation, thus they don’t quite live up to the expectations. However, they are quite comfy, and some people will adore the transparent design enough to take a chance on Nothing’s first truly wireless earbuds.

These TWS, however, also have the most distinctive appearance, and they are less expensive in India than they are everywhere in the world. The charging case and earphones’ inner workings are visible because to the design’s unusual transparency. Nothing has developed the idea sufficiently for the wireless earphones to have a noticeable aesthetic impact.

The audio performance is not particularly impressive. We anticipated the Nothing Ear’s huge drivers, created in partnership with Swedish audio company Teenage Engineering, to produce a remarkable soundscape (1). However, despite enjoying the level of detail in the higher frequencies, we found the buds to be tinny and annoyingly quiet. There is also much room for improvement in the noise cancellation offered by the Ear (1).

While we do not suggest the Nothing Ear 1 due to its ANC or sound quality, it may be a viable option for individuals who can deal with these drawbacks and want a cool-looking TWS and comfortable earphones.

6. Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro

SPECIFICATIONS Design: In-ear Connectivity; Bluetooth 5.2  10 mm

Driver; dynamic  drivers ANC-Yes, Controls-Touch

Battery-26 hours  Charging: Type-C Mic -Yes


  • Microphone
  • Hybrid ANC
  • Wireless charging
  • Sound quality


  • Limited Controls
  • Bass-driven sound

The earbuds come in a fashionable case and have an 11mm driver made of 10 hardened nanolayers, resulting in a crisp listening experience during calls and while listening to music.

The earbuds also feature two modes: one that boosts nearby speech while simultaneously lowering background noise, perfect for fitness enthusiasts to securely hear noises around them on a city street; and the other that reduces background noise while simultaneously enhancing nearby voices.

When used in conjunction with Hear ID, the Soundcore app provides more than 22 EQ adjustments and allows you to create a unique sound profile based on your preferences. Fast Charging is also supported by the Liberty Air 2 Pro, and only 10 minutes of charging results in two hours of playtime. With or without ANC, the TWS’s battery life can last up to 26 hours.

7. Skullcandy Grind TWS Earbuds

SPECIFICATIONS   Connectivity; Bluetooth 5.0  Controls– Voice Control

Driver-6mm audio drivers ANC: No

Battery life: nine hours

Powered by– TypeC


  • Ergonomic layout
  • Excellent audio
  • Plush appearance


  • No ANC
Skullcandy Grind TWS Earbuds

Skullcandy has added another item to the list with touch controls for activities like volume, calls, and tracks. With the charging case, the earphones have a battery life of up to 40 hours. The earbuds can operate without a case for nine hours without any other issues.

They have IP55 certification for resistance to moisture and perspiration. The Skull-IQ Smart Voice Control feature, which enables users to pause or resume music, control the volume, and change tracks using voice commands, is also supported by these Skullcandy earbuds.

The earphones work with phones and tablets running iOS 12 or later and Android 10 or higher. Every time you take them out of the case, the gadget tells you of the remaining battery life. The fact that the earphones have a Built-in-Tile technology that makes it simple to locate the earbuds is another significant selling point.

8. Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro 2 – $179

SPECIFICATIONS  Connectivity; Bluetooth 5.0  Controls-Touch

Drivers-6.5mm audio drivers

ANC-Yes, Battery life: Eight hours

Powered by -TypeC


  • ANC
  • Wireless Charging
  • Long-Lasting Battery


  • Hypersensitive touch control

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro have two-way speakers with AKG sound that produce a premium audio experience. The earphones also enable Dolby HeadTracking and provide multichannel sound that is similar to a 360 audio theatre.

Additionally, they have an Auto Move feature that allows you to quickly switch between Galaxy devices. Additionally, the earbuds include IPX7 water and perspiration resistance.

The Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) feature also serves as the foundation for the device. Additionally, the earbuds’ Voice Detect feature enables them to rapidly transition from ANC to ambient sound. The earbuds contain low distortion 6.5mm audio drivers and an 11mm woofer.

9. Harman Kardon Fly TWS

SPECIFICATIONS Connectivity; Bluetooth 5.0, Controls -Touch

Drivers -5.6mm ANC -No Battery: Up to 6 hours

Charging– TypeC, Rapid charging


  • Support for Voice Assistant
  • Enhanced bass


  • The sound output is not that great
  • Frequent Issues
Skullcandy Grind TWS Earbuds

One of the top companies for creating audio-based goods is Harman Kardon. One example of them are the company’s Fly TWS earphones. These Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds have touch controls.

The earphones are water- and sweat-resistant and have an IPX5 rating. They come with 5.6mm audio drivers, which provide a better audio experience. Users can lower or change the volume levels in the Ambient Aware and TalkThru modes if they wish to hear what is going on around them or speak to someone without taking off their headphones.

The Harman Kardon Headphones app, which is available for download from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, allows users to adjust the earbuds’ audio output. Additionally, speech assistants like Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Voice Assistant are supported by these earphones. Regarding construction, the brand employed high-quality materials to make the earphones. They are unbelievably comfy, and wearing them for a long time poses no problems.

Additionally, the earbuds offer up to 20 hours of listening with a full charge. The headphones’ playback time is 6 hours, however with the case, that time may be increased to 14 hours.

10. Beats Studio Buds TWS – $149

SPECIFICATIONS  Connectivity-Bluetooth 5.0  Controls: Touch

Drivers-8.2mm drivers, ANC -Yes

Battery: TypeC charging for up to 5 hours


  • Strong ANC
  • Ergonomic Design
  • High-Definition Audio


  • Average mic

Beats Studio is a well-known company that manufactures top-notch audio equipment for the international market. The Beats Studio Buds have a unique acoustic platform that provides the best audio quality.

Along with the transparency mode, the earbuds also include the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) option. The earphones’ ANC mode eliminates all background noise to produce audio that is incredibly clear. The earbuds’ ergonomic form and relatively low weight make them easy to use all day. The battery life of the earphones is around 8 hours on a single charge.

They can offer a charging case and a battery life of 24 hours. Both Android and Apple devices can use the earbuds. The gadget supports quick pairing via iCloud and is extremely compatible with Apple devices.

Hope you found this guide to the “Best Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds Under $150” helpful. Stay tuned for more great tech recommendations!