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Best SEO Tips for Improving Your Search Engine Rankings

You should be asking yourself many questions about increasing traffic of your website. Paid advertising is an option for increasing your business revenue but still who does not want free traffic. Search engine optimization is a way to increase the organic traffic of your website. Moreover, the flow of traffic from search engines is very consistent and long-lasting. Moreover, if you rank higher in the search results then your business credibility and brand awareness will increase. Maybe the paid advertising is giving your best results but combining with SEO will get you better ROI. You need to establish a digital marketing campaign execution strategy to get long-lasting results.

You can find many SEO Tutorials for Beginners, but understanding the following basics will take care of your major optimization factors.

Why Search Engine Optimization is Important?

The Internet has made things easier for people. They can get answers on any topic by searching in the search engines. Recent years, the competition in the online market has increased and it encourages the website owners to compile a digital marketing strategy to beat their competition. One of the important aspects of digital marketing is to increase brand awareness.

Whenever we want an answer, we open our device and search on Google. That is how the search engines can help your brand get discovered. But creating a website and adding content cannot help you get higher rankings in Google.

Publish Relevant Content

Simple content is not going to help you. You need to create content that is engaging, credible new and good quality. High-quality content will increase your sites authority and boost your search engine rankings. You also need to add keywords to your content in a natural way. Moreover, add title tag and relevant meta description to explain your content. Once your website is online, keep updating your website with new relevant content.

Optimize Page Load Speed

Another thing that is very important in 2019 is the page loading speed. In the past, the page loading speed was not an issue but that is not the case anymore. It refers to the time required for a visitor to wait for your website to load completely. If a webpage takes too much time to load (more than 5 seconds) most of the users leave the page. It is not good for the SEO of your website. These two things have a close link that is why; it is an important factor in search engine rankings.


AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a coding standard that makes your website to load faster on smartphones. Also, it makes the desktop version of your website compatible with a mobile device. The traffic from mobile devices is increasing every year. People are now using their smartphone for reading articles and for online shopping. So, if you want your website to be future-proof then it should be mobile-friendly.

Image Optimization

We also recommend you to use relevant images in your content to make it more engaging and appealing. However, the search engine crawlers are not able to read them without an alt tag. So, whenever you publish an image on your webpage, make sure it is high-quality and have the keywords in the alt tag.