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The Definitive Guide to Finding Expensive Office Chairs

Office chair have a significant impact on your productivity levels and morale. Accordingly, taking time to find the right chair is paramount. Here are some important considerations to make:

Perfect Lumbar Support

After hours of working, you are likely to have back strain. A good office chair must be designed in such a way that your lower back is supported. The perfect products have an adjustable lumbar support to ensure that the users are not constrained to specific positions.

Ideal Seat Height

For many people, a chair that ranges from 16 to 21 inches off the floor is comfortable. Your feet must be flat on the floor and thighs horizontal with the desk’s height. The best office chairs allow you to adjust the height to suit your needs. It is inclusive of up and down adjustments or tilting from side to side.

Sufficient Width and Depth

The standard width for an office chair is 17 to 20 inches. The depth must be enough for a user to sit their back against the backrest of the chair. At least 2 to 4 inches must be left between the knees’ back and the seat.

Appropriate Backrest

The best chair features a backrest of 12-19 inches. It must be designed to support your natural spine’s curve. Some of the chairs have a separate backrest so that you can adjust it accordingly.

Enough Seat Padding

An expensive chair must have a good padding on the sitting area. It allows you to sit comfortably on the chair for extended periods. A cloth fabric is better than harder surfaces.

Adjustable Armrests

Your arms must rest properly on your office chair while the shoulders must remain relaxed. The best products permit you to adjust the armrests based on your comfort needs.

A Good Swivel and Reclining Function

To reach at different items on the desk without straining, a swivel function must be offered. When you wish to relax, the reclining function will come in handy.

Durable Material

Since you will be using an office chair on a daily basis, its material must be durable. At the same time, it must not get overheated after hours of sitting on it. Vinyl, for instance, tends to get hot. On the other hand, Nylon weave and some types of leather are not only breathable, but they are soft enough to offer you optimal comfort.  The structure must withstand a lot of pressure and weight. Steel and aluminum metals suit the description perfectly.

Ease of Assembly, Warranty, and Other Services

If the chair is not assembled at the time of shipping, the process must be straightforward. Otherwise, you may damage some parts and waste time before using it. Go for products that come with a warranty because it is possible to replace them effortlessly. In case you have questions and concerns, it must be easy to reach to the manufacturers.

Traditional or New Models?

In the effort to offer the consumer a better experience, newer models of office chairs are being designed. One of the models is known as the kneeling ergonomic chair, which has no back. It encourages a perfect posture by ensuring that you take a modified kneeling position. Your back, neck and shoulders are aligned properly.

The second design is the saddle ergonomic chair. It takes the shape of a horse’s saddle. You will take the position of a horse rider and hence, your legs will take a natural position. If you have lower back issues, this seat is appropriate for you.

Third, you can go for an exercise ball ergonomic chair. You can use as a desk chair. It encourages you to make movements while sitting. The bouncing feature incorporated allows your legs to keep moving and hence eliminate the fatigue and stress associated with long sitting hours.

It is worth noting that the new models are likely to be more expensive than the traditional chairs. However, you are assured of superior comfort and as such, the extra cost is justified.

Office Chairs worth Trying

While shopping for office chairs, you may want to consider the following products:

1. Flash Furniture Office Chair

The product features a ventilated mesh back material, good lumbar support, and tilt lock mechanism. It has a leather material, making it durable.

2. Modway Ergonomic Office Chair

The chair has a good lumbar support and sufficient padding on the sitting area. It has an adjustable height and armrests. A 360 degree swivel function is included.

3. BestOffice Executive Office Chair

This chair comes with a well padded backrest, lumbar support, and PU leather upholstery. You can adjust the height to suit your need for comfort.

All in all, there are many functional and comfortable expensive office chairs worth purchasing. A proper online research and consolations will help you through.