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Small Business Upgrade: New Tech Innovations For The New Year

If you are ready to grow your business, it’s time to embrace the latest technological trends. Yes, you may want to stick with what has been working for you, but soon or later outdated technology is going to cost your business. If you really want to increase efficiency, boost productivity and improve turnover, you need to keep up with new efficient devices. Check out these exciting tech pieces to help your business stay relevant this year:

Professional Drones

Professional drones are revolutionizing the way SMEs market their products. They are expertly engineered to enhance advertisement photography and videography. If you have been worried about your business’ social media presence, a drone can help you post those stunning images social media users widely share. Professional drones simply give your business an edge over the competition. And they are becoming more affordable every day with promo codes and deals you can get; try to check different stores here.

3. Smart TVs

Just like drones, smart TVs are becoming a key marketing channel for businesses. Long gone are the days when your only shot at advertising was in mainstream media. As a result of the high cost of advertising on mainstream media, TV manufacturers are getting their creative juices flowing and offering cheaper advertising options for companies. That’s how smart signage TVs came up.

By putting one at your business lobby or workplace, you can effectively advertise to your customers while still offering them exciting entertainment on popular channels without ever having to call an advertising agency.

3. Smart Watches

The role of smart wearable technology in today’s business environment cannot be gainsaid. As a tech-savvy business owner, you cannot afford to disregard the benefits of owning a smartwatch. Think about your schedule for instance; you have endless meetings and tight project deadlines to meet; a smartwatch on your wrist will take care of your task management allowing you to focus on other crucial aspects of your business. Smart watches are especially essential in offering real-time updates on emails and notifications so you will never miss an important message again. And with the inbuilt GPS unit, you will enjoy seamless commute wherever you go and save sufficient time for your business. Some smart watches even come with inbuilt microphones to help you take notes during meetings enabling you to retain valuable information without ever having to scribble on paper.

4. Business Tablets

If your business hasn’t gone mobile yet, then you are missing out big time. While a large number of business owners use smartphones to mobilize their businesses, tablets are the go-to devices if you want to carry a replica of your desktop wherever you go. The right tablet will suffice for regular office tasks like tracking expenses, creating infographics and sending regular updates to customers. But perhaps the biggest benefit of tablets is how much they enable you to attract and maintain customer loyalty by offering personalized services to them. This year, it’s time to get rid of the barrier that desktops put between your business and your customers, and what better way to do that than investing in tablets?

5. 3D printers

Experts argue that 3D printing is the future of production and given the capabilities of existing 3D printers, companies can only give the predictions a benefit of a doubt. The next few years are set to see massive developments in 3D printing technology, and what better way for your business to keep up with the technology than to own your own 3D printer? Existing 3D printers can already create product prototypes, print business cards and offer basic customized products like personalized pancakes in the case of a bakery business. But this is just the beginning of this groundbreaking technology, and your businesses can start leveraging the benefits right now.