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How To Detect Fake Facebook Accounts For Better Security

I am sure you might be on Facebook and might have friends who look like suspicious to you. They pretends to be Ms X, but actually they are Mr Y. You might be surprised to know that apparently there are more than 850 million active FB uses on the web and lot of them are fake profiles created to spread virus and spam through the power of social networking.

Detect Fake Facebook Accounts

These kinds of profiles are often categorized as the attackers and spammers. Barracuda Networks, which is a security firm, have come up with the effective solution on how to figure out the fake FaceBook accounts and to save your profile and data from being misused or hacked. They have done the detailed study with which you can distinguish the attackers from the genuine users.

So, here are the four key aspects which you should remember to recognize the fake FB user:

– Fake account profiles normally have lot of friends and they tend to posses 6 times bigger friend list than the genuine user.

– Fake account holders tend to abuse photo tagging and on an average they have 100 times more photo tagging than the real users.

– Fake user purports to be bisexual; about 60 percent of the fake account holders generally do this.

– Lastly, mostly fake account holder always claims to be female user. About 97 percent of the fake users are found pretending to be female.

In addition to this, fake account holders also never update their status. Majority of them never found doing any update on their profiles.

If you also have a profile being added to your friend list, who is a female, interesting in both sexes and has lot of friends and she never update her status, also have lot of photo tags then there are great chances that, she is a fake account holder.

According to the Paul Judge, the chief research officer at the Barracuda Network, the purpose of creating fake accounts can be many and they can also lead to activities like phishing and there can also be other malicious acts through your profile.

Barracuda Networks also have come up with a free tool which can analyze and block the malicious activity on FB and Twitter. It analyzes the activity of the fake user and blocks it from performing any phishing and other malicious act.

If you are also concerned about your facebook account safety and security, then give up on the people who you can now find are fake and clean up your account by performing unfriending act on your account.