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Useful Tips To Help You Become A Better Gamer

When playing competitively (or when you just don’t like to lose), you need to hone your skills to be better. Sometimes, it feels like no matter how much you play, you are not getting any better. Playing a lot without focusing your efforts on other areas will not improve your game, you will be stuck in a loop of losing games and constantly getting frustrated. 

However, improving your skills in games like League of Legends, PUBG, or World of Warcraft requires a lot of practice and commitment. Here are some useful tips that will make you better at any game.

Start With the Right Gear

Choosing the right gaming gear can go a long way in improving your skills. Sometimes, the problem is in the hardware. While a wireless mouse and keyboard might be convenient, they increase the latency which is essential for games that require split-second decisions. Your internet connection plays a big role in reducing lag so if you have connection problems, fix them or change your ISP. Having a gaming chair will improve your posture so you don’t end up getting back problems during long sessions and it will keep you focused on the game for better results. Update your PC if it’s getting outdated because that can cause lag and stuttering.

Watch Streamers and E-Sports

Learn from the best! Pro gamers have amazing skills and techniques that make them the professionals they are and earn a lot of money. You can watch esports tournaments or go on Twitch to watch streamers play your favorite game. Aside from being incredibly entertaining, watching streamers will show you how they use different tactics and new builds and even give you ideas to improve your game. Most streamers are helpful and can explain what they are doing while playing to teach their viewers. Watching tournaments on the other hand will not give you direct instructions, but you can learn from how pro gamers control their characters, what decks they play, or what strategies they apply.

Put Goals for Yourself

You must know what you want out of gaming. Do you want to be a streamer? Do you want to go pro? Or, do you want to beat your friends and rub it in their faces? Knowing what you want will make you approach gaming in a different way. You will either play different games in the same genre, buy rs3 gold to accelerate your game progress in this particular game, or dedicate time for competitive playing. The first step is to accurately evaluate your gaming skills. You will be able to set goals based on your first evaluation and see how your progress is going. You can check leaderboards and rankings in your game to know if you are improving.

Teach a Noob

Mentoring and teaching a beginner is a sure-fire way to become better yourself. It works in education, work environment, and games. It has been practiced for years as a self-improvement method. When you teach someone how to play, you will be able to recall information more often and use it efficiently. When you say how you play out loud, you might find weaknesses you haven’t noticed before, and if not, your student may even point out these weaknesses and make you improve your tactics. Even professional players can forget about some of the basics that can be crucial for being better at a game.

Play a Game You Are Passionate About

This goes without saying, if you don’t love the game you are playing, you will never be the best at it. You still might be good, but you will never reach the level you want to achieve as you will quickly get frustrated and bored with the game. It is easier to invest in a game you actually enjoy, as you will be able to play it for hours without getting bored.

Take Care of Your Body

How many times have you been surprised by the sunrise while playing? We have all been there. To increase your focus and your cognitive ability, you need to step back from the monitor and take care of your body. You should go out in the sun and enjoy nature which relaxes and energizes both the body and mind. Make sure to stay hydrated by keeping a water bottle nearby while you are playing games.

Practicing is the very first step to becoming better at games, but it needs knowledge and additional skills to have a better and faster effect. It is essential to know your limits and your current skills to set realistic goals to achieve. Play a game you are passionate about to give it 100% and don’t forget to take care of your body to stay healthy and focused.