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Top DnD 5e Classes: Ranked

People often debate which Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition class is the best. Is it the Druid? the Wizard? the Bard? Welcome to the world of Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. This post will take a look at the best classes in the game. These rankings are based on overall power and versatility, so keep that in mind as you read. Let’s get started.

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The most robust martial class in DnD 5e, the Paladin, is an excellent choice for any player who wants to smash enemies and protect their allies. Paladins can deal massive damage with their Divine Smites, making them excellent at taking on formidable foes. 

Paladins also have access to numerous healing abilities and spells, meaning they can keep their allies alive throughout an adventure. This makes Paladins invaluable in any adventuring party, as they can deal damage while supporting the rest of the group.

Paladins also have several abilities to protect their allies, such as Lay on Hands, which allows them to heal and even revive allies. With a combination of offensive power and support abilities, Paladins are one of the most well-rounded classes in DnD 5e. To understand a paladin‘s role within a typical DnD 5e party, there are plenty of online resources to guide you more. However, look for guides with detailed descriptions and explanations behind the strengths of a paladin in DnD 5e. You want information that can reshape your playstyle.


Wizards have access to an array of powerful spells and abilities, making them an excellent choice for any player looking for a versatile class that can deal damage, support allies, and control the battlefield.

Wizards also get access to excellent wizard-specific gear, such as wands, which allow them to cast their spells without expending spell slots. This gives Wizards a high degree of flexibility, allowing them to deal massive damage and support allies, depending on the situation.

Another key strength of the Wizard class is its ability to learn various spells, thanks to the Wizard’s extensive spellbook. With so many spells at their disposal, Wizards can adapt their tactics on the fly, making them an excellent choice for players who want to express their creativity and imagination when building their character.


The Druid is another powerful class in DnD 5e and shares many of the same strengths as the Wizard. Druids are great at controlling the battlefield, with access to various spells that help them manipulate terrain, summon allies, and even transform into different animals.

One key advantage of Druids over Wizards is that they can cast their spells without utilizing spell slots, which means that Druids can keep casting throughout an entire encounter. This is especially useful when the Druid needs to summon allies or protect themselves.

In addition, Druids have access to the Wild Shape ability, which lets them transform into various animals and use their abilities. This makes Druids extremely versatile, allowing them to fill various roles depending on the situation.


From the party’s laughingstock to the group’s influential leader, Bards in DnD 5e are incredibly versatile. With various spells and musical abilities, Bards can fill several vital roles in any adventuring party

Perhaps the Bard’s greatest strength is their ability to buff allies and heal them. Thanks to their Bardic Inspiration ability and several spells, Bards can help their allies deal more damage, gain extra hit points, and even ignore enemy defenses.

Bards also have excellent crowd-control abilities, such as charming enemies and putting them to sleep. This gives Bards an edge over other classes when dealing with large groups of enemies, making them a powerful addition to any adventuring party.


Speaking of taking advantage of spell slots, 5e clerics have a great way of using their limited number efficiently. Clerics are powerful martial and magical characters who excel at dealing with damage, supporting allies, and controlling the battlefield.

One of the best uses for a cleric’s limited spell slots is their ability to buff themselves and allies with divine spells. Thanks to their healing and damage-dealing spells, clerics are a powerful class capable of filling various roles in any adventuring party.

Besides, clerics have access to some of the best defensive abilities in the game. Clerics can protect themselves and their allies with powerful enchantments and resistances, making them one of the best classes for surviving challenging encounters.

Druids, Bards, Paladins, and Clerics are all excellent choices for any player looking to create a powerful D&D 5e character. Whether you want to deal massive amounts of damage, summon allies, protect your party, or control the battlefield, these classes have everything you need to become a master adventurer. So if you’re looking for a class to help you take on any challenge, choose one of these top DnD 5e classes today.