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Partnership Between Nodwin Gaming and Blizzard Entertainment to Bring Games to India

A partnership deal has been signed between Nodwin Gaming and Blizzard Entertainment, making the latter’s selection of games available to the Indian market. The two companies will work together in order to bring digital distribution of Blizzard’s online services to Indian customers for the very first time.

Gamers will have the possibility of purchasing digital balance cards, which are offered in Indian Rupees. These are available through multiple platforms, such as Digistore, Flipkart, Novaplay (Nodwin’s own payment gateway) and even Amazon.

The Nodwin brand is considered to be India’s biggest gaming solutions provider, and it was actually founded in 2013 by two guys who had a mutual love for the StarCraft game, which launched a follow-up to the original back in 2010. StarCraft is actually a product that comes from the Blizzard Entertainment developer.

Akshat Rathee, the co-founder and manager of Nodwin Gaming, said that the company believes in “the phenomenal lore of the Blizzard universe”. For this reason, he believes that all gamers in India should have easy access to all products from this developer. “Nodwin has always stood for making gaming more accessible, and this is hopefully the first of many steps to bring Blizzard closer to the Indian gaming community”, he finished off with.

Other Games from Blizzard to Come to India’s Market

It’s not only StarCraft that has been launched under the Blizzard Entertainment banner. Other popular titles include options like Overwatch and World of Warcraft, which are very popular in the gaming world already. Both of those titles, along with StarCraft, will be made available to the Indian community when the launch goes live.

At the same time though, Activision Blizzard partner series games such as the highly popular Call of Duty franchise, will also be made available to this market. Furthermore, event-based purchases such as the BlizzCon tickets, will also be readily accessible to Indian gamers.

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Blizzard Entertainment found itself rapidly expanding around the world, thanks to the launch of hugely popular games. Alongside the ones already mentioned, the developer’s games include Diablo and Heroes of the Storm, and some of those games are also accessible through online sportsbooks as part of their e-sports betting possibilities. Because of these games’ popularity, Blizzard has signed into distribution deals in Germany, Portugal, Russia, Poland, Spain, Thailand and more countries.

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