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Leading eSports Teams

Participants compete for large sums of money in several contests of various games. They do not, however, do it alone. Teams are established for the best eSports team of the year, and they play in one or more games against the teams of other teams. As in every sport, there are companies in eSports that stand out for their exceptional achievements and may claim significant victories. This is a list of the top five esports teams in the world based on prize money collected.

Several variables are used to define the greatest eSports team in the world. First and foremost, profits from competition participation are taken into account. A fan club, whose members support their athletes morally and financially, is another key indicator. Whereas top gaming platforms like Betway have continually provided e-sports for individual players, we shall be looking mainly at the teams.

The outcomes of competitions and voting are used to generate ratings. The popularity of eSports is expanding, as is the number of supporters of well-known teams.

#5. did not reach its high ranking by winning a few big championships, like many other teams do, but rather by accumulating a total prize money of $18,206,325.79 via consistent performance. The squad has been working as a professional eSports team since 2012, has been routinely featured in the ranks of Dota 2 The International Championships since 2015, and has already won multiple ESL One championships of the popular MOBA.

#4. Team Spirit

The majority of Team Spirit’s prize money came from Dota 2. The eSports clan is represented in fewer games than, but it has already won a total of $19,913,522.11 in prize money, clinching the fourth position. Dota 2 is a popular game among e-sports fans, but several other titles are available on sites like Betway.

#3. Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses’ teams have competed in championships from over 60 different games, yet have earned over 80% of their total prize money in only one game: Dota 2. The popular MOBA is noted for awarding the most money in its finals. Evil Geniuses has won a total of $25,589,757.09 in prize money by continuously ranking pretty high in The International championships over the previous few years and having some success in Call of Duty games tournaments.

#2. OG

So close, but so far away. With $35,717,823.59 in prize money received, OG is only behind first place and ranks second among all-time top eSports teams. What distinguishes OG is that the relatively young team has generated practically all of its income from a single game title. Originally established under the name (monkey) Under its new identity, the team has enjoyed great success in Dota 2 under the leadership of the most successful eSports pro of all time, Johan Sundstein. For example, first place in the Dota 2 International Championships in 2018 and 2019.

#1. Team Liquid

Team Liquid takes the top slot in the standings with $38,502,204.98 in prize money received, making it the most successful eSports team of all time. And it’s not surprising: with 2151 championship victories, Team Liquid has by far the most professional eSports experience of any eSports team in the world. Not only is Squad Liquid’s amount of titles over average, but so are the number of teams and games in which the team competes.

E-sports is an incredibly lucrative venture that anyone interested can try out. You can start your e-sports career by playing games on Betway and other reputable sites.