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How Can You Improve Your Civ 6 Skills?

Are you a new player and want to get better at Civilization 6? Even if you’re experienced, you may have missed out on some tips that will surely improve your Civ 6 skills. If that’s the case, check out everything you need to know about settings, exploration, leaders, and victories here.

In-game settings will assist you in securing that win and plan your next moves, while tips on exploration will also help you a lot early on in the game. Experienced Civilization 6 players will surely love the Civ 6 Tier list from ProClockers which we summarized at the end of this article, where we can see the best civilizations and leaders that can help them achieve any type of victory.

Civilization 6: Handy Settings

We will start with the easiest thing to do that will help improve your skills in Civilization 6. That’s tweaking the UI! You need to see what each tile can yield at all times so that you can learn where to place cities and what tiles to get next. Go to Map Options and toggle “Show Yield Icons.”

Also, make sure you turn on Show Yields in HUD ribbon. That’s where you will be able to check all the resources every Civilization 6 leader has gathered. It will help you know whether they are getting close to a certain type of victory, and you can plan your next move based on that knowledge. Check out the Interface Menu at Options to turn on Show Yields in HUD ribbon.

Civilization 6: Exploring and Placing Your Capital

Exploring is essential, and not just in the early game. You must find Tribal Villages, city-states, civilizations, and other things. Make sure your exploration is not just random. To find other civilizations early on, send scouts along rivers, as that’s where other players may want to settle their capitals.

Use the Settler lens from the mini-map to discover what’s beyond the explored area. You may find a nearby city early on.

As for placing the capital, make sure you choose a freshwater tile that is directly adjacent to at least a 4-yield tile. If you can place the capital on a Plains, do it, and if it’s on a Luxury resource, then it’s even better! Make sure you place the capital within the first three turns!

Civilization 6: Leaders Tier Lists

Of course, what matters more in Civilization 6 is victory, and it can be achieved if you make wise choices straight from the beginning. Decide which type of victory you want to achieve and look for the best civilization and leader to increase your odds.

You’ll be able to find good tier lists online, but make sure you find the latest ones because Civilization 6 keeps getting updated. The civilization and leader that were in the S-tier a few months ago may now be in the B-tier or even lower if they get nerfed.

Civilization 6 – S Tier

For instance, in December 2020, the S-tier is now dominated by: Japan (leader – Hojo Tokimune), Macedonia (leader – Alexander the Great), Russia (leader – Peter I), Germany (leader – Frederick Barbarossa), and Gran Colombia (leader – Simon Bolivar).

These five civilizations excel at winning two types of victories and have no weaknesses that your opponents could use against you. The win score for these civilizations is around 95%.

Frederick Barbarossa of Germany will lead you towards a science or domination victory, while Russia’s Tsar Peter will help you secure a religion or culture victory.

Civilization 6 – A Tier

If those five civilizations are not enough for you, the A-tier list is pretty big as well. You’ve got around 15 civilizations that will be able to achieve one or two types of victory. Here are some of those civs you could try: Dutch/Netherlands (leader – Wilhelmina), Korea (leader – Seondeok), Canada (leader – Wilfrid Laurier), Maori (leader – Kupe), Maya (leader – Lady Six Sky), or Arabia (leader – Saladin).

You can choose Dutch or Maori to win culture victory; for a science victory, you can go with Maya, Korea, or Arabia. Meanwhile, Canada excels at a diplomacy victory.

Some of the tips and tricks are aimed at beginners in Civilization 6, but the tier lists will help the pros out there that want to up their game and crush their opponents. Those playing at a high difficulty setting or facing experienced players should focus on a particular win condition and choose the best civilization and leader to lead them on the path to victory.