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Creating Your Gaming Server – Is A VPS Good for Gaming?

If you like gaming, you probably like to share these experiences with your friends from time to time as well. In this case, it’s likely that you have considered creating your own gaming server to set up your own rules. Of course, for a short run in, let’s say, Minecraft to have fun for a couple of hours, the PC of any of the participants will work. But if you want to create a world that works autonomously without all the time and supports a great number of players, then you should probably go for a hosting solution for your gaming server. And among hosting solutions, probably the best one for you is VPS hosting. In this article, we will tell you why.

What hosting solutions are there?

Basically, there are three main types of hosting solutions available – shared hosting,  dedicated hosting, and VPS hosting.

Shared hosting is when numerous clients use one single physical server together. It is considered the cheapest option, but it has a number of disadvantages, which make it always a worse solution unless your budget is too short. First, there aren’t any resources dedicated to particular users, so the performance of shared hosting accounts can sometimes turn into a mess. When the users start to compete for the available capacities, the performance of their accounts may suffer, up to crashes and downtimes. Shared hosting accounts are also more vulnerable to hackers in the sense that if any of the accounts on the same shared server gets hacked (or is a hacker themself) the rest of the accounts are also under threat.

It’s no good when your game world has heavy lags, crashes, or gets an intruder who can ruin it, so let’s better move on to other hosting services.

Dedicated hosting is a type of hosting service when the whole physical server is at your disposal. This one provides great advantages in terms of performance and security, provides you with root access so you can customize it as you wish, your own operating system, extensive storage capacities, high bandwidth… To put it short, this hosting solution provides you with all hosting advantages imaginable so your games will run flawlessly. The problem is that to go for a dedicated server, you have to be able to afford it and these ones usually aren’t the cheapest option. Moreover, an intermediate dedicated server will in many cases exceed the actual needs of your gaming server, especially when you are not going to invite to your games anyone but friends. So, it would be great if you had some intermediate hosting solution that could give you a secure and stable performance, but at some time would be affordable. And this one is the VPS hosting.

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. This hosting solution is basically a piece of capacities of a shared parental server divided by different users – just like shared hosting – with the difference that these capacities are dedicated and make up separate virtual servers that work just like dedicated servers, with dedicated resources, own IP address and operating system, that provide you with stable performance and security. This is achieved by means of virtualization technology. An important advantage of VPS hosting is that you choose the plan with the number of resources you require and pay for them, not less, no more. You can change the plan anytime when you realize that you need a different amount of capacity. This makes VPS hosting a very flexible and cost-efficient solution, which will be the best option for your gaming server.

What are VPS gaming servers like?

Now that you know what VPS is and which advantages it has, let’s look at some concrete benefits VPS servers contribute to your gaming experiences.

So, with VPS you can:

  • host your games defining everything about them yourself;
  • provide other players with stable connection;
  • not worry about the power of your hardware;
  • enjoy an uninterrupted gaming experience.

Furthermore, if you opt for a VPS hosting solution, you can save your time and attention by opting for a managed server option – in this way the hosting provider will take the responsibility for the whole server management routine themselves.

What do you need to keep in mind when looking for a VPS plan hosting for your gaming server?

In order to create an optimal gaming server, you have to look for one that meets certain features:

  • a stable internet connection;
  • a sufficient amount of storage;
  • fast CPU;
  • much RAM.

But before you start looking for an optimal VPS hosting plan, we highly recommend you have a look at HostZealot’s VPS in UK. They offer lots of plans for affordable prices with excellent scalability, lightning speed SSD drives, provisioning within minutes, and English-speaking support, so you’ll definitely find what you need. We wish you great gaming experiences and have a nice day!