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How Technology Changed the Live Online Games?

The live casino concept was born almost two decades ago in the middle 1990s. Needless to say, it caused a wave of excitement across the entire iGaming community at the time but many years had to pass before the live casino concept became a reality. There were several attempts at launching live casino games back in 1998 but back in the day, technology was not what it is today and technologically, it was impossible to run a live casino site. The very first online casino opened its doors in 1995 and all of the earliest online casino games came across issues due to were slow Internet speeds.

Live Casino Games

Gaming devices at the time including PCs also had limited performances. Online casino players relied on dial-up Internet so gaming sessions were frequently interrupted. While the earliest online casinos had numerous limitations, the amazing convenience of enjoying casino games online was almost impossible to ignore. With more and more players turning to online casino sites to play their favorite games, the online gaming environment has drastically improved over the years. In the early 2000s, online gaming venues progressed and improved but there were still many limitations regarding playing online.

The Beginning of Live Casino Games

Long gone are those days when gaming from home meant playing against a computer in solitude. Thanks to amazing live casino games that have evolved tremendously over the years, players across the globe can enjoy the atmosphere of the thriving land-based casino gambling scene without stepping foot outside of their homes. However, many things had to come together for the live casino gambling scene to become what it is today.

Years before first live casino venues opened their doors, online casino operators and software developers struggled with very strict laws and regulations. After online gaming venues made their debut in the middle 1990s, dial-up Internet and other technologies used had their issues and online casino players would still enjoy online gaming sessions. The very first live casino offered only live Blackjack games. Needless to say, the earliest live casino games were very simple games streamed using the most basic technology.

The earliest live casino games were streamed from land-based casinos not dedicated studios like today. Therefore, gaming sessions were commonly interrupted by players. The quality of video streaming was also quite basic and interacting with real human dealers was rather minimal and often impossible. One of the biggest milestones for the live casino gaming industry came in 2006. In 2006, the very first dedicated studios opened their doors, and live casino games were finally given the attention they needed to evolve.

With more and more live casino games emerging on the scene including various forms of Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, and Poker, the more live casino opened their doors. Today, live casino games are featured at every iGaming venue out there. Live casinos India as specified in here boast quite spectacular live gaming libraries and the same is true for live casinos operating in other jurisdictions. Needless to say, the evolution of live casino games would not be possible without amazing technological advancements that software developers producing live casino games embraced.

How Modern Technology Influenced Live Casino Games?

Live casino games are evolving alongside new technologies emerging on the scene. Live casino games as well as other online games are constantly changing. Online software developers are embracing new technologies to offer players more innovative, more rewarding, and more secure gaming sessions. Greater adoption of mobile devices has changed not only the live casino gaming industry but almost every other industry.

In fact, the mobile gaming sector is one of the fastest-growing and most lucrative parts of the global online gaming industry. Many players who enjoy live casino games prefer playing on their mobile devices. In the last couple of years, the mobile iGaming industry has witnessed tremendous development and growth, and mobile gaming technologies positively impacted live casino games. Major online casino software developers that produce live casino games such as Evolution Gaming, Playtech, and Ezugi focus on producing live casino games that are fully compatible with smartphones and tablets.

According to some reports, the global mobile casino gambling market will grow at a rate of 10.7% in four years from now and reach a value of US$53 million. According to the same report, the biggest mobile casino gambling market is in Europe followed by North America and Asia-Pacific. In addition to being influenced by emerging mobile technologies, the evolution of live casino games was also positively impacted by cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

Many experts in the field even say that blockchain and cryptocurrencies are the future of live casinos. Just like the iGaming market, blockchain and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are growing rapidly. As estimated recently, the blockchain industry will grow at an annual rate of 82.4%. Online casinos offering live dealer casino games will most certainly rely on blockchain technologies more in the future.

This does not come as a surprise considering decentralized blockchain technologies have already positively impacted the entire iGaming scene by bringing more secure payment options and true fairness of gaming sessions. Live casino games will continue to evolve hand in hand with emerging tech trends such as Virtual and Augmented Reality. Speaking of Virtual Reality technologies, there are not many online casinos that utilize this technology but their number will most certainly increase in the near future.