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How to Choose the Best Games Console

Gaming allows you to leave the stresses of everyday life behind, as you can absorb yourself in a virtual world for a short or long period of time. However, the games console you pick will often determine the fun you will have. To ensure you maximize your gaming experience, we’re offering tips on how to choose the best games console.

Do Your Research

There are many games consoles to choose from right now. You simply need to do your homework to find the right option for your needs. If you are looking for the latest consoles, you will more than likely be torn between the PlayStation4 and the Xbox One.

Yet, each console is better suited to different gaming experiences. For instance, if high definition (HD) graphics are a must, you should look no further than the PS4. However, if you want to gain immediate access to exclusive games, the Xbox One is a no-brainer.

Discover the Games You Want to Play

While the likes of Call of Duty and FIFA are available on many different consoles, there are some games that are only available for select consoles. For instance, you will never find a Mario game on PlayStation, as it is strictly a Nintendo game. Before you pick a console, aim to identify the best video games you would like to play to determine the console you will need.

Review the Console Features

There is more to a console than the games they can play. Each will offer different features that could sway you towards one console over another. While many people may view the Nintendo Wii as the only motion sensor console, there’s also the option to choose the Xbox Kinect or PlayStation Move. Consider everything from a console’s online gaming options, multimedia playback and internet access.

Consider Your Budget

Of course, a big factor that will determine the console you choose will be your budget. The PS4 is cheaper in comparison to the Xbox One, which is the most expensive games console available. However, both are also less expensive than a gaming PC, which often costs a minimum of $800. Not only that, but a gaming PC may require expensive hardware, which could cost you thousands of dollars. For those on a small budget, you’ll be happy to learn that the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are still popular gaming options that are a fraction of the price for the latest video consoles.

The Legacy Support & Backward Compatibility

The Xbox One has limited backwards compatibility with its selection of video games, if you own the game’s original disc. Gamers also have the option to download legacy Xbox 360 titles via Xbox Live, too. The PS4 does, however, provide PlayStation Now, which is a subscription streaming service that has improved significantly since the console first launched.

Choosing a games console is an exciting decision, but one that shouldn’t be rushed. Do your homework to ensure it offers the best graphics, games and features to complement your gaming needs.