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Ranger Browser For iPad Review – Complete Parental Control & Web Filtering Features!

Gadgets these days are very productive in many ways not for mature audience like us but for kids as well. No matter whether you are kids are playing games on iPad or Surfing the internet, parents have the small concern about content safety for young kids. To overcome this issue of parental control, I am going to review one amazing browser for the iPad called – Ranger Browser.

Ranger Browser For iPad Review

The browser being specially developed for the parental or employee control over certain browsing sites, is a great internet browser in first place. You can in fact compare the browser capabilities somewhat beyond the native iPad client called as – Safari. Like the traditional browser the app provides features such as – Pinch & Zoom, Copy & Paste, Landscape Mode, Alternative Search with Google/Wikipedia/Yahoo,  Multiple Tab, Bookmarks, URL Browsing History, URL Suggestions & Persistent Cookies

Ranger Browser has pre-configured set of many sites that are potential obtrusive content for kids. The browser basically has blacklist & white lists that can be controlled by parents from anywhere around the web. A simple client gives parents a direct access to web history of this browser, giving them a big piece of mind about their kid’s internet surfing.

The user interface is like any other browser with obvious branding of the name – Ranger Browser & you can use it totally as an alternate browser. Developers even recommend turning off the Safari completely to block access to rest of the web. You can simply install this app on your kid’s browser & you are good to go with it, there is no big mess you have to worry about.

We tested the app for 4 days, and found no issues with UI & everything works fluidly on mighty retina display of iPad . The app performs very good with blocking particular sites but blocking the image is not that powerful as we expected. While using search engines, it is practically impossible to block all the images entirely, But your kid need to be smarty pants for to try this out!

To sum up, Ranger browser does great work as it promises for internet parental control with high-end customization & monitoring, taking your worries about kids forever. For organizations, this can be used as good control tool on employees at some extent.

Cost: Free

Our Rating – 3.5

Download Ranger Brower for iPad