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Wander Our World iPad App Review: Interactive World Learning For Kids!

Telling your kids stories about your great country, other countries or may be heroes is the most interesting thing any parent can do. But what if you can make the experience even richer and interactive? Well, you ca do that with this great new iOS app called Wander Our World!

Wander Our World iOS App Review

As I said, this app is interactive and let your kid start off with a quick world map. You can click any country in the app, and it will start showing them great and useful pieces of information as you move on.

The app comes with bundled set of photos, music and information that is associated with each country. You can explore the country through number of photos, know more about them with year and event data readily available at your fingertips.

wander-our-world-1Even if you are a non-reader, you can easily learn about number of locations and geography of any place or landmark & culture, by using a unique voice navigation feature. The great thing about this is , its narrated by a child voice, this helps your kids connect even quickly, knowing someone of their age is also helping them in learning all important things.wander-our-world-4Wander of World app brings more than 183 countries and territories available on your fingertips with any iPad. For these countries, the photos, information & graphics will be always be available to explore and learn, especially for young kids.

The user interface of the app is decent, it doesn’t bring anything too responsive to table, but keeping it simple helps.

wander-our-world-5For the price of just $0.99, Wander Our World iPad app definitely bring some essential information your child must learn about the country. So overall, I will recommend this app if you have kids in your home!

Cost: $0.99

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