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Samsung Star(s5233), Star 3G (S5603) Review – Full Specification

Hello Folks,

Today I am giving a quick review about Samasung Star& Smasung Star 3G which are high end touch screen phones by Samsung, having their proprietary operating system (Touchwiz).

Samsung Star( GT S 5233)

Samsung Star( GT S 5233) is basically a touch screen model, with a sleek layout&0f  Large 3.0” LCD with 262K Color WQVGA panel for clear display. You can enjoy high quality pics on it for sure.

A palm-friendly model with size of  104x53x11.9mm screen to play with.  It has got 3.2 Mega pixels of camera which have no flash, photo editor is inbuilt with it, so no need to do it with your PC.

Model has got auto rotating display which automatically changes from portrait to landscape mode, works great . Trust me !!!

MP3/AAC/AAC+/e-AAC+/WMA/WAV format support for music player which have got power of surround sound with DNSe. Also have in built radio of high quality. Video player supports 3GP & many advanced formats.

Star supports GPRS, Edge class 12 for great Internet experience in their default browser. It also have a document viewer so you can view all office & PDF docs.

Samsung Star is priced at Rs9,000-Rs. 10000 in Indian Market.

Check Out Full Specifications of Samsung Star( GT S 5233)

Samsung Star 3G (GT S 5603)

Samsung Star 3G (GT S 5603) is almost a similar version having wider 7 not taller screen of dimension 102.8 x 54.8 x 12.9 which is off course a 2.8″ having camera at its front also.

One biggest change is it is having 3G support means high speed internet access with HDSPA technology.  Another update in star 3g is it is having flash with its camera so it is better in many ways. and for just 2 000 more you are getting 3G technology, which is not a bad deal.

Price of Star 3G : 11, 500 (Average)

Check Out Full Specifications of Samsung Star( GT S5603)

Cherry on the Cake for Samsung Star:

You have inbuilt widgets like clock, games & many useful apps. Also you have in built apps for Gmail, Google Maps, Facebook, Flickr, Myspace & Youtube. These can be used online to make your 3G experience more grateful.

Not so good about Samsung Star Models?

It does not have stylus .No Memory card with box. Its proprietary operating system does not allow you to install external applications, so you have to buy all apps from samsung store.

But note that it can be easily cracked to install any java apps & games. (Just Google it)

So that’s it from us, if you compare it with any great phone then , it does not have  OS like win mo or android, & wi fi otherwise its awesome at price tag of 9 to 12000 Rs.

Enjoy !!!

Know more about how to Unlock Samsung Star 3G To Install Third Party Java Apps

The 650-177 guide and 70-293 demo will help to get complete description about latest Samsung 3g phone. Check out the 70-648 tutorials to learn how to install java game and App onto it.



87 Responses

  1. I am using this samsung star s5233. its music player doesnt allow me to search a song and then play. any suggestions??

    1. Hii Jai,

      Both phones Star S5233 & Star 3g S5603 does not support Search Music feature on phone.

      May be that can get upgraded in its new firmware launch.

      No solution right now, Sorry to disappoint you

  2. Hi Amol,

    I chanced upon your website when I was trying to find ways to install additional games on my Star3G.. and trust me.. your method works great!! Thank you so much for it. Can you help me out with this one too..??I was using SE phones earlier and am kinda used to its birthday reminder function, that is there automatically. Any ways of making my star3g do the same..?? i.e. birthday reminders..?? thanks in advance

  3. Brother how about some beautiful themes for Samsung S5603 mobiles…. looking forward to it..

    1. brother try to find out the correct format of the file (downloaded) and open it in open in u r PC or extract and then try to open it if it nit opens then its not supportable to u r mobile. Allah Hafiz.

  4. what is the use of dnse.does all samsung multimedia mob. have this.i have brought samsung star 3g but its equiliser does not have the option of 3d sound.

  5. hey hiee amol m havin star 3g s5603 . i wanna know abut gps n googel maps which r there in…m not able to access

  6. No themes can be installed
    No games can be installed.

    I feel like i gt screwed by buying this mobile.
    After spending that much, i cant use 3 rd party software……………

  7. I want to buy mobile main purpose is to connect to pc. so plz say which is the best mobile phone for high speed internet surfing and downloading. reply as soon as possible.thank you

  8. i want to know how i can install jumblo voip setup and play transfferd video files as error msg comes ” unsupported file format ” plz help meeeeeeeeeeee

    thanks a bunchhhhhhhhhh

  9. I have bought a Samsung s5233. But when i brows internet on my phone full page can not supported and I could not connect internet on my pc. So I request you to help me.Another problem arise in its touch screen uses.When i search contact or mp3 i could not down it one by one.I could not find any video player Plz reply me solve my query.

    1. Hii Mrinal,
      Full page internet is easily accessible by defualt in S5233, you can check your setting preferences for full view.

      For connecting internet you need to install samsung PC studio. Then connect phone in PC studio mode with bluetooth or data cable. Then goto > toolbox. There you can connect to internet from your PC.

      for scrolling music & contact one by one, just press volume key UP & down to scroll.

  10. hi amol,
    cant v put password in samsung 5233w in lock mode like v can in nokia v install games without having GRPS. wat apps r available 4 this phone?plzz let me know if u discover themes 4 this mobile.

  11. How do i register or open an account with facebook on my mobile gt-s5233a?

    Best regards


  12. Hello.
    I have just 1 question about internet radio.
    I have wi-fi at work and i want to use phone to listen internet radio. Is it possible to do with “Samsung Star WiFi”?
    And if yes, how to do it.
    Thanks in advance!

  13. Hie,
    i’m going to bye this phone in another 2 days..
    First i’d like to know if this phone has some problem with java files

    second, is its keypad gud for txting?
    Third, can it not switch of the keypad tones unless u put it on silent mode
    and fourt, would u really advice me to buy this phone if i’m lukin for a phone with gud music feature, internet surfing, txting and gaming..If not then plz suggest me another phone in the same range..
    Plz plz Plz help me….W8ing for your reply..
    Thank u tons..:D

  14. which is the best touch phone and best downloading speed Nokia 5233, samsung Star s5233 and Samsung Corbi s3650. help as soon as possible.

  15. I using SE phones earlier and am kinda used to its birthday reminder function, that is there automatically. Any ways of making my star3g do the same..?? i.e. birthday reminders..?? thanks in advance

    Can you please reply on this..

  16. picture msg dosen’t get displayed.. having received, msg like “unsupported msg” gets displayed… how to correct it.. am using samsun star 5233 mobile

  17. Hey, i just got the Samsung Star S5233.
    the facebook mobile application was working fine untill i cleared my cache or emptied my cookies or something i think. now i can still browse the internet fine except whenever i go to facebook or mobile facebook it doesnt load and says “no response”. how can i fix this?
    and do you also know what format photos/pics have to be so that i can view them on the phone? i bluetoothed a jpeg and a bmp from my laptop to the phone but it says the files aren’t supported. i noticed that the pics already on there a bmp and the photos you take with the inbuilt camera are jpegs so its kind of confusing.
    thanks heaps this would really help me

  18. I would like to know how can i make my birthday alarms actually ring on that day. I filled the birthday fields in the phonebook, but nothing. Samsung s5230W. Thanks.

  19. saya mau tanya casing samsung star bisa d ganti depan belakang ngga??? Hp saya lecet2 d casing depan bagian samping….trimakasih

  20. hi all,

    i m having trouble connecting to my wifi @ home
    i m using samsung star nxt (5233s) how do i locate available wifi networks using this phone?
    there r “n” number of functions but i m looking forward to enjoy them

    can u plz guys plz help me?

  21. hey i wanna know which games can be installed in my samsung star nxt phone and how????plz reply asap

  22. hi
    i have a samsung 5233 wifi.. do you have an idea on how to upload pictures to facebook using wifi connection?.. i actually dont know hot to set it up on my phone.. thanks 🙂

  23. Hi,

    I am trying to download samsung s5603 themes. but i am not getting good themes. I think this model suppors .jpg or .bmp format files only.

    So any can help me to download themes.

    Email me @ [email protected]


  24. Hi Amol,

    currently i m using Star 3G, Can u tell me how i can move my MSG to memory card from phone memory.

    & also is any Them is available for it.

  25. How can listen internernetradio on Samsung5233.I have tried morethan more appication.i radio,v radio,radio bee,etc,etc.Please give a solution.

  26. Model samsung star 35 gt s5603.
    Problem>>been one year and 8 months i got this phone, now when i try to connect it to a usb charging or to power adapter charging, the connected black back ground screen comes up and i am totaly stuck, I can not restart the phone i cannot navigate on the phone and even if i remove the charing it still says connected, the battery sign keeps showing charging and i have no option but to take the battery out and restart.this is happening regularly.

    also, 10 min chargign leads to the phone pusgin the message>>battery is charged please disconnect the charger.
    After 10 min low battery and bingo, this happens occasinally not often.

    I thought it was a firm ware issue , I reset the phone to its original setings but ot no avail.
    i tried to look for a firm ware upgrade, nothing there too.

    what would u suggest?get it checkd witha pro or keep using the piece of crap sa it is since samsung wasnt too keen on promotingthis set either.iagine they were selling this crap for 14k and it didnt have a wifi.i feel so cheated and i know ull say its my stupidity tht i bouthgt it :P!!!

  27. hi,im currently get in trouble for my samsung star s5233 because everytime i try to used MY WIFI after searching it always says no AP respond what does it mean? or sometimes it always say disconnect or authenticated failed

  28. iam facing message inbox memory.ihave twenty msg s in inbox it said memory full please give me a solution

  29. the surround sound system that we use at home is made by Dolby Digital and it really sounds great*`”

  30. Hello all.. I’m thinkin of taking this cell for diwali. Can ne 1 who is already using this can tell me how good it is.
    I’m looking for good UI, FM music,Bluetooth n battery.
    UR reply is valuable..

  31. I have Problem in opening facebook when i write my password and email and click log in its say no response and also hotmail and yahoo and youtube and myspace and all login website please help me

  32. My Mobile Is Samsung Star Wifi Gt-S5233W

    I have Problem in opening facebook when i write my password and email and click log in its say no response and also hotmail and yahoo and youtube and myspace and all login website please help me

  33. hiee dude cn you ples temme which ph do i prefer nokia 7230 slider or samsung s5233
    does it have any touch probs

  34. hi, m currently using Samsung gt s5603-3g. Can u pls let me know how can i get full screen in Java apps since currently 1/3rd of the screen gets utilised by keys that i have no use for. PLs answer my query. Thanks

  35. i have Samsung gt b7722 and trying to connect it to pc(OS xp) via Bluetooth for the first time. i have download Samsung PC Studio 7. the software detects the phone but while connecting it gives error “cannot authenticate the phone”. Do i need to install drivers separately?

  36. Hi Amol,

    I purchased Samsung GT S5603 from India. Now I brought the Phone to US and have taken AT&T SIM card. However 3G is not working here in US. Is there anyway (like any upgrade or something) by which 3G can work here in US.


    1. hi amol when i log in to facebook my pics does not wanna show.i did check my settings on facebook and my photos are turned on what can i do help pls

  37. Heya! i really need your help! i have samsung GT-S5233S. Though it has no wifi,i want to surf the net. is it possible? if it is,how? please reply

  38. How to Unlock Samsung Star(s5233) To Install Third Party Java Apps?Can I apply the same method as you mention on Samsung Star 3G?

  39. hi , caller ringtone of my samsuns star wifi starts slow for a second and then raise slowly , even if i change that 2 melody , plz plz plz ans , my qes , nobody answrd b4 as vl ………..

  40. my phone is samsung b7722 could you please feed me back about the possibility of downloading games or application for this mobile?
    thank you

  41. Bonjour,bonsoir !
    j’ai acquis un samsung gt s-5233w. Je n’arrive pas à télécharger flash player pour voir chaines télé. Je ne peux pas non plus télécharger Skype ou anti-virus. Prière de me renseigner. Merci d’avance.

  42. how to connect the phone going to pc using usb port?my usb port cannot access it says it cannot recognize the usb. i cant transfer the file from my phone to pc

  43. Please can anyone help me with my problem. How will i deactivate The Auto replay message whenever i try to reject a Phone call. :(( Im using samsung Star also.

    1. Go to menu – settings-phone profiles- normal- scroll down-auto reply off and save.

  44. How to access internet on PC using samsung star 3g GT S5603?

    I am using dolphin (Delhi).I have installed pc suit & already have 3g setting in my phone.

    1. In samsung pc suit
      go to internet connection
      then go to the settings
      set the connection name as dolphingprs
      click on ok.
      then click on internet icon at the bottom right.
      It is connect automatically.