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Samsung Galaxy S 2 Will Get Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread Update This Quarter

As Google has already previewed all new features of new update of Android 2.3.4 – No phone really has yet managed get those update for faster speeds and new features. Samsung is making big news here that they are most likely to release this new gingerbread update for its most powerful smartphone Galaxy S 2.

Samsung Galaxy S 2 has managed to be a market leader as most sold dual core android phone & is one of the most tlaked about samrtphone currently, right next to the iPhone 5 rumors.

New For Samsung Galaxy S 2 In Android 2.3.4

Hmmm, Galaxy S 2 is definitely a faster phone but this all new Google Android update will ensure that it gets more improved speed & efficient battery life. 

Video chat feature on smartphone would be great one to look for & in addition to that Android 2.3.4 update will eliminate the home screen lag  that S II phone users are experiencing a lot.

Samsung Galaxy S II - Top 5 Upcoming Smartphone that Compete with iPhone 5

Galaxy S II Current Features & Quick Review

Considering the market of UK it has already surpassed the sales of iPhone 4 & managed to become most selling smartphone yet. Galaxy S has an unbeatable dual core Exynos 4210 SoC processor with clock speed of 1.2GHz.

Giant 4.3-inch  screen WVGA Super AMOLED plus display makes it more appealing with unbelievably thin form factor. Poerful camera of an 8 MP makes full HD recording a pleasing experience.  Near field communication(NFC) , a front facing camera, Wi-Fi & most of connectivity option makes this phone more and more appealing to get addicted to.

Check out the Full Review of Samsung Galaxy S 2 for more information on it.

Price of Samsung Galaxy S 2 on per month contract is also expected to fall down below 25 bucks in UK allwing you more voice & data consumption than current one. So, if you are waiting for the right time – Here it is.

Galaxy S 2 with 2.3.4 update will be a cherry on the cake buy for you.

Most of the Android giants like HTC & LG are yet to announce their updates for new android gingerbread version. And Samsung is likely to release this update soon but no official confirmation is yet made to press- soon we can tell wen will that golden Android update will be released to make all Samsung galaxy S II owners.