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Kingston 8GB DDR4 HyperX Fury RAM Review (2133 MHz)

The new Intel 6th Gen Skylake Core i series processors are now widely available in the market, And these new processors don’t perfectly support the older generation DDR3 RAM’s i.e they will now only support the DDR4 RAM’s. While DDR4 RAM’s have been in the market for a while, they haven’t gained popularity for a simple reason that they are more expensive than the DDR3 chips.

But if you are planning to build a new and future-proof PC with the latest processor, going for the DDR4 RAM is the only option. In a long run they are power efficient, faster and offer a higher amount of gigs per stick, so if you are buying like the 32 GB stick of DDR4, it’s much cheaper than DDR3 variant.

We received the Kingston HyperX DDR4 RAM for review this week, and following are some test results and our detailed review.


Kingston HyperX Fury 8GB DDR4 RAM Review

Build Quality & Specs

We did a review of Kingston 16GB DDR3 HyperX fury RAM, and this one has the same superior build quality with well-designed heat sink despite being a lot cheaper. This is a single 8GB chip which clocks at 2133 MHz, which again in the price comparison offers a lot more than DDR3. The new memory chip’s biggest advantage over DDR3 chips is that it operates on 1.2V as compared to 1.5V required for DDR3. It doesn’t seem too good of a deal for a single desktop user but when you have a company with hundred’s of PC’s around, this will account significantly in terms of power efficiency.

The DDR4 does lose at latency when compared to  DDR3 RAM but it makes up for it in terms of higher frequency, that helps more process done in the equal amount of time.

Hyprx Fury 8GB DDR4 RAM

Kingston’s HyperX RAM’s have made a name for themselves as far as quality is concerned. This particular RAM chip is also at par with the quality. Overall the build quality is quite sturdy, and heat sink will provide adequate cooling even if you are planning to overclock it sometime in the future. The RAM feels good to hold in your hand and when you push it into its slot on the motherboard, it makes a solid clicking sound which again ensures positive side of build quality.


With our new Core i3 6100 processor, entry level MSI H110M motherboard and this HyperX Fury DDR4 RAM, I was expecting an overall performance increase compared to our last-gen Core i3 PC, and it totally lived up to our expectations. We experienced at least 1.5x performance change over our older system in normal usage and about 2x performance during gaming. Games loaded more quickly, and we experienced at least 15% additional frame rate in every game we tried.


The most performance was tested when we pushed this build with video editing and rendering, and our editor was more than happy to export the videos in at least 30% less time. This directly increases our work efficiency and help us publish more videos for our youtube channel.


We used PassMark software to run benchmark tests and here are the results.


Note that we haven’t overclocked this RAM and are testing on its base frequency that is 2133 MHz.



If you are building a performance home or office PC that is future-proof, DDR4 is the right way to go along with the Intel’s Skylake architecture. This RAM is perfect for the enthusiasts, video/image editors and gamers, thanks to its ready to overclock heatsink. Sure, there are cheaper DDR4 RAM chips out in the market without the fancy heatsink, but those are only suitable fir light computing tasks for home.

At Rs. 2600, the Kingston HyperX Fury 8GB DDR4 RAM is undoubtedly a value for money PC component you high-performance PC.

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