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Spread Betting iPhone App By CMC Markets Is Now Available

One of the leading spread betting and CFD trading provider of UK , CMC Markets has announced there very unique spread betting app for iPhone, which offers live trading in market.

The very best feature we think about this app, is its faster & real time results. It have capabilities to trade on price movements of financial markets like shares, indices, commodities & different currencies.

CMC Marketplace Spread Betting App i PhoneCMC markets spread betting app is a huge trading platform designed specifically for the iPhone, which is enabling users to trade from anywhere as well as giving them ability trade with the variety of tools available in it.

To use this iPhone app to full of its extent they have enabled to sign up for a Free Demo Account, where user can learn all features with its virtual currencies & accounts. With this training you can gain confidence in using this app as well as full experience before you sign up for actual spread betting account. Despite of its core financial market capabilities it also have some great features such as   Library, Face Sheet, Watchlist & Trade.

In CMC spread betting app news Executive Chairman and founder of CMC Markets, Peter Cruddas, said:”We are not the first company in the industry to launch an iPhone app but without doubt, I believe ours has the highest level of functionality and usability of all the spread betting apps available.  Unlike other firms, we haven’t just re-tuned our existing platform and website and put in an app.  We’ve taken a different approach.  We’ve built it from the ground up as a fully functional trading platform designed specifically for the iPhone.”

As per our overview of this app, CMC markets have really created an awesome , faster & very useful app for iPhone users who is involved in trading & financial activities.

This spread betting app is now available for download in iPhone app store.



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  1. There is not so much difference between spread betting and CFD trading.Either this spread betting application can be used in CFD trading?