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Best Free Shooting Games in 2024

Discover the ultimate collection of best free shooting games!

Are you in search of the top free shooting games available? Look nowhere else! We’ve painstakingly put together a list of the best options available that are free unless you specifically choose to pay for them. We have a little bit for everyone that won’t cost you a cent, whether you’re searching for something like a battle royale to test your nerve or imagine yourself behind the wheels of a tank. There is a lot to choose from for all different types of players, from blockbusters like Call of Duty: Warzone to cult favourites like World of Tanks. Our options range from free Xbox games to free PlayStation 5 games to even free Nintendo Switch games.

best free shooting games

1. Enlisted

Enlisted, one of numerous WW2 games on this list, is a fantastic MMO squad-based shooter from developer Darkflow Software. Up to nine men are under your command, and it is your job to defeat your foe throughout the game’s many gorgeous maps by using a combination of skill and strategy. Since the game is primarily on scale and realism and is accessible on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S, players can expect to see hundreds of soldiers taking cover on various World War II battlefields. You must command your squad into war, whether on foot, by road, or by air, in order to be victorious.

2. Valorant

The most recent 5v5 team shooter from Riot Games, called Valorant, combines tactical gameplay with close-quarter combat.  While it resembles a cross between CS:GO and Overwatch, this competitive first-person shooter lets you invent the wheel in style with a variety of agents, each of whom has unique skills. It’s one of the best free shooting games available thanks to its amazing aesthetics, a ton of endearing Valorant skins, unique level design, regular updates, and fantastic Valorant ranked mode. 

3. World of Tanks

Team-based tank action is prioritized in World of Tanks. World of Tanks, which features 600 tanks, is the game for you if you enjoy playing with vintage World War II tanks. Leveling up will take some time due to the challenging gameplay mechanics, but if you’re seeking for a game you can get into and out of quickly, World of Tanks and its 110 million players are waiting.

4. War Thunder

Some shooters let you command soldiers on the battlefield, while others let you fire from the comfort of a combat vehicle. If you belong to the latter kind, you’ll adore War Thunder, which lets you engage in combat in tanks, planes, and warships on land, in the air, and at sea, respectively. This game, which is playable on PC and consoles and has a ton of choices, stands out among the free shooting games because it will immerse you in some epic World War II conflicts. For vehicular combat, there isn’t much that can be done better.

5. Halo Infinite

On Xbox platforms and PC, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is totally free to use. Even though there isn’t a lot of material, Halo’s classic and addictive gameplay will keep you interested. Before long, you’ll be fervently climbing the Halo Infinite ranks. You have two options if you want to play through Halo Infinite’s campaign: buy it separately or include it in your Xbox Game Pass subscription. The most recent entry in this venerable franchise has a lot to offer, whether you stick with the free multiplayer or delve a little deeper with the main campaign.

6. Fortnite

The battle royale genre experienced a significant boost with the debut of Fortnite in 2017, and it soon established itself as one of the most popular esports games. In addition to the pure adrenaline of its crossover viewpoint, Fortnite combines competitive action across a large territory with the ability to build infrastructure to get you in and out of danger. It says it all that there is a method available on how to obtain Geralt of Rivia in Fortnite.

On a map with 100 players, you can play alone, in pairs, trios, or teams as you compete for the victory royale. Given that it’s free, the game has received several feature upgrades, and the constantly shifting seasons add excitement to the gaming calendar. Additionally, if you don’t feel like fighting, you may enter creative mode to hone your building abilities or take use of many of the best Fortnite Creative codes. 

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7. Apex Legends

2019 saw the arrival of Apex Legends, which soon became one of the top battle royale games available. It differs from its rivals in that it emphasizes the game’s weapons and legendary characters, each of whom has special skills and a spot on our Apex Legends tier list.

The game also features some incredible mobility capabilities, including as soaring, ziplining, and slide leaping, as well as a ping system that revolutionized non-verbal communication in online games due to Titanfall influences. One of the best free shooting games available right now is without a doubt this one. Check out our Apex Legends classes guide to get a better sense of which playing style will work best for you. 

8. World of Warships

You’d be right to question if World of Warships and World of Tanks originated from the same place. This game from Wargaming takes place on the open seas, which is ideal if you consider yourself to be a competent naval commander. The visually attractive game World of Warships is an all-out deathmatch with a variety of customization possibilities. Jump in if you feel like navigating choppy seas.

9. Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 follows in the footsteps of its well-liked predecessor by providing players with two sizable new settings, Al Mazrah and Ashika Island, which can provide an entirely new battle royale experience. But Warzone 2 adds an extraction game mode called DMZ, so it’s not just new maps for the same old idea. These involve slipping past AI and human players alike as you attempt to steal their treasure. If you ever find that too difficult, you can refer to our guide on the Warzone 2 DMZ critical places. Our Warzone 2 VPN guide may also be useful for getting you into the simpler lobbies. 

10. Warframe

Tired of realist imagery, ships, and tanks? What if you could play a game in space with ninjas? For sure not. Warframe by Digital Extremes is exactly that. Players in this third-person cooperative shooter are members of the Tenno race who have just risen from slumber and have been thrust into a solar system battle zone.

There is a lot to choose from because of the combination of mission-based progression and intense multiplayer battles, especially with the sheer volume of leveling up, crafting, and weaponry to be unlocked. Warframe is frequently compared to Diablo and Destiny, and that is all we need to know for this list.

11. CS:GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, also known as CS:GO, is a multiplayer first-person shooter that introduced its battle royale mode, Danger Zone, and was free to play in 2018. Two teams compete against one another in the normal CS:GO ranking mode as they attempt to defend or attack bomb sites.

Even though it’s one of the biggest games in the esports world, if all you want to do is play it at home and blow up some explosives and save some hostages, this is the game for you. Our CS:GO cheats guide can help you identify (and report) cheaters and hackers who are disrupting the game for other players if you’re struggling in the early going. 

The best free shooting games of 2024 are listed above. If one catches your attention, download it and give it a try; we can assure you that you will love it!