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9 Best Gaming Mouse with Side Buttons (Wired)

Enhance your gaming experience with the best gaming mouse. Elevate control and precision with extra side buttons for an immersive gameplay upgrade.

Playing video games is a fun way to unwind and enjoy free time. However, if you spend a lot of time playing PC games, you may find that a regular mouse with only two buttons and a scroll wheel limits your gaming experience. Investing in a high-quality gaming mouse with additional side buttons can significantly improve your gameplay.

A gaming mouse with extra side buttons can eliminate the need to memorize complex keyboard shortcuts. The additional buttons can be easily configured to match the required commands for each game. As a result, selecting a gaming mouse is a very personal choice that depends on your individual needs, preferences, and the type of games you play.

Best Gaming Mouse

In our efforts to help gamers find the perfect gaming mouse, we have conducted an extensive evaluation of 45 different gaming mice this year, alongside several models that we tested in previous years. We aimed to identify the best wired and wireless gaming mice suitable for different hand sizes and grip styles. While it’s impossible to say which mouse is the absolute best, we have a few recommendations to make the selection process easier.

The current market is flooded with high-quality gaming mice that are available at affordable prices. It’s an excellent opportunity to invest in a gaming mouse that provides comfort, rapid response times, precise sensors, more programmable buttons and even attractive LED lights to enhance your gaming experience.

Our experts have carefully selected the best gaming mice for every type of player. We considered every aspect of the gaming experience, including design, comfort, performance, and durability. We have also included a few mousepads that complement your gaming mouse and provide excellent performance and comfort.

We are confident that our selection of gaming mouse will help you find the perfect gaming setup that caters to your needs. These are the top 9 gaming mouse with side buttons that are well-liked by players worldwide, according to our research and compilation.

How we have chosen?

  • The most important factor is comfort.
  • A group of testers helped us develop comfortable picks for the largest range of hand sizes and grips.
  • Buttons in strategic locations.
  • All buttons should be simple to click on purpose and difficult to click on accident.
  • Only Wired.
  • We’ve tested and recommended both wired and wireless gaming mouse.
  • Specifications are largely irrelevant.
  • Extremely high DPI and additional liftoff sensors are unnecessary. Almost all modern gaming mouse function quickly and precisely throughout gameplay.

How Do You Choose a Gaming Mouse?

Not Everything Is About RGB

The following characteristics truly set a gaming mouse apart from the standard mouse :

  • Extra-sensitive optical sensors: Compared to regular mouse, gaming mouse should have more sensitive optical sensors that can identify even the smallest motions faster.
  • More buttons: A decent gaming mouse should, at the very least, have two buttons where your thumb rests, a button for setting sensitivity, and a clickable scroll wheel. In competitive games, those extra thumb buttons can come in quite handy.
  • More buttons: A decent gaming mouse should, at the very least, have two buttons where your thumb rests, a button for setting sensitivity, and a clickable scroll wheel. In competitive games, those extra thumb buttons can come in quite handy.
  • Better buttons: Compared to a typical office mouse, they ought to feature more and better-quality buttons. Individual switches should be located inside the left and right buttons, tensioned to record quick clicks and reinforced to resist more clicks than a typical mouse can handle. High-end gaming mice frequently have inbuilt, patented mechanical switches that improve their click feel.

What to look in a gaming mouse?

With so many gaming mouse alternatives available, knowing which features and specifications are most important to you is helpful. When choosing the best gaming mouse, keep the following important elements in mind:

  • Sensor accuracy: For speed and precision, a value of 10,000 or higher in CPI or DPI is preferable.
  • More programmable buttons, particularly on the side, enable more personalization.
  • Weight: While heavier mice add control, lighter mice increase speed. A system of movable weights allows for customization.
  • Shape and size: For comfort, select based on the size of your hands and whether you prefer a palm or claw grip.
  • Wired vs. wireless: The latter requires charging but does away with cable drag. Network consistency is a feature of wired. Modern wireless mouse lags very little.
  • RGB lighting: Adjustable colored lighting that can identify profiles and add aesthetic appeal.
  • Save personalized profiles directly on the mouse for usage anywhere with onboard profile memory.

Purchasing a gaming mouse tailored to your preferred playstyle and genre will give you a competitive advantage and enhance your gaming experience.

Keeping these things in mind, let’s begin our list of best gaming mouse (wired):

Razer Basilisk V3

The most effective gaming mouse

The Basilisk V3 is comfortable for most hand sizes and grip types, has plenty of buttons, and incorporates RGB underglow lighting that can be customized. However, Razer’s Synapse 3 software is incompatible with macOS.

Gaming Mouse

The Razer Basilisk V3 is the most comfortable gaming mouse we’ve tried recently, accommodating a wide range of hand sizes and grip preferences. The Basilisk V3 has well-placed, responsive buttons that are easy to push on purpose and difficult to accidentally click, as well as the ability to switch between ratcheted and smooth scrolling. Its optical switches eliminate the double-clicking problems that might occur with mechanical switches. We also like its RGB lighting, particularly the fancy-looking underflow.

Dimensions:5.11 by 2.36 by 1.67 inchesSensor:Razer Focus+, 100 to 26,000 DPI
Weight:3.6 ouncesConnection type:Wired
Buttons:10 (plus one on the bottom)Lighting:RGB

Logitech G502 X

The G502 X is comparable in size and design to the Basilisk V3, although several testers found it difficult to grip due to the large number of buttons and the lack of RGB LEDs.

If the Razer Basilisk V3 is unavailable, the Logitech G502 X is the next best option. It is comparable in size and shape to the Basilisk and is the successor to the popular Logitech G502 Hero. Thus, it is suitable for most hand sizes and grips. The G502 X also includes a lot of responsive buttons, a retractable thumb clutch, and outstanding build quality. It comes in black or white. However, some of our panel lists found the G502 X difficult to grasp due to its many buttons and lack of entertaining RGB lights.

Dimensions:5.17 by 3.12 by 1.62 inchesSensor:Logitech Hero 25K, 100 to 25,600 DPI
Weight:3.1 ouncesConnection type:Wired

Logitech G203 Lightsync

Excellent value for money gaming mouse

The Logitech G203 is smaller and has fewer buttons than our top picks, but it’s just as programmable, and its sensor is plenty precise. Get the Logitech G203 Light sync if you want the cheapest decent gaming mouse. The G203 features an accurate sensor and snappy, gratifying buttons; it’s also configurable and doesn’t seem cheap despite its low price.

The G203 is smaller and less comfortable than our top recommendations, and it has fewer buttons and worse build quality, but it is still by far the best gaming mouse in this price category. It comes in various exciting colors, including blue, purple, white, and black, and it features RGB lighting zones that may be customized.

Dimensions:4.59 by 2.45 by 1.5 inchesSensor:Logitech Mercury, 200 to 8,000 DPI
Weight:2.1 ouncesConnection type:Wired

Mad Catz R.A.T. 8+

The Mad Catz R.A.T 8+ is about as customizable as gaming mice come, featuring a modular design that allows you to change up its component parts exactly as you wish to find your ideal mouse shape and weight. Doing so requires you to pull discrete levers and turn knobs integrated into the mouse’s body, so there’s a fairly steep learning curve before you know what you’re doing.

Still, if you love tinkering, this mouse will keep you entertained for hours at a time. It also doesn’t skimp in the button department, providing 10 buttons all told, orientated in some pretty original positions for extra convenience. With a stripped-back, bare-bones look, the Mad Catz R.A.T 8+ also stands out in the crowd, making it an obvious talking point at any group gaming sessions.

Dimensions:‎4.66 x 3.44 x 1.51 inchesSensor:Upto 16000 DPI
Weight:‎5.5 ouncesConnection type:Wired

Cooler Master MM830

The MM830 differentiates itself from other budget gaming mice with fun features like a built-in D-pad and tiny OLED display that you can set up to show information like your RAM, CPU, and GPU usage stats. But looking beyond these novelties, it also performs well in games, which is infinitely more important. Powering that performance is a top-end 24,000 DPI PMW3360 sensor, which for comparison’s sake, is the same as the premium Logitech Hero sensor just with a higher power draw.

On top of the mouse’s body the MM830’s sports a textured plastic exterior that provides plenty of grip for your hand. A gentle right-hand scoop also makes it incredibly comfy to use even for long gaming stints.

Dimensions:5.51 x 8.27 x 2.36 inchesSensor:24K Sensor, up to 24,000 DPI
Weight:5.7 ouncesConnection-type:Wired

Logitech G502 HERO

The Logitech G502 HERO is the best gaming mouse with side buttons. It has a whopping 11 programmable buttons for extensive customization. Logitech has a long history of developing high-end peripherals for PC gaming.

The Logitech G502 has 11 buttons, including the typical left and right click and a clickable scroll wheel. There are two thumb buttons on the left side and six more buttons along the left edge. Custom commands and macros can be written into all of these buttons.

Up to five ready-to-play profiles can be saved straight to the mouse memory. The G502 also has an adjustable weight system, which allows you to fine-tune the balance by adding or deleting up to five 3.6g weights from within the mouse.

With its sophisticated HERO 25K sensor, configurable weights, customizable illumination, and other features, the G502 provides a premium gaming experience. It comes in both wired and wireless configurations.

Dimensions:4.59 by 2.45 by 1.5 inchesSensor:Logitech Mercury, 200 to 8,000 DPI
Weight:2.1 ouncesConnection type:Wired

Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite

For ardent MMO and MOBA players who depend on fast button access, the Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite is a customized dream thanks to its twelve readily configurable side programmable buttons.

Key Slider Macro buttons are used on the side buttons, and they may be adjusted using an 8mm grid to fit your hand size and preferences. This makes it simple to access the precise commands you require.

With an industry-leading 18,000 DPI optical gaming sensor, the Scimitar Elite offers blazing-fast tracking and impeccably precise pixilation. You won’t ever again miss a shot or miss a spell.

You may program a distinctive look and set lighting profiles to quickly identify game modes or key bindings with fully adjustable RGB lighting. This gaming mouse is unmatched.

Dimensions:‎6.89 x 4.49 x 3.15 inchesSensor:PixArt PMW3391 native 18, 000 DPI optical sensor
Weight:4.3 ouncesConnection type:Wired

Redragon M602

The amazing wired gaming mouse Redragon M602 was created especially for gaming PCs. For PC gamers, the ergonomic design offers an incredibly precise and pleasant experience. Despite its weight, the ergonomic Redragon’s right-side finger rest grips are superior to those of any other mouse.

Precise precision is provided by its high-precision sensor. Furthermore, the gaming-grade micro switches give you an even bigger advantage over your rivals by ensuring exceptional endurance, durability, and responsiveness.

It includes seven MMO user-programmable buttons for buttons. It features five memory profiles, each of which can be instantly recognized by its unique LED color choice. Considering all these factors, the Redragon M602 Gaming Mouse completely customizes your gaming laptop or computer.

Dimensions:4.92 x 2.87 x 1.57 inchesSensor:Optical Sensor, up to 7200 DPI
Weight:4.6 ouncesConnection type:Wired

Razer DeathAdder Essential

Because it provides customizable high-performance gaming in a compact package, the Razer DeathAdder Essential transforms into an amazing gaming mouse with side buttons. For a few important factors, it distinguishes itself as one of the greatest gaming mice with side buttons.

With 6400 DPI sensitivity and Razer’s well-known optical sensor, this mouse offers extreme precision. Easy-to-use DPI controls provide instantaneous sensitivity adjustments during game or gaming style transitions.

The textured scroll wheel also offers more precision and control. You can personalize macros and shortcuts with five programmable buttons. The DeathAdder Essential has all the components required for amazing gaming precision, even though it does not have all the bells and whistles. For most hand sizes, the ergonomic form provides hours of comfort.

Dimensions:‎5.01 x 2.86 x 1.69 inchesSensor:Optical sensor with 6400 DPI
Weight:‎3.39 ouncesConnection type:Wired

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the side buttons on a gaming mouse ergonomic?

If the form of a gaming mouse with side buttons is curved to fit comfortably in your hand, then it can be ergonomic. Many gaming mice are made especially to fit either palm- or claw-grip preferences. The additional side buttons should be placed so thumb access is simple without sacrificing comfort. Selecting a mouse with an ergonomic design is crucial while playing for extended periods of time.

Why are there side buttons on a gaming mouse?

Additional side buttons on gaming mice allow you to program key bindings, macros, and commands without taking your hands off the mouse. Instant access to more programmable buttons increases control and can help you react faster in games. For some tasks, they remove the need to reach for the keyboard.

Are side buttons on gaming mice all programmable?

While not all gaming mouse feature customizable side buttons, the majority do. Certain low-cost gaming mouse could feature fixed side buttons that aren’t repositionable. Make sure the side buttons on your new gaming mouse can be programmed or customized by looking up the product details. The majority of high-end gaming mice have completely programmable buttons.

Is gaming with a wireless mouse advisable?

Contemporary wireless gaming mice can match wired gaming mouse in terms of performance thanks to their low latency and dependable wireless connection. Leading gaming companies now produce wireless mouse with instantaneous communication. simply make sure the wireless mouse you get is made especially for gaming and not simply for everyday use.

What is the purpose of the additional buttons on the side of your mouse?

In-game instructions typically assigned to keyboard keys, such as changing weapons or equipment, performing abilities or spells, grenade throws, melee attacks, fast save/load, DPI switching, and other activities, are frequently programmed for the extra side buttons on gaming mice. You can quickly access frequently used actions with them without having to use your hands.


Thus, this is a list of the top side-button gaming mice that are well-known in the gaming world. Your favorite gaming style and the features a mouse gives will determine which is the finest. A gamer’s performance can be greatly improved by using the side buttons on a mouse, which place all necessary adjustable parameters—like DPI settings and other in-game commands—right at their fingertips.

If you’ve never played PC games before, you may be familiar with the phrase DPI. It’s the abbreviation for “dots per inch,” which indicates the level of mouse sensitivity. The range is wider the higher the number. Therefore, when looking for a gaming mouse, it is imperative to consider the DPI value.