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Training Courses for VMware 2V0-602 Exam

VMware is a subsidiary of Dell Technologies providing the services of cloud computing and a platform for virtual software products and services. Along with cloud products and services, VMware also offers a platform in the form of different courses for the tech savvy people to polish and develop their technical skills, give exams and get a proof of their excellence in the form of a certificate.

One such course available for 2V0-602 exam is ‘VMware vSphere 6.5 foundations’ which when cleared validates your technical skills and abilities required to understand and deploy software products in VMware vSphere 6.5 environments. A complete guide to the recommended training that needs to be completed before appearing for the exam, some practice exams and some additional resources for the preparation of 2V0-602exam is provided by the VMware site.

Install, Configure & Manage VMware vSphere

This course focuses on the intensive training of the learners about installing, configuring and managing the VMware vSphere 6.5, along with VMware ESXi 6.5 and VMware vCenter Server 6.5. It is a five-days course and lays the basic foundation of the learner learning and administering a vSphere structure for an organization of any size.

The course is available in different formats including Classroom, Live Online, Self-Paced, vFlex-ILT, and Onsite.

Optimize & Scale VMware vSphere

In this course, the learner will be taught to configure and maintain a virtual infrastructure which is not only highly available but also scalable. With the help of theoretical lecture and the practical lab work, the learner will learn an advanced set of skills required and will configure and optimize the VMware 6.5 features. These features set the foundation for the scalable infrastructure required by any organization. In this course, the learner will gain the understanding of at what time, at what place and by where and in what manner to tweak these features to get the maximum effect.

It is also a 5 days long course and is available in various mediums including Classroom, Live Online, Self-Paced, vFlex-ILT, and Onsite.

Fast Track Installing, Configuring, Managing, Optimizing and Scaling of the VMware vSphere

This course covers the VMware vSphere management skill learning from basic to advance in just a matter of few hours. Starting from the basics of installations, configurations, and management, the course will build up to the maintenance of the highly available and scalable virtual infrastructure. This course doesn’t only introduce you to the basic foundation of the vSphere infrastructure’s administration but also prepare you to administer it, regardless of what size it is.

The course is again 5 days long and the available formats are Classroom, Live Online, vFlex-ILT, and Onsite.

Skills required by the Public Sector Customers of VMware vSphere

This course covers the management skills section of the VMware vSphere going from ‘introductory sessions’ to ‘advanced’ in just a few intensive hours. From installation and configuration to advanced skills in management and maintenance of the infrastructure, the course helps in developing them all proficiently and effectively. The course will also aidyou to explore and learn the features that help with the availability and scalability of the infrastructure and learn when, where and how they are best applicable.

This course is 5 days long and is available in the formats including Classroom, Live Online, and Onsite.

VMware vSphere Fast Track

This course focuses on the training regarding the installation, configuration, management, and troubleshooting of the VMware vSphere 6.5, including the ESXi and vCenter Server. It prepares you for the foundation of many technologies available in the data center of VMware. With the extended hours and intensive training, the course covers many aspects of VMware vSphere 6.5 in just a short frame of time.

It’s a 5 days long course and is available in the formats of Classroom, Live Online, Self-Paced, vFlex-ILT, and Onsite.

Troubleshooting Workshop of VMware vSphere

This is an extensive and intensive series of workshops dedicated to providing the learner with a hands-on experience regarding the advanced knowledge, skills, and competence required to successfully and effectively troubleshoot the VMware vSphere environment. The workshops also make you work with the command line interface so that you can gain command over it. Along with command line interface, there are also some other tools and skills that the participants learn and develop. These may come in handy to analyse and discover solutions to a variety of problems.

It’s a 5 days long course set in a series of workshops and available in the formats: Classroom, Live Online, Self-Paced, vFlex-ILT and Onsite.

vSphere 6.5 Foundation Exam – Certification Exam Prep

This course contains around 115 intensive training videos dedicated to the preparation of the candidate who will be appearing 2V0-602 exam. These videos include an overview of the certification program and tips on the preparation of the exams. They also discuss the exam papers, their objectives and sample questions along with their solutions. The candidates who have completed this course can then go ahead over to the exam review section and register themselves over the official exam site.

Practice Exam

After completing all the courses, books and any other extensive preparation method you chose to pursue, you can also give mock exams or prepare by practice questions available all over the internet. This way you can test your skills, knowledge, and capabilities and correct any mistakes that you find. Some of the online practice tests are made available by some reliable names in the IT industry relating to the education department. You can download these tests instantly and start preparing for your exams as per the timings that suit you best.

There are also more advanced tests available which can be purchased at the minimal amount and add some extended credibility to your technical knowledge. You can then easily find your mistakes and correct them for the actual paper.