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Music Opens the Mind to Creativity to New Marketing Ideas – Pravin Chandan

New Delhi, Delhi, India:
 Studies show that music can stimulate the brain and enhance creativity. Listening to music can stimulate brain waves into an alpha rhythm which is associated with creativity.
The brain responds to changes in stimuli, whether it be sound or vision. When it comes to music, there is a positive relationship between the tempo of the music and brain function.

Music-based stimulation can be an effective way to increase brain function and improve cognitive control over time. According to studies, music has been shown to reduce depression and anxiety, and improve mood and quality of life (Hoge et al., 2010; Lindstedt et al., 2015; Michalczak & Shaffer, 2008). Another study showed music can also improve sleep quality (Fulford et al., 2016) as well as the rate of neuroplasticity (Müller et al., 2017).

The type of music that is most likely to induce this effect is instrumental, without vocals. The key appears to be the complex layers of melodies; these are more likely to stimulate the brain than simple melodies with lyrics.

“Creativity is the backbone upon which every market must build their ideas & plans. Without creativity, there isn’t anything that sets apart your marketing campaign from the next”, says Mr Pravin Chandan.

Marketing and advertising often need creativity to create an effective and innovative message that will resonate with consumers.

Creativity is a key factor in marketing. It is a crucial element in any marketing campaign or project. Creativity can be used to incorporate the brand message into the execution of the campaign, engage customers, and generate new ideas.

Creativity is about having an open mindset where you are able to think outside the box, explore different possibilities, and generate new ideas that consumers can relate to. This will not only help in connecting with customers but also improve customer satisfaction levels.

As a marketer himself, Mr Pravin Chandan has been spending the last couple of months creating educational content to assist young & aspiring marketers to pick up the skills that they need to excel in the field. In the process of this education, he stumbled upon a need to further inspire marketers. “The pandemic has forced all of us into a box. It forces us to think within confined spaces & therefore, the ideas we generate remain limited. Therefore, there is no time like now to stress the importance of creativity. And it is also an absolute necessity to identify new ways to stir up that creativity,” says Mr Pravin Chandan.

Music, according to Mr Chandan, is the easiest & fastest way to stimulate creativity & is also easily accessible to everyone, irrespective of location, finances or background.

Music can be pretty much anything from loud blaring metal to soft classical music. When it comes to what kind of music can bring about inspiration, Mr Pravin Chandan believes that there are no bounds. “We did a quick survey among our team & those who worked with us. We found so many varied answers on what music inspired people, that I believe, to each their own,” says Mr Pravin.
Sharing the ideas of young marketers & students, Mr Pravin Chandan hopes to bring about an inspired era in marketing.

24-year-old marketing intern, Madhurima said, “I like to listen to BTS. My bias is Jungkook & their music brings my thoughts to life. Fills me with energy”. Content writer, Reshwin says “I used to be a musician myself. Listening to fusion music & classic pop songs fuels my interest.”

Mr Pravin Chandan believes that any method that could lead to new ideas & better campaigns among young marketers, is a method worth trying. He encourages youngsters to try out anything that can make them think better and perform better.

Mr Pravin Chandan puts out quality content for marketers to learn from & grow, at no cost. One can make use of his free marketing education offering through his channel such as his website: / (Or) his social channels such as Instagram, linkedin or Twitter.