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Shashank Singh Kataria Becomes the Youngest Equestrian Athlete and Only Civilian to Take the Asian Games Trials


New Delhi, Delhi, India:
 Shashank Singh Kataria, resident of Gurgaon, Haryana is the youngest equestrian athlete and the only Civilian to take the Asian Games trials. He has won the following merits at the National Equestrian Championship Advanced Dressage organised by RVC Meerut from 22nd to 27th February 2022.

Advance Dressage
Shashank Singh Kataria astride Verdinand
Gold Medal

Elementary Dressage
Shashank Singh Kataria astride Rein Roe Adare Acrobat
Bronze Medal

Preliminary Dressage
Shashank Singh Kataria astride Rein Roe Adare Acrobat
Silver Medal
Shashank Singh Kataria astride Saptajit
Bronze Medal
Team – Gold Medal

It is his inquisitive nature, his unflinching drive, his deep love for the horses, his ever increasing passion for this sport that in an unbelievable short span of time he has been able to register himself as a good horseman. The staunch patriot in Shashank constantly dreams of getting India in the tally of the winners of Olympic medal in Evening. With his hard and smart work Shashank has already started paving way to have his dream turn into reality.

About Shashank Singh Kataria

Besides being a sportsperson Shashank is an MUNer, Head Boy of his alma mater GD Goenka World School Sohna, and the Youth Ambassador of SOCH (Social Organisation for Community Help), a Delhi-based NGO. This young leader, philanthropist, and sportsperson is enough justification that the present selfie generation to which he belongs, has wrongly been labelled as self-centered, uncaring, cynical, lazy, and unmotivated; Shashank is the opposite. Shashank has a deep concern for the state of the world and a clear urge to make it a better place for all to dwell in. He exhibits consistency, independence, confidence, autonomy and high entrepreneurial skills. On everyday basis, he pushes boundaries, working hard thereby breaking the stereotype. He responds to the crisis of the ongoing pandemic with an online fundraiser MUN to help the victims. Being a man of action, he would rather stand up and do than sit down and listen. He volunteers his time, energy, and money regularly in bringing change in the lives of underprivileged kids, youth, and women. He tries to achieve this by creating and organising events, opportunities, talent hunts, training sessions and discovering ways to have the underprivileged participate locally and regionally. His productive routine with the children and ladies whom he proudly calls Muslin Madams (creating environment-friendly muslin bags as replacements for plastic counterparts) He always finds an excuse to be with them — be it his birthday or festivals like Diwali, Holi, Christmas, Lohri, et al.


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