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Enhancing eCommerce Capabilities With Microsoft Dynamics 365

One of the queries almost every eCommerce businesses hear the most is how well different ERP systems work while running an online channel. But, there’s no clear answer as every ERP has its advantages. It includes a few depending factors like your industry, the size and complexity of your company, and your business and engagement models.

If we take Microsoft Dynamics 365 as an example, it comprises two different ERPs designed for two entirely different types of business. As such, the underlying architecture and functionality of both the versions of Dynamics 365 make it particularly well-suited for any company planning to open a business on the web. Read further to explore a few reasons why you should consider Microsoft Dynamics 365 to fulfill your ERP needs for your eCommerce project.

Ensuring Scalability

The capacity for rapid and exponential growth is amongst the most defining features of an eCommerce channel. Even the most successful retail store is limited by the number of customers who can physically make a trip to the shop there. On the contrary, a popular web store can theoretically receive traffic from all over the world, throughout the day. Such type of growth is only possible if you have a system built to support it. For instance, Amazon could never process its huge number of orders,  if its underlying architecture isn’t designed to handle that level of traffic.

You’d always want to ensure that your business runs on an ERP that can grow with your business. Microsoft has built Dynamics 365’s modular cloud-based architecture with scalability in mind. Unlike maintaining a traditional on-premise IT system that needs upgrades, expansion, and ultimately redesign as your business grows, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is based on Microsoft’s cloud service, Azure, as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. With an internet connection, you can simply access your ERP through a web browser, instead of directly installing the ERP on a machine. It eliminates you from being bottlenecked by the hardware specs of your office requirement, scales up, and adapts to any new influx of data and level of use. Without leaving you to worry about replacing obsolete infrastructure, Dynamics 365 enables you to concentrate on growing your business. Simultaneously, a cloud-based solution provides security and stability, ensuring the availability of your company’s systems and the protection and privacy of your company’s data round the clock.


ERP integration is an important aspect of eCommerce. Real-time exchange of data and ensuring data consistency is extremely crucial for establishing a line of communication between your web store and your back-office systems. By integrating all the business process applications associated with customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning solutions into a single, unified system, providing comprehensive data on inventory and pricing, invoices and orders, etc., Dynamics 365 takes this concept a step further. This facilitates analytics and reporting and supports everything from sales and marketing efforts to product development and customer support. An ERP-integrated web store, when combined with Dynamics 365, enables you to make quick, informed decisions, shifting your strategy as needed and running your business at maximum efficiency.

Eliminating tax compliance complexities

Your accounting team keeps your company tax compliant and ensure that you are collecting taxes as needed, based on the current rates and codes. By integrating Dynamics 365 with your ERP, you can ensure that the appropriate tax rates and codes are applied to the sales order. It is vital because if any changes to the sales order in your ERP system were to be made, the system will recalculate the taxes with the same tax rates and codes that you have either set up in your ERP or with your third-party tax engine.


Coupled with the scalability and security of the cloud, the integration of ERP and CRM components, assuring tax compliance makes Dynamics 365 an excellent choice for any business considering an online channel.